LD Account Giveaway (Xiana)

  1. I'm curious why would you give away a new account with a LD 5 and how did you get it? not trying to accuse you of anything I'm really just curious :D (and I'm not interested in the account)

  2. Would love to give this to my girlfriend, she’s been wanting to play with me, but this would give her the perfect excuse!

  3. Please babe. May our god Lady Gaga have mercy on you and your (future) kids. You can tell I'm desperate. It's because I am.

  4. Been going through a hard time, could use something to act as my distraction. Something to put my time into so I’m not thinking about what I don’t want to.

  5. Higkey, xiana is one of the coolest monsters i have ever seen. I think i could make this a great account. I could get myself a dot team in about a month.

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