Tennis+ Daily - 8/12/22 (Friday)

  1. Why wouldn’t Tommy Paul just blow Evans off the court? Evans is gritty sure but Paul is a man version of Fritz.

  2. 10 games, 0 hold of serve for FAA!! I’ve made 8 units betting on Ruud to break games this match so far. Something is definitely wrong with FAA

  3. What? He literally doesnt need to do anything lmao, Auger in 8 games played has 20 unforced errors, thats way too much even on Women Challenger level.

  4. My FAA to lose 1st set/win match wager is going swimmingly. Gotta go see what DK is offering if I cash out now...

  5. I cannot get on the right side of a bet with that motherfucker involved. All my parlays needed yesterday was for Norrie not to get smoked too bad by this jackoff

  6. All those saying Shelton was going to try to lose today…. 🤡 +175 thank you very much public for driving that line up 💰💰💰

  7. Kyrgios has done me well so can’t be upset about this one. Luckily sprinkled some on the over too so wasn’t that bad of a loss.

  8. After starting to follow tennis closely again after ~25 yrs of not, I'm trying to pick up on patterns. But the sample size is necessarily small. My questions: is PCB destroying people like this on outdoor hard a new thing? And does he always get smoked handily to conclude his runs?

  9. Man's playing at about 60%, hasn't tried at all, and hasn't been broken a single game against world #8. Lol. Pretty good take.

  10. He played a pretty tough 3 setter yesterday, FAA put on a 19 game clinic. Hence why Ruud is such a big dog. I took FAA to lose set 1, win match +650 @DK. Ruud is in shape, but I think he'll gas after 1

  11. Yeah, Nick doesn't look like he wants to win today. Unsure if he's tired/hurt (both), or just doesn't care. You can never really tell with him. He's not doing his usual yelling, so I'd lean towards he's just not invested.

  12. Kyrgios/Hurk match going exactly the same as their last one. o10.5 first set at plus money was a gift. May hammer it again in the 2nd

  13. Nick looking a tad flat compared to yesterday, let's hope he gets this tiebreak. Whoever that was on +3.5 you're looking solid, well played.

  14. I know its too late now but Unibet usually has tennis live streams available too, if you have access to them. Including this one.

  15. This is priced this way because of Ruud's 3 hour match yesterday and Felix destroying Norrie. Would otherwise be priced pretty much even. I think this has moved too much though in my opinion. The 3 hour match was broken up by a few hours of rain and he's generally young and healthy. This has just slipped a bit too far.

  16. Jeez I feel dumb as hell playing Shelton @ -105 and now it’s up to +155 or higher. Cashout is now $100 less than my wager. Anyone got some vasoline?

  17. We EASILY (/s) got it done yesterday in a 3-set tiebreak with Coco / Cheerios ✅ parlay. As I said, we'd know the outcome after the first match, Cheerios didn't even have to show up for his match against Cow Minaur.

  18. I've been working my ass off the whole summer, putting some money on the side. Today, I will bet the majority of that money on Ben Shelton @1.95. Anybody who has been watching this tournament understands that the kid is a force, he lost like 10 points on serve total so far. He will wipe the floor with Thompson, mark my words. This is the best value bet I've seen in months. If they meet again in a couple months, odds will be 1.20 Shelton ML. Thank me later.

  19. Anyone see the Gauff Sabalenka match?? Are the combined 30 double faults a good reason to take Halep 2-0?? I like Gauff but I feel like if she’s just gonna give points away I would think Halep would take full advantage? Thoughts??

  20. I'm not suggesting Halep 2-0 today, not saying it won't happen, but I believe Coco has also been on the court for 6+ hrs of play time. She got lucky and got a doubles walkover last night, or that would have been even higher. She's played back to back 3 set tiebreaks (which she obviously won). Match yesterday was over 3 hours. She COULD be tired today. She is a real hustler/athlete though. Your point is also a good one, a brutal server when she's not on.

  21. Agreed, Gauff with the third set tiebreakers in the last 2 matches has to catch up with her physically this time. Throw the double faults and the H2H record and it looks really good

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