Weekly Holder/Burn Report #19, 6-5-22: Holders - 3904 (+63) ; Burned - 41.755445 Quadrillion (+3.833 Trillion)

  1. On behalf of the Team and #RoboWarrior community, thank you very much for your consistent update despite all the ups and downs. This portrays the value of our unity and strength. As long as we have the same mind, we shall conquer many things together

  2. You are going to love this community! The creators are transparent and friendly and we all believe in the project and its future

  3. Is there a way to pin this for a day or so? Someone had a question about the burn mechanics earlier. Might be helpful. Thanks for the update!

  4. Hey, you can go to the wallet address on etherscan from here and then scroll down and click “holders” the 1st wallet called null is the burn wallet

  5. Why it says 3889 holders on coinmarketcap. 2 or 3 days before now there was only about 3250 holders for 2 days and than again 3889 as before. What's wrong?

  6. Yeah, so I believe when the token launched they immediately burned 40% and now about 2% more of the total supply has been burned from reflections/special burns.

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