Are centrists allowed in this sub Reddit?

  1. Screw the labels, just argue the ideas. Kyle has brought people from everywhere in the political spectrum. Haters, lovers and everyone else are here.

  2. Kyle is a proponent of social democracy which is an inherently centrist ideology. Your right at home buddy.

  3. Can you articulate why you consider yourself a centrist? What are some policies that you support?

  4. I support a UBI Funding For Police training and safety Legalizing Marijuana across the nation Rebuilding our border policies. Medicare for all Unions Lowering taxes for the lower class and continue on rasing taxes who make what an normal person like you and I can’t make. Trying to reallocate our funds from the military. Have a good health care system.

  5. Tankies are unfortunately also allowed. It's a bit of an oversight that hopefully will get fixed later.

  6. I don't even know what the fuck centrist means. The majority of the country wants MFA, higher taxes on ultra wealthy, closing of tax loopholes, child tax credits, more wall street regulations, etc. Since those have majority support that would be the centrist position. So are you centrist or on the right?

  7. This sub is very lightly moderated. Basically anybody is allowed. It is also so lightly moderated that I sometimes fear that is sub will end up getting banned if it ever triples in size. I have seen people blatantly spread misinfo that was left up for days assuming it ever gets taken down.

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