Telus to charge fee for credit card payments in October

  1. Absolutely stunning move. After posting record profits they resort to oliver twist approach to grab more cash "please sir, can i have some more?:

  2. yeah this is kinda ridiculous... these CC fees aren't new, so they MUST have been factored into our monthly plan costs already. If Telus really cared about this, they would've given us a 1.5% discount by paying with pre-authorized debit.

  3. I’ve already cancelled my preauthorized credit card payments. I’ll pay via bank, I’m not going to pay extra for the honour of paying my bill.

  4. This is absolutely a horrendous move. What more do they want?? They’re already sucking our bloods. Imagine businesses that over 200 or 300 lines. That’s going to be quite a fucking amount. We’ve got shitbad for cellular companies that make billions and still wanna leech off of us

  5. This is BS. If anything they should discount their rates by 1.5% for anyone paying by PAD or debit card.

  6. Greed by Canadian telco’s becoming more and more prominent year over year and it’s always spear headed by #Telus.

  7. The title of is incorrect. Telus is petitioning the CRTC for approval. It’s not a for sure thing purely speculative at this point. Especially with so much government scrutiny ‘all eyes on me’ on the telcos these days.

  8. Credit card companies leech off 1-3% per transaction for themselves. After a class action lawsuit against the credit card companies the government granted the ability for businesses to charge consumers directly to recoup the fees associated with accepting credit cards.

  9. Many companies have made this adjustment thanks to a lawsuit credit card companies lost that makes it possible for companies to now cover the costs they infer. Check your other bills if you pay by credit and you’ll find they are doing it too

  10. Never, ever give a company direct access to your bank accounts. Even if they aren’t directly malicious if they make a mistake they can drain your account directly and it can take weeks to get your money back.

  11. agree with this and is actually the reason I don't even setup pre-authorized credit anymore on cell bills and instead manually login each month to pay.

  12. Where’s your proof for this? I’ve never had an issue with using my credit card at any merchant and even if that did happen, there are checks and safeguards to prevent you from liability.

  13. Their prices are already high and recently they were hitting up long time customers with price increases. I take it adding fees is another way to milk the customer to pay for their executives' Beverley Hills type lifestyles. Telecom fees are paid in advance of the service so Telus gets the customer's money in advance that it does not justify them charging a surcharge for CC processing. Paying by CC is safer, never let these big telco's dip directly into your bank acct. Telus thinks too highly of itself--what a greedy Telco.

  14. This would surely piss them off lol. They would get your money way later and all the manual processing. If enough people started doing this, guarantee they will introduce a cheque processing fee.

  15. I will cancel my service immediately if Telus does this. I find this behaviour predatory. I have posted on their twitter page and Facebook. I hope they get the message.

  16. Back in 2010, merchants filed a class action lawsuit against Visa, MasterCard, and various financial institutions against such fees. Every time a customer used a Visa or MasterCard to pay for a service, the merchant had to pay the credit card company a fee, sometimes referred to as a merchant fee or a card acceptance fee. In 2009, merchants in Canada paid $5 billion in such fees.

  17. Know what's even more BS, apparently the head, or one of the higher ups in the CRTC used to be the vice president of Telus. How something like that is allowed and not flagged a conflict of interest is ridiculous.

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