Tesla Model Y Tops California Auto Sales, Model 3 Second in First Half of 2022

  1. To make it more clear how amazing this is, Model Y and Model 3 sold more than literally every other car in California. Including gas cars and cheap cars. That's insane. They sold more than Toyota RAV4 and Toyota Camry, which are less than half the price and previously the best selling cars in the state. Way above Ford F-150 as well. Super cool to see.

  2. For those who don’t live in California here’s a couple reasons this is probably happening. Charging infrastructure here is really good and there are basically chargers everywhere. CA is also home to almost all the Internet companies and most of those companies offer free charging for their employees. Because it’s home to the internet, most of the people who live here are just into technology and are early adopters of technology, I remember when the iPhone first came out and everyone out here had one, then I went to the Midwest and it was all flip phones.

  3. Tesla has over 10% of the entire car market in CA, which is impressive considering that they don't have any pickup trucks (yet). They're beat only by Toyota, who is selling a ton of Tundras, Tacomas, 4Runners, etc....

  4. In addition to lots of professionals (and other generally wealthy (typically older) people), many companies are tripping over themselves to buy a car with far lower operating costs, from delivery companies to any company with fleets of service vehicles. Many companies near me also buy it for the PR vibe, having a nice car with their logo on it. The demand will be strong for a long time yet.

  5. I bought the $35,000 model 3 in March 2020 and sold it in March 2022 for $42,000 when I upgraded to the LRM3. My commute round trip is about 100 miles and my monthly payment is $700. I get free charging at work which saves me about $400 a month, so my ICE equivalent monthly payment would need to be about $300 a month. It’s really a no brainer decision for a lot of people out here as we all have to commute so far to get to work.

  6. TSLAQ… now that’s a name I haven’t heard in a long time. I wonder how that one popular short, Steven Something, is feeling about Tesla now lol

  7. Why is it disconcerting? Worst case they repo the car and resell it as a used car, likely for the same or more than it originally sold for

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