account giveaway due to no time to grind, comment your tilted moment with sw & I will selected one random winner (P.S this account can be login by Mail)

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  1. In order for something to be a true tilt, it has got to be something that exceeds even the worst case scenarios.

  2. recently I had five gems all roll minimum value. idk what the odds are and I just about uninstalled on the spot. all were purple, if that matters. I really should have been recording for my eventual fuck you video to com2us, because its coming the way they treat a paying customer.

  3. Losing against ppl in arena with just 2 mons when i was just starting thinking, oh this will be easy... it was not.

  4. Most tilting moment was when I lost my OG account after losing my phone, this was during the days when having a Nat5 was rare and I had Perna and Helana not to mention Zeratu (LD5)

  5. started playing again after 4 years.. surprised by all the quests/rewards/events available.. kept all 400+ mystical scrolls for a summoning session.. got a new nat 5 and a dupe.. decided to convert dupe into ancient crystal.. picked the wrong non dupe nat 5 and converted to ancient crystal

  6. I'll take it. Most tilted moment is watching my friend pull 2 LD Nat 5's within a month of starting, meanwhile I got zilch from 2 years 😔

  7. I broke my phone twice « because » of sw (and these are the only times I broke something because of a video game).

  8. I recently realised that the pvp 5 stars didnt have to be runed since they are useless for someone in pve stage (kill me now) so it wouod be nuce with more proggres

  9. Kaki, when it came out people went crazy and Miho was no were seen. Built him and rta was so ez back then!

  10. 7y inside dis game. Violent is da name to be tilted every day. Best moment is to see an enemy seara go 6 turns in a row and delete your team coz u feel too confident

  11. 3 months later after loosing my main acc and no alt acc and grinding and grinding on 3 phones make ig start after start to try to get a decent start at least 2,300 rerolls later still staring at clear garen forest for free 10 scrolls

  12. Almost 3000 days (started game 150 days after release) And no LDs. No decent 4 star ones. No Kinki, no betta (lol the pun) no molly, no martina, no halphas, I do have Iris that I got about 4 years ago. I keep playing in the hope one day I’ll get one. Probably not. This would be the only way 😅 also miss a bunch of meta Nat 5s. It is what it is I guess. Extremely doubt it would be me but whoever does get this account - I hope it reignites their passion for the game and they thoroughly enjoy!!

  13. Had a full team of multihitters(kaki, Fran, mo long, lushen,) and a Laika with immunity and atk buff was all that was left on the opponents side. He revenge proceed everytime and soloed my entire team.

  14. Triana soloing a Fire Unit. I swear i hate siege and Pvp in generell. It makes me so F en angry. But still love to grind Arena lol

  15. A player from 2015 and back in my day I wanted a LD5, I've had 2 big accounts and my first main I ever made was hacked with over 30 nat 5 and a pretty mid game status

  16. When my low crit team crit on miho every time and get soloed by her, its long time tho, but still tilted me

  17. When I didnt get a LD lighting for 1.5 years and then got trinity who guarded my storage for another 3 years , and then getting really excited to see that shes in the new balance patch only to disappoint me again.

  18. Getting Zen 2 Times in a row, i was so mad that i had to go out and run for 2h, so now, i know that when i'm Furious i need to run...

  19. When you're about to win and enemy perna, Theo, beast monks, Diana, Oliver, Iris and others proc like there's no tomorrow to hand you L, meanwhile your team just standing there taking it like it's missing a full vio set.

  20. Didn't got any lighting from 15 ld scrolls in recent time and in past when i got lighting it was double dark mermaid in row

  21. Tilted moment with sw? Because sw can be played auto in almost every section of the content so i going to play RTA and playing FUT Champions in FIFA22 at the same time, you know what? When my RTA match going to really bad situation and then my fifa match going the same situation too, so i leave that two and sleeping with dissapointment at my couch 🥲

  22. Probably pulling a having my mentor who gave me a shîtty account pull me light monkey 6 months into the grind and have so much dissatisfaction and disappointed on his face then a month later have him buffed into an insane unit (still is)

  23. My most tilting moment was when I first started playing the game about 7 years ago. My friend and I got into the game pretty heavily. We saved up scrolls for several months. I was p2p and he was f2p. We did our summon sessions together. I have roughly 300 scrolls and a few lds, my friend had about 50 scrolls and one ld. All I wanted was zaiross and verad. Well I pulled 3 Juno. All 3 were dupes. My friend pulled zaiross, verad, and Giana. I quote the game for the next few months.

  24. I once saved lds for almost 2 years and didn’t get anything from them apart from a felleria; I’ve been playing since the game came out and I never got a ld5. Then I see a guild mate getting 2 ld5s in just a week….

  25. I was grinding for c1 rta using dark assasin + hwadam. I fought a c1 guy then pretty sure ill get out of f3 if i win that. I literally swept his whole team but the diana shenanigans happened and he reversed-swept me. Fun times lol

  26. Having almost no luck with nat 5 and when I got the first one it was Brandia , then my wnd nat 5 came it was Brandia too , been playing for a few months at that point and i decided to quit( Brandia wasnt that good then)

  27. When i was a youngin probably 15 at the time just started playing summoners war many years ago when this game was still fresh and new, on my main account i as a f2p got lightning on an LD scroll and to my surprise i ended up pulling Nicki! i was having so much fun my request box had literally 250+ ppl wanting to try out nicki as my rep i was pretty active in global chat at the time so it was easy to get requests like that every day. Until one day i opened summoners war and i was asked to sign in and come to find out my account had been hacked and having never made a purchase in the game hive couldnt really help me get my account back at the time again this was many years ago so this may have changed in recent times but losing my pride and joy was my biggest SW tilt moment i still miss having an account that i enjoyed like that heres to hoping i can bring that excitement back

  28. Fake 5 star LD scroll Last week. That was the Moment i hated this Game the Most (After 5 months without LD lightning

  29. Enemy team all moving 4 turns consecutively while my team just got annihilated without a single violent proc.

  30. Tilted moment? İt would be better if u wanted us to write our calm, normal moments lol. Every siege, every viofest is a reason to bang our phones against the wall

  31. That time when withhive still has website to login and unfortunately i logged in on a phising site. Got my account hacked but ddnt care since that account was so unlucky to rune rolls and only has double lushen. Did quit and recently returned last month. I am so behind.

  32. Been playing since like 2015. Still login every few days and do the dailies. I forget what anniversary it was, but I was grinding away at the events to get stuff like Legendary Scrolls. I saved all the event currency and was gonna spend it all at one time at the last day of the event. And then my phone broke and I couldnt access my account until I got a new phone days later, right after the event ended. All that grinding for nothing.

  33. starting off years ago and having a very slow toah team, only to grind through up to stage 100 and have my phone die while on the boss

  34. I got a 10 summons I got a fake 5 and then after that they gave me a scroll cuse the bouns scroll and I summoned and got a dupe nat 5 so sell it for Crystal's and then I got a galleon and I already have one and I never got my L&D scroll from the 6 week event

  35. Most tilted moment : Oliver 1V4 POST NERF. Another tilting moment was when I returned to this game and fed my fully built Kaki the next week after 6* him and maxing his skills. >:

  36. Dont know if it counts: but i won the last gorgon Account giveaway and the dude was a little bit in a rush i guess. I didnt replied in 5 minutes and so He drew another winner or something and i ended up with Nothing. Hopefully you dont have the rush that you need an answer Instantly. Btw have Screenshots as proof if youre interested

  37. I traded all my nat 5 i had (around 20-30) for ancient stones so i can get almost 90 ld scroll to finally get a single ld 5 star in my 2800+ days of playtime. All i got was 2 ld 4 stars after that i got mad and deinstalled the game. But slowly i get the feeling of starting over with a new account that got at least 1 ld 5 star, so i'm participating in a lot of giveaways, still haven't gotten an account so far. Would love Artamiel btw

  38. I deleted an old gmail account. At that time i didnt really care what was connected to it, because most of my other accounts linked by gmail were transefred before that. After some years (more than 2-3) a friend told me to start playing again and since i stopped sw because playing alone was not fun for me (and i spent my time gaming at games i can play with my friends). I tried to find my old sw account but i did not rememebr the secondary password to hive. I could not reach support through the account or recover the password beacuse e-mail was deleted. After messages after messages at support (they told multiple times to send e-mail through the DELETED gmail account), after i provided many info (gmail account, devices i played on, location, 5star monsters and whatever other i could remember) I got tired of trying again and again, and i gave up.

  39. Hey man, I’d love to have your account. Played for 2 years back in 2017 and came back to my account getting hacked. Now I’ve been playing for 20ish days and not going to lie, I’d have fun with those units. Good luck all and thank you

  40. Back when Antares could not be stunned/frozen by a Despair Tyron, proccing 6 times in a row, and somehow freezing a random Diana that wasn't meant to be hit. While yes she was difficult to deal with, Antares procced so much that he was scarier than a 100% crit zeratu that procced Violent twice each individual turn he got.

  41. Enemy in Rta landing quad stuns and procking every turn while my mons forget that they are on violent

  42. is the fact that my old main got hacked and the account i made after is not even half good as yours enough? i just love this game too much i dont wanna quit, but i cant improve fast enough on this trash account of mine smh😅

  43. Just yesterday in siege, a Perna proc 3 times for two rounds in a row... Plus i don't have any LDs, miss seara, okeanos, Laika, Karnal and a lot of other and miss many of the 4 star LDs that are useful

  44. Pulling 5 fengs from wind scrolls but still lacking seara, savanna, gany, jamire ... But hey got 4 spare pandas which i food for nat 3 lds via crystals.....

  45. I'll throw in a comment here and hope I get lucky. My problem is I've been playing for 6 years, maybe have spent 500 dollars and I still don't have a single LD nat 5

  46. Most tilted moment for me in this game was two back to back awakened ld4s… I quit for a month.

  47. game just gets dumb stale so often, same two things every week, rta was the absolute slightest change but every time i open the app it feels like such a chore

  48. Saved scrolls for current event, summoned wind cannon girl, wind mage, wind shadowcaster... Please, no more crap wind units. I can't bear to summon any more.

  49. I've been playing for over 2000 days, had over 2000 plus good runes saved up. Was randomly grind one day got maxed 800 runes so I went to clear some inventory out well the game glitches and deleted all of my unruned runes.... yup and I emailed com2us and they didn't help me at all get my runes back..

  50. I lost my account due to not being able to login. Didt have any way of recovering it so i had to start over again. That account was 3 years when i lost it. Had been playing almost every day since i started

  51. Quad flat atk roll on an ancient rune with a 7 sub speed. I don't know what would tilt someone worse than this. *Coughs in vio procs

  52. Losing in arena against just a light hell lady, when I thought I'd wipe her, she procced and killed my whole team.

  53. I would love to start playing again and this would be a sick place to start. I'm sorry to see someone leaving the game; however, if I somehow win I would keep it alive for a long long time. Gl either way everybody!

  54. One time during guardian arena rush hour I hit a defense with a Molly in it, when she was the last one standing she vio proc 4 times in a row, killing my psamanthe, BUT after his revive she proc 2 more times and finished him off. With just the dark oni alone against Molly taking three turns every turn he couldn’t finish the job, and I ended as a draw. I still believe it cost me legend rank.

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