"What're you, the boyfriend? Here for a... quickie?"

  1. Fun fact he was up for the part of George, he and Jerry are close friends. He pretty much had it, but when they saw Jason they knew he was the one.

  2. I want to know if there's a story here or if they just thought it would be a funny premise. I could definitely see something hppening to LD for a base here, he did something similar on Curb with the parking lot guy at the golf course.

  3. Part of the doorman story came from writer Max Pross who once worked as a doorman and came across a doorman he worked with and Pross thought he was insane just hanging out in front of his own apartment. The other interactions with him might have been based in real events.

  4. Larry Miller was probably the second-best stand-up comic to appear on the entire show (apart from our eponymous hero, of course).

  5. It makes me a bit sad that every time this character comes up, it's really obvious that most people don't know who he is. Fantastic stand up and actor, he's been in a lot of shows and movies.

  6. And then how he takes the hat off and puts it on Jerry so Jerry can watch the door while the doorman goes out to get a beer. Just cracks me up.

  7. I've always thought that was a big key to making it work. I feel like any random actor who got a one-episode role on Seinfeld would've been so awestruck to be doing scenes one-on-one with Jerry Seinfeld that it would've been tough for him to be so antagonistic toward him, and it's the antagonism that makes the whole thing work. It was really the perfect character to cast a real-life old friend of Jerry's, someone who has busted his chops a million times in daily interactions and wouldn't hesitate to do it on the screen as well.

  8. Not one of my favorite episodes. I like Miller, I think he's funny, but I usually don't watch this episode. I don't find anything about this particular situation funny, I guess.

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