how long have y'all been invested?

  1. You joke, but they are hiring another 80k+ IRS agents. I feel they are setting up for a big crackdown on Crypto. Why do these accountants need to be armed though?

  2. I think around 8 months ish - was around 2k holders at that point! :-) Planning to re-evaluate my holdings when I break even. If they deliver what they promise, I am certain that the wallet will solve some real world problems and we might find solid price-range. Lets see what the future brings!

  3. Has anyone heard news about the wallet? I kinda went under a rock for a few months so last I heard it was going to be soon, well...soon at the time.

  4. since Jan 2021 I believe. What is the best way to back track on i.e. etherscan where I sit wrt buying and amount?

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