Tesla Launches Model Y in Australia

  1. Let’s see… you got the long range AWD model in white. Then you added the autopilot. Then there’s tax, delivery, registration…

  2. Weird, the official launch of Model Y in Australia was actually June 10th 2022. Price for all Teslas rose by around $3K dollaridoos a week later.

  3. Could definitely see Tesla building a factory in Australia, not necessarily to produce a million vehicles per year but definitely for a battery factory.

  4. Very unlikely. Australia doesn't have a big enough market to support the size of factories Tesla uses and is too far from anywhere but NZ to export to.

  5. Tesla were not on good terms with the previous government. However this may change now that there is a new one.

  6. Looking forward to seeing a real life Model Y any day now. Usually see one or two Model 3s a day!

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