My first self drafted project is done!

  1. I wanted to get more into self drafting and design, so figured I should start with something a bit easier/ non-fitted. I love overalls and wanted to do something colorful and patchwork-y, and thus the idea for this project was born. The pattern was drafted flat, just with measurements and basic shapes (last picture shows sketches/basic pattern). I did a mock-up, which had some fit issues in the back crotch area. In hindsight, I should have adjusted the mock-up until it fit, but instead I just added to the pattern, hoping that it would work out (it’s better, but there’s still a bit of a fit issue in the back). The fabric for the FO is just an assortment of cotton shirts I picked up at the thrift store.

  2. Thanks! I admit the side ties were a result of me not wanting to mess around with side closures - this just seemed like an easy way to do less work, lol

  3. PASTEL PRINCE 🦆💜 Ayoooo why are y’all so fucking talented, this is an amazing piece and the way it’s fit, the pocket locations and shapes, the cuff of the bottoms, the side tie. I love this 💜

  4. Wow, amazing! Thank you too for sharing your sketch. I always love seeing how people ideate and work. These look so professional!!

  5. This is a reminder that all Project posts are required to have a construction comment added after the initial post is made. The construction comment should include pattern name/number/company if used; drafting method, tutorial or other resources if no commercial pattern was used; fabric type and fiber content; alterations for fit and style; specialty tools and notions; the inspiration for your project; and any other information that someone who wants to make a similar project might find useful. More information is available

  6. OMG, love these! It's funny how your post came up because I was JUST thinking about how I need to draft a pattern for overalls since it's hard to find overalls that are either flattering or has a proper fit.

  7. I absolutely love these! I almost wish you had used a pattern so that I could go out and buy it. Such a nice pair of overalls. You did a beautiful job!!

  8. Nice work! Well put together, good fit, and I like the ties. The coloring is a little slapdash, but not especially in a good way. The color changes don't really lead the eye around and just seem random. Otherwise stellar work!

  9. that is so fabulous! I love the colors and where you put the patches!! Well done!👏👏👏💜

  10. I absolutely love this! I especially like the detail and functionality of the side ties to make the fit a little less baggy. Very cool!

  11. Pretty cool I like that, I was thinking they are fat quarters you know some cloth chosen for other mismatch fix ins for holes sew ins. I was thinking same thing but I don't have means think of better design. I kind want make overall-skirt which never made with that design, they only make shorts, pants and never skirt which stupid really. Overall straps never get different design which irritating you think they put frilly or find something better because traps bite you after while.

  12. This is so cool. An earth tone one with browns and tans would be really cool too if you ever wanted to expand on this design.

  13. Fucking love it, honestly a bit jealous, but trying to turn that into happiness for you and me by adding a comment that I fucking love it. Because I do. I understand that probably took a lot of time planning and creating, and it turned out beautifully. I gotta find more time for making things. It can be so rewarding and fun. Cheers to ya.

  14. These dungarees are amazeballs and I for one would not only buy this if it were commercially available but probably wear them until they fell apart.

  15. Wow. I want to make something similar to remind me of the time when I worked in printing industry and had work clothes.

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