bit of a 2021-2022 glow up

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  2. For 1 year? That is really impressive. You must've worked out like... everyday till exhaustion or something to reach the physique you have right now. What motivated you?

  3. i've been going pretty consistently 6 days a week after school and work in the summer on a Arnold split. Honestly I really got motivated by my grandpa who showed me people like arnold and frank zane who really inspired me. although he definitely was my biggest inspiration as he is 73 and still works out every day almost

  4. you know i may be a big bastard (height and weight )but good for you. put me and you next to each other and we would have a TLC show on our hands here

  5. daaaaammmn this is actually pretty inspiring bro 😎 I’m trying to get all healthy and buff and productive too. I hope I can make the same type of progress 👍

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