What happened to everyone talking about crypto on tik tok and reels 😂

  1. Anybody making enough money investing stocks, crypto, real estate, whatever doesn’t need to go on social media to try and monetize their accounts or create some lecture series.

  2. Lol not up only no more so only real traders/investors around. Buttt I did have my barber tell me about one a those pyramid scheme paid group things last week 😂😂 I’m injured so he knows I’m not doin my full time job, just trading. He was like “I needa hook u up wit my boy, he’s in this group and u get a subscription and everyone shares profits” lmaooo I kindly denied the offer cuz I been around for a while now.. but yea def way less “influencers” and ads rn

  3. Most people just got into it because of the hype and they only invested a few hundred bucks maybe less and after they lost the lil money they had invested they just moved on and forgot about it. The people that stay in it are people that have a good amount of money invested in it

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