Elon Musk on Full Send Podcast - 3 HOURS!

  1. While it's great to see Elon interviews, interviews should be done by informed adults. Watching Tim Dodd, compared to these guys, is night-and-day.

  2. This was rough. I've never heard of these guys, but I guess their subscription numbers indicate they are somewhat popular... but the lack of knowledge/research before interviewing Elon musk made some questions jaw dropping, and some of the stuff they kept saying like they invented or branded "full send" was so cringe.

  3. yah for real. and the fact it was 3 hours. they didn't know a lot about elon's companies. guess it's more of an angle to cater to people that may not follow tesla/musk etc. and to learn more about him.

  4. These guys boosted Trump. They are basically a group of kids who people go to (Dana Shite included) to get exposure to their massive following of very right kids on line.

  5. Was it me or did the main douchebag asking the questions basically come across as a young man who just wants to party and “get chicks”?

  6. The irony of of having a product "Happy Dad" while none of them are Dads but rather horny "edgy" 20-somethings

  7. I think everyone can agree that someone like Dave Lee deserves an interview with Elon Musk Way more than these guys.

  8. Wow these interviewers are terrible. I found myself on more than one occasion yelling “LET HIM ANSWER THE QUESTION”. They just kept asking questions, then talking over his response with some dude bro speak. Never heard of these guys but good to know to stay clear of them in the future.

  9. Wow that was hard to listen to! Love Elon but damn get somebody with some kind of education/knowledge to talk ask the questions.

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