Is it normal to cry on shrooms without feeling sad ?

  1. I've cried before during good trips. Just from the feeling of experiencing beauty or sometimes reminiscing on my past experiences etc...

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever had a single trip without at least a little drip. Cried while happy, cried while sad, cried while mad, cried while just feeling relatively level.

  3. I’ve cried a few times on shrooms and lsd. Mostly happy tears but sometimes just like confusing tears like “wtf am I crying right now?!” Totally normal.

  4. Yup, cried so hard my face swelled up and I looked like a 60yo ex A-list celebrity. Ended up cry laughing at how ridiculous it was.

  5.  Do you guys cry when you take mushrooms? I cry every single time, tears of joy and understanding.

  6. I call it "the waterworks" and actually find it soothing when I only tear. Happens maybe 25% of the time. It's terrible when you get the nose runs. Lol

  7. Yep happened on my first trip. Cried 3 hours the whole comedown and it felt like a release of everything i was thinking about for the past month

  8. I was on SSRI's for 20 years because of depression, and 3 weeks of microdosing shrooms at 100mg, and now 4 months of microdosing Amanita Muscaria, the actual iconic Mario 🍄, at a usual dose of one teaspoon tea extract, and I haven't taken any SSRI's in all that time. Life is enjoyable again. I take off some days because I just feel good the way I am. The beauty of AM is the calming effects, and it imparts a stoicism.

  9. Crying is just another way to release emotions - whether that’s because you’re sad, happy, or otherwise! It’s totally normal. I sometimes find myself having a crying episodes on shrooms if I think about the people in my life, how far I’ve come, etc etc.

  10. Ive seen things so blinding beautiful that made me cry, I wasnt euforing nor sad. Just astonished with my mouth open of wonder.

  11. You are loved so much that you have been chosen to be shown something beautiful. You are given a gift of happiness, knowledge and healing. You see things differently and see their beauty. Then you feel overwhelmed with awe to the point that you cry and say "thank you!".

  12. Yes. I would only recommend to care of the SETTING factor. People around you can totally misunderstand your emotional expressions, possibly worry too much and totally ruining an otherwise blissful experience.

  13. Psychedelics at the core of it all are surgical tools to operate on our own brain. Therapy is emotional, so yeah it's pretty normal to cry, in fact be proud that you're closer then ever at knowing yourself 😁

  14. Totally normal. I've gotten it from staring at something so beautiful I was simply overwhelmed. Also from an intense feeling of appreciation to the universe. It felt so damn good!

  15. Yes! They're the best cries! The only cry that beats it for me is molly cries. If it's from happiness of course which it usually is

  16. Last time I took shrooms, I spent 2 hours sobbing my heart out to my wife about how fucked up the world is.

  17. You saw the beauty that’s all. My last few trips on LSD made me smile so hard. It felt like my cheecks were gonna rip apart.

  18. I love crying on shrooms and acid because I feel like it really cleanses the soul. I have processed so much trauma but have also had some beautiful and amazing experiences with friends while tripping and sometimes even crying from how beautiful it feels. The most important thing is to know you have control and crying is normal, keep your head space stable and in the positive so you don’t get washed away into a negative bad trip.

  19. yes, I was with 3 friends tripping sitting on my balcony with the sun on us and we all started crying and laughing around the same time and couldn't stop. shit was so fun

  20. Oh yeahhh. I took 5 grams a couple weeks ago and cried several times just because of how beautiful everything was and how much love I could feel just floating in the ether.

  21. Yeah! May I ask about your experience with depression and shrooms? What exactly did you do, that helped?

  22. I cry almost every time I trip. Even “good” trips are highly emotional for me. I see it at a form of catharsis

  23. YES. I've found the Amazonian strain (well all strains can, but in particular Amazonian, NOT the PES one) tends to get me to that place of sheer joy and laughter. The joy get so powerful sometimes that for some reason I have to squeeze my chest with my arms--I have no idea why, it's like an innate response or reflex to squeeze myself. And a deep feeling of gratitude for the experience, like an "omg thank you I need to feel this so badly."

  24. does anyone else feel that impulse/reflex to squeeze their chests with crossed arms when they are feeling peak euphoria?

  25. All the time 😂 that’s one thing I love about the voyage. Your soul is cleansing, your spirit is letting go of the ego. Let the tears flow and be thankful for the experience 💜 happy trails 😊

  26. You’re not alone. I get super weepy 😂 but I’m not sad or feeling any levels of grief/sorrow. Just immensely teary and grateful. I am so happy to hear that you were able to fight through your depression. I hope it stays away but if it returns, please know that you’re not alone and no matter what your inner critic says, you are so worth it and you matter. Wish you only happy trips ahead! 🫡

  27. My last big trip I cried for 12 hours straight. Sat out in the trees behind my house and bawled. Tears of sadness and pain. It was the most incredible 12 hours of my life.

  28. I’ve taken shrooms twice and each time I always cry at one point, glad to hear I wasn’t the only one

  29. My first time doing them last month I took 5gs w my bf & I cried so many tears I had held back when I was upset in the past and also cried lots of happy tears and I still have no idea why but it was amazing, my bf just kinda held me during it, it was amazing and I’m excited to do it again!!

  30. I bawled my eyes out for a good 15 minutes on my first trip lmfao, not even in a sad way, was just so happy

  31. Almost every time I’ve taken them I’ll end up crying over how good a field of grass can look, totally normal dude.

  32. I've cried a lot on acid, not so much shrooms. I've probably cried for hours a couple times. It felt like releasing years of bottled up emotions. Tbh it's good to know I'm not the only one lol

  33. My experience is that I have the space to experience that emotion, as normally I lock it away and do not allow myself to fully feel it (something I am yet to finish polishing). So I have had happy and sad cries, but none of them feel like something I should feel negatively about experiencing, unlike in my "usual" way.

  34. Crying while tripping is relatively normal. Your eyes just release water. Like when you wake up from a deep sleep, because you haven't slept well for a week or so.

  35. Absolutely. I was pretty deep in,(don’t know amount) not lose ego amount. But watched Loving Vincent and colors, scene changes, music, tears just streaming down my face.

  36. Of course it is. Psychedelic experience can be and in many cases should be intensely emotional. It lifts a lot of the filters that our mind puts on our emotions so that we don't have to deal with them all time. When those filters break down you'll experience emotions in such an intense way that it's completely normal to cry. I cried during my most important and helpful trips. I encountered some really difficult stuff, lots of sadness, but also a lot of beauty as well. All of which made me cry. A lot.

  37. Cried from joy and gratitude and compassion for all beings. Just overwhelming beauty and love and awe.

  38. Sometimes when I’m tripping I feeeeel so much and there’s nothing to do but let it out in a cry. It’s not a sad cry it’s just a physical response to the overwhelming floodgate of emotions (usually good emotions). Mushrooms make me feel as if everything will be okay no matter what happens. It’s a beautiful thing and helps me feel and think positively about myself, where I’ve come from and where I’m heading on this journey. :)

  39. I have something odd happen to me while elevated. my eyes will water and my nose will drop snot to the point it looks like I've been maced. I'm not sad.

  40. I cry often during trips. It's a physical release of emotion. You don't have to be experiencing something sad to be moved to tears. My first trip ever I went through a major emotional release and probably cried for a solid five hours, but I didn't actually feel any emotional connection to it, and my mind felt like it was somewhere else, totally separated from what my body was doing. Half the time I didn't even know I was crying until I felt the tears running down my face.

  41. You’re surfacing your Id, which is your foundation of personality. It experiences feelings that you may not be obvious to you. Let it out. You’ll feel better.

  42. Yep happens...when we realise how this life is full of sadness or something along similar lines...but we don't really feel sad at the moment...we just 😭

  43. I've posted this numerous time before..but psilocybin has made me cry tears of joy, tears at the sheer beauty of existence, tears of sorrow, and at times I've had tears rolling down my face and I didn't know why.

  44. I had a trip on 4gs of PE and I would just randomly have a single tear fall. It happened like every 20 minutes. I wasn't happy, in awe, sad or anything. Just a strange phenomenon.

  45. I always know that shrooms hit when I get watery, meaning tears, saliva, sweat, urge to piss, etc.

  46. Normal? It’s what distinguishes us from other animal, feelings, emotions… I prefer a good heartbreak than indifference 🙃 And yeah, mushrooms 🍄 are really aesthetically emotional connected to me: Beauty in music or imagery makes me cry like a baby

  47. I've absolutely cried during trips from happiness or the beauty of something. I remember there was one time I was tripping at a small party and this girl was telling me a story of when she went to Hawaii and hiked to the top of a mountain. She said she was on shrooms and was in the clouds on top of this mountain reaching out and grabbing cloud, putting it to her mouth and eating the cloud, being able to taste the cloud. I started tearing up and was just so baffled with how amazing and surreal it sounded. She showed me some pictures and that's when the water works really came.

  48. I started laughing for no reason, then felt a real urge to cry but couldn't let myself until I was on my own. Never knew how close laughing, crying and yawning are. Lol

  49. I sound like a borderline psycho bc I can go from hysterically laughing to crying in seconds

  50. ive cried most times that I've tripped. once i stared at a tree at 3 am and just sobbed. no real emotions, no thoughts i can remember, but i SOBBED. it might've been a build up and you were able to just be "free" with yourself

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