It's disappointing that this sort of racism still happens these days

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  1. “Go back to where you came from”. Wow. Glad this was handled well by security but the sheer audacity of the racist woman thinking she can get security to remove them after her mates abuse and ignorance.

  2. Yeah this is what you call a coward. If you're going to be a racist, at least be brave about it. What a man-child!

  3. I think the woman in white annoyed me the most. She tried to twist the narrative into implying that the man recording the video was being aggressive and rude for no reason and acting like the racist's bodyguard.

  4. My husband worked security when he was younger and most security guards are from pretty deverse backgrounds. It made me laugh that she thought she would get away with this but obviously because she is a white woman this usually works. If the person I was with did this to someone I would be horrified and we would no longer be friends anymore. As they say a bird of a feather flock together.

  5. The most common phrase I heard on Friday nights in city (among the finance companies) from dressed up Caucasian men and women before COVID was “fucking Chinese”.

  6. Saw the name of the racist couple on the YouTube comment. Googled the names and lady has a business and on her about page, her business is a “proud official sponsor” of the Chinese New Year event at the star in 2019

  7. Yeah good on him for speaking up, it looked like quite a uh Anglo event too. Vast majority of people, yes especially of Asian background, wouldve just uncomfortably laughed it off and maybe feel bad about it after. I hope it inspires more voices to stand up to this completely random bullshit.

  8. This was at our Boat Show! I work where they hold the indoor Event. The blokes outside are a different company. Just seeing this in SYDNEY of all places is insanely ignorant. Half or more of the population is Asian, so this dude saying this stupid s&$! Is lucky he didn’t get thrown in the water and fed to the sharks. Unfortunately we have the privileged rich white folk during this event EVERY YEAR and they get on the piss, wave their money around and act like complete wastes of space while also taking the piss out of others. As a white Aussie, I’m embarrassed by this behaviour. It’s 2022! How are people still doing dumb things like this?

  9. Security doesn't have a choice, all they know is someone came up to them saying someone harassed them, then they need to go and check it out.

  10. Yep, happens all the time. If you're not a potential business partner, these ol fucks will treat you like trash.

  11. Typical racist coward ran away after being confronted for being a racist. Of course, casual racism still exists here in Australia. I'm glad it was caught on camera and that idiot was called out on it.

  12. It gets worse in proportion to how belligerent China is (and the resulting news and political cycles). Every asian = mainland Chinese in a racist's mind.

  13. I think most racism stems from jealousy honestly. My parents both off the boat wogs (Italian), and although its better now, people hated that my Dad worked so hard and became successful. I think its a pretty common line of thought, so and so will take my job, take my money, how can they afford this etc etc.

  14. Nothing casual about that, just straight up racism. As a side, I’ve never once been with someone that’s done something like this. Is it common?

  15. One time I was walking in the CBD minding my own business (not even talking, just listening to my music) and some dumb cunt blocked me and told me to "speak English." So yeah.

  16. I do food deliveries, and a few weeks ago when I was handing a customer their takeaway, two teenagers shouted out 'ching chong ching chong' as they rode their bikes past me.

  17. If you're not white it's very common. A couple of weeks ago I was on the train and had 2 derro eshay creatures verbally assault me with racial slurs. Thankfully, there were a group of lads nearby who told them to feck off.

  18. My friends and I are all brown, we were walking through Darling Harbour as a group of about 6 of us when this random white guy stops in front of us, bows and goes "Namaste". We're not Indian. He was with a black woman who just looked so embarrassed and had to drag him off. Idk what the hell he was thinking.

  19. Neither have I, however there are a lot of casual subtle ones that can be hard to pick up for non-native speakers. As an Asian immigrant myself, my partner (born and grow up here) has pointed out quite a few times when people changed their tones subtly or used slightly condescending words/phrases when speaking to me while I had no clue at all. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  20. I get a lot of people drunkenly yellowing “ni hao” or “konichiwa” at me when I’m out late which I consider garden variety racism but I remember going down a shopping centre escalator when I was 10 and talking to my friend in another language. An older lady was passing us by on the adjacent escalator and said loudly, “In this country we speak ENGLISH”.

  21. As someone or Asian descent, it happens, but rarely. The worst thing I've experienced was a bunch of bogans at a music festival in Port Macquarie doing the whole slanty-eyed thing with their fingers. There's usually some standoffish-ness in rural places, but once I open my mouth (and I can sound extremely bogan myself) it seems to dissipate and people become more welcoming and more curious as opposed to hostile.

  22. As an Asian I've hardly experienced racism but there was one time I was in the reception of my father's business, a clearly drunk man came in and when I asked him what he needed, all he said was "can you speak english" over and over, when I clearly spoke to him in English first. I was just dumbfounded and didn't what to say

  23. I was once minding my own business and talking to a friend at Central station when someone walked up to us and said "wow, you have really good English!"

  24. I think the demographic the boat show attracted would've had more than it's fair share of subtle and not-so-subtle racists so not surprised at all this happened. Lots of rich people from up Pittwater way. Whenever I've copped overt racism in Sydney it's because I'm up in the Northern Beaches or down in Cronulla. Never happens in the East, Inner West or Western Sydney.

  25. I remember when I was a kid and someone told me to go back to where I came from and my reply was “Darlinghurst? I’d love to but I can’t afford to.” And the look on confusion on their tiny racist face.

  26. Canadian born Asian here. When I lived in Sydney, minding my own business some guy told me to go back to my own country. I replied with my full Canadian accent "telling me to go back to Canada isn't an insult mate". SMH

  27. One of the little pleasures I enjoy is saying "Oh, just my place." / "Waterloo" when someone asks me where I've come from out of the blue.

  28. Good on him speaking up and defending himself to that racist joke. A lot of people would ignore it and let it slide so it’s good to see that drunk dude get called out for that bullshit

  29. Funny how fast they run away when they see themselves on camera. Watch how "sorry" they get once theyre identities become public. Needs to be a policy of name and shame

  30. Wow...I didn't even notice this. I'm of Asian descent, and this reminds of me when some racist guy in high school making a comment that Asians couldn't be pilots because our "eyes are small"...

  31. Drunk words are sober thoughts. I bet he thinks himself as a superior human being just because of the color of his skin. Just couldn't handle the sight of a non white man at an event, had to open his foul mouth.

  32. Would have been nice if ANYONE from that stand interfered and said something at the time, but nice of them to at least give the heads up to security.

  33. It’s times like this that I wonder why we ever stopped public pillorying. Surely this guy richly deserves to be held in place and have rotten tomatoes hurled at them. What a twat!


  35. I hate the way he is treated. It disgusts me and as someone who is an Asian female but born and raised in Sydney this makes me think there are still some people out there that are so backward and horribly narrow minded. None of this can be taken lightly, I’ve dealt with this stuff myself and I don’t let comments like that brush off.

  36. Unfortunately there are always going to be a percentage of racist people any any society. Australians more so as they have really only come to terms with it being wrong in the last few decades.

  37. "We also have the whole "bring your mates down a peg" thing going on, where insulting someone is actually a form of friendship".

  38. not sure why his face needs to be blurred - they should face the consequences of their actions.

  39. old whitey just couldnt swallow his pride and apologies. he escalated the issue by carrying on like a nobhead after being called out. could have been over in 10 seconds with a 'sorry that was inappropriate'.

  40. I was once on a Qantas flight to Sydney and there's this white flight attendant lady apologizing profusely to the gentleman on the aisle seat. Offered him a few freebies, one being a bottle of wine. The reason? There was uncleaned vomit next to the window seat from a passenger on the previous flight. There was another gentleman sitting next to the first guy who was actually sitting next to the seat with the vomit. He was totally ignored by the flight attendant, not a single word of apology towards this gentleman. The first guy in the aisle seat the flight attendant deemed deserving of apology, was white. The other guy who was actually next to the vomit was Asian. Tell me that wasn't racism


  42. Victims my ass.. if he isn't a racist they why did he do the slanty eye gesture, they got caught out the racist narcs! The bimbo lady could have de-escalated the situation and apologies for the idiotic bf but no she stooped to his level and further aggravated the matter. KARMA IS A BITCH!

  43. It's hilarious how they both outed themselves by trying to get in front of it. Now their business and associations are all gone too. Like whoops, there go all your friends and business partners. Being labelled a racist in Aus is basically like the plague. Guilt by association.

  44. Well done bravo for standing up to that fkwit. For too long people think it’s ok to be a casual racist. Times are changing we’re not back living in 1980s australia anymore.

  45. She looked uncomfortable. And then apologised for the dick head's behaviour when cameraman walked back. As if it were her fault lol

  46. Seems more like she was nervous and unsure what to do. You can also hear her apologise to the cameraman when he comes back later on.

  47. She seemed nervous to me. Smiling or even laughing when unsure is pretty common. She even looked physically disgusted when the racist handed her the rod.

  48. Yes, and the other guy too. They were suppressing their smile/laugh. Very disappointing. The only bit of good thing is that they told the truth to the supervisor in the end.

  49. In this instance, on with weak, narrow shoulders and much smaller than his appointed protector and enabler in the tacky & outdated pantsuit. Yuck!

  50. I was expecting the woman to at least shush and hurry the man along, if not apologise for his behaviour. Disappointing on both their parts.

  51. 3 days into moving to Sydney from London, I was shocked to see a South Asian store owner being called Paki right in the middle of the street. In the busiest area of the city. Nobody would dare to do that in central London and get away with it. Sydneysiders have a long way to go to tackle it's racism issue.

  52. On the flip side, I’ve experienced more racism in the last 2.5years living in UK than 15 years in Australia. Maybe just my luck, but I do think racism is still everywhere.

  53. I visited London a few years back. As soon as I got out of Whitechapel station I saw a racist guy verbally abusing a Muslim couple.

  54. I was born and grew up in Australia with Pakistani heritage and never did I once consider 'paki' as a slur. Me and my school mates used it innocently as an abbreviation rather than a slur. I only recently discovered that the term is a slur in other parts of the world. Most Australian born Pakistani's like me don't see it as a slur at all, just a fun abbreviation. But I totally agree that people should be fully aware about the context, situation and area they use such terms if we want to get along with others internationally, as well within our own nation.

  55. Terms like paki and wog don't carry the same weight here. Paki is more like a cricketing abbreviation / nickname (think pom, kiwi, saffer, Aussie, windies etc - not coined to be said with ill intent). Wog has been reclaimed in a similar way to nigga in that it is owned rather than shunned, and applies more broadly to Mediterranean peeps (I've known Portuguese, Italians, Greeks, maltese to all self identify as wogs).

  56. Most people is Sydney couldn't tell the difference between indians or Pakistanis. Nobody uses the word paki as a slur

  57. I'm not sure what happened there, but "Paki" isn't a derogatory term in Australia. If anyone was using it, it's more likely to have been an abbreviation.

  58. I’m not sure of the laws in Australia, but is there any requirement for the faces to be blurred? In my mind they should both be outed as the horrible people they are, I’m very sorry you had to go through this.

  59. not that blurring the face mean much, the man and woman had already been identified by others quite quickly in the comments of the Youtube video, the boating community isnt that big.

  60. Saw the comment about how the police reacted, guess we aren’t too far removed from america 🙃

  61. Great to see this has been picked up by mainstream news. Racist dude and his mole are claiming they are the victims of abuse... hoping they're held accountable for their shitty actions.

  62. Lol you will have a hard time finding a country that is not racist you are delusional thinking its different anywhere else

  63. Not necessarily, because cultural differences are a real thing. Like, a friend of mine is Jewish and grew up in a neighbourhood with a lot of Lebanese immigrants, and he was bullied badly for being Jewish by them. I lived in the same neighbourhood (I'm white), and while they didn't bully me, many clearly thought they were better than me, they stole our stuff and paintballed our house, one threw eggs at me and called me a racial slur, and I've learned that if a Middle Eastern man talks to you, it's cos he wants to get in your pants. Both me and my friend are not racist though, because we treat people as individuals and don't presume they'll act a given way based on their ethnicity (we both know some lovely Lebanese people, too, though they didn't act like those in the neighbourhood) - and if we complain, its about cultural trends and behaviour, and not based on their ethnicity or skin colour.

  64. Denying a problem doesn't make it go away. There is a problem with violence & crime amongst Lebanese immigrants and often their descendants. It may be polite to pretend it doesn't exist but it does.

  65. Nothing casual about it, that's overt racism. They're pieces of shit. That said the security were just doing their job, though it's understandable that the fishermen were upset. The security handled it fairly well in my opinion.

  66. LNP going all the way back to John Howard giving Pauline Hanson a platform for her agenda in the 90s instead of shutting it down like a real leader would. From 2013 onwards they found 'the Chinese' to be a convenient scapegoat for rising property prices which was debunked after we closed our borders in 2019 and prices still doubled afterwards. But that's ok, since Covid 'Chyna' is the enemy and people take as a free pass to be racist against anyone who is of Asian descent.

  67. Absolute loser! I live in Sydney and my wife is Japanese and if someone spoke to her like this he would be lucky not to get a healthy slapping. Horrible how this shit still is happening in 2022. Shame!

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