Complaints about RBIF wallet release "taking so long"

  1. I far prefer a quality product than a rushed app doomed by glitches and hacks. Let's be patient. These few months will seem like nothing when RBIF prevails. You can't bake a cake to fast. Not waiting for the right time just results in HOT GOO!

  2. I agree with you. What good would the wallet be if it is a buggy mess prone to hacks? I'm happy that the devs are taking as long as they need to release the prototype. I don't think it show laziness, rather it shows their drive for perfection.

  3. Absolutely. Get it right. You only have one chance to launch it, so do it properly. Look what happened to Saitama when they rushed to get Saitamask out. A complete failure that dragged on for months and cost them all credibility. Their price dropped to a tenth of prelaunch price and will probably never recover. I gave up trying to launch the app after two months of problems and still don’t trust it enough to use it. So just be patient and use the time to consolidate a good bag of RBIF as affordable prices

  4. I agree with you. Apple also took years before creating the iPhone. Don't be too hasty, we can patiently wait for a new era to be created from RoboWallet.

  5. Additionally, they want to release a beta/test version but probably want to also solidify the legal aspect to properly "own" the product.

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