[The Times] Excl : Cristiano Ronaldo has asked to leave Manchester United.

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  2. Genuine question: Which clubs would be realistic candidates to sign Ronaldo? (Given his wages, his preferences to play for a top top clubs and etc...)

  3. I mean if Bayern off load Lewandoski they should be the best candidate although Ronaldo will have to take a pay cut. Chelsea aswell I heard they want to put Werner in the De Ligt deal and they don't have a good no 9. Don't think Juve will be interested to take Ronaldo back.

  4. Some people are saying Bayern, but I don’t see how this move would make sense? Bayern doesn’t sign old players. Ronaldo’s salary would mess up Bayern’s wage structure. He doesn’t fit in Bayern’s high pressing system.

  5. Bro me too and I’m a UTD fan. Imagine the scenes when he and Messi fight for a penalty only for the DOF Mbappe to take it

  6. He could play another 3-4 years in Italy. If Ibra could, then Ronaldo who is a far better player shouldn’t have any problems.

  7. Expected this to be the case, obviously wants Champions League football and not to be part of a multi year rebuilding period.

  8. Probably for the best for the end of his career, and the rebuild at United. But his goal contributions will be very hard to replace in the short term, not many great options out there

  9. Should go after Ben Yedder. He is more than a decent replacement if they can get him. Not all strikers purchase have to be of 21 yrs old players.

  10. united would get fucked the most, not only they need to rebuild their squad, but losing their only striker now would mean they need to ivnest in a new one, and those aren't cheap.

  11. United scored more goals the season before Ronaldo signed, with the same players. Its just that the likes Bruno, Rashford, Greenwood, Cavani were scoring the goals…With Ronaldo being there, everyone was just trying to feed him…but there are goals in this team without him…replace sancho for greenwood

  12. Would be funny to see the old ‘but did he hug Bale??’ Meme revived but now with Messi instead of Bale.

  13. I would love it so much if they ended up winning a ucl together, which will never happen, but a man can dream

  14. Yes, Bayern would be best fit but Bayern doesn’t entrain salary Ronaldo gets paid at Manchester United. Around £500k a week but then again Ronaldo commercial value would out weigh it.

  15. They arent close to the worst options you could hypothetically have in the PL, but at the same time, I think another awful seasons coming your way.

  16. I really think Monaco is a dark horse. They’ll gladly pay alot in wages, beautiful lifestyle with tax benefits, close to portugal, gets to play UCL, and re-ignite the messi-Ronaldo rivalry one last time. Even if it’s not the same as before, it will still get a lot of attention.

  17. Idk about the times tier-level in regards to United but this is quite a huge Exclusive to drop so surely they must be confident in dropping it, no?

  18. That's the whole issue. Its gonna take a decent offer to buy him because well need to replace him due to lack of depth and I dont think anyone's gonna bite for a decent fee plus wages

  19. Duncan Castles & his bald bonce wrote this as well so you know there’s some truth to it, the Mendes puppet

  20. My dream for this summer would be Lewandowski to Barcelona, and Ronaldo to Bayern in his place. I don't think Bayern would bring him in, but would be cool

  21. It is so fucking obvious that this is all being done to apply pressure on United's board, so they make signings.

  22. It would be a spicy timeline if Lewa goes to Barca, Bayern uses the money to get Ronaldo.. who then proceeds to break Lewas BuLi goal record next season

  23. One interesting dynamic would be Ronaldo going to Bayern, and Lewa going the other way. It'll never happen, but he said he was a United fan growing up and almost joined United when they signed RVP, would be a really interesting move for both clubs

  24. If he agrees to a wage cut I could actually see this happening. Just depends how much he cares about making money at this point. Also how much he wants to WIN CL. I think you could get out of the group stage maybe but hard to imagine lifting a trophy

  25. PSG......... pretty please, Campos man, you don't even need to play those two together or all the time, we shall just enjoy their reactions sitting side by side on the bench watching the games and some locker room videos, do it for the game man

  26. With everything that Bild have published so far, can you really see him in Germany? They will be able to report every thing he does, and it won’t all be under the control of his media team

  27. I began watching United with him and I was a fanboy but deep down, I want him to go. I want a really fresh start not having the entire season discussions about pressing at 37 years old.

  28. I really think with the amount he’s already made throughout his life, he should choose a team for the sporting project rather than the wages aspect. Even with lower wages, he’s making bank from his sponsorship deals. Would love to see him somewhere like AC Milan, that would be very itneresting

  29. People didn't believe it when AS were saying it, but it was obviously clear that Ronaldo wasn't happy not playing the UCL this season no matter what spin was put to it.

  30. Isn't Milan already signing Origi? Don't see how they will have space for Ronaldo with the other 3 strikers around, even though yes Zlatan is out injured most times. Bearing in mind Milan play with 1 ST

  31. Milan dont want or need him. We cant afford our own players. We arent going to pay gor him. Plus no one replaces Zlatan for locker room leadership.

  32. I don’t understand how Bayern isn’t all over this, if Ronaldo wants Champions League I’m sure Bayern can convince him to lower his wages to an acceptable amount and sign him

  33. Well at least he’s not leaving it to the last minute this time. I’d love to know what he thinks his options are if he wants out at Man Utd, PSG would be stupid to sign him, Bayern Munich wouldn’t match his wages, he won’t be able to come back to Italy without taking a paycut, and the paycut would be even bigger if he went back to Sporting. Maybe Chelsea would pay his wages, but I can’t see him going back to Real Madrid or anywhere else in Spain either.

  34. Having a Ronaldo who doesn’t want to be there isn’t exactly going to make life easy for ETH. I suspect he might prefer a quick, clean break and signing a striker who is more in line with his managerial ideologies.

  35. He deserves CL and honestly we shouldn’t force him to stay. He only came back to us because he thought we were going to be competitive and we absolutely collapsed. He only has a few years left of his career and we might not even win any trophies this season. It was great watching him play for us but it is what it is.

  36. Even though its highly unlikely. It would seem so out of place to see Cristiano Ronaldo in a Bayern shirt, which is why I want to see that happen. Wonder how Lewandowski would feel if he goes to Barca, Ronaldo goes to Bayern and Bayern wins CL.

  37. I don't care if he goes but he needs to go outside PL, only way we get top 4 is if Chelsea or Spurs slip up and giving Chelsea a striker who can actually find the back of the net is not good.

  38. Honestly people need to remember football is work for footballers and just like when you are unhappy at work or can’t see the benefit you move on. If he doesn’t want to be part of that rebuild it’s fine.

  39. Getting Messi and Ronaldo to play together would be the best ever sportwashing move. PSG should be all over this

  40. Should’ve just gone to city in the first place. As much as I hate them it would’ve been crazy to see Ronaldo in a pep managed team

  41. Yeah but the market for strikers is absolutely shite, fucking Nunez cost 80+mill especially for someone solid in recruiting like Liverpool

  42. Do you mean reinvest the money you’d save from not having to pay him or the money you’d get from selling him? Because he isn’t leaving for more than £20m.

  43. Probably for the clubs best honestly.. if they’re gonna press and play a high line.. you can’t do it carrying him. He’s special but the club and the player are at 2 different stages. Let him leave.

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