Cold Wallet - revisited

  1. Hey, man. I'm just here to confirm that you will get reflections in a cold wallet. Also, I recommend using a Ledger Nano X (I use one myself). If you choose to go this route,

  2. It honestly comes down to what makes you feel comfortable. It's your money and you should protect it as you please. I actually might get a cold wallet in the near future, because I'm gonna HOLD for years!

  3. Still new-ish to crypto, and want to be as responsible as I can be. Just thinking it is getting close to time to pull the trigger. I plan to hold for years as well.

  4. A cold wallet is a separate piece of hardware that you buy - Amazon or somewhere that sells them - that stores your coins off any network. An example would be like storing important files on a thumb drive.

  5. Arculus is the only cold storage wallet I have glanced at. You can google it for details such as pros and cons. Doing your own research is the only way to know if it suits your needs. Anything I say should be taken with a grain of salt because, I don’t have Arculus crypto storage wallet to be certain of its performance or security. So basically all you have is the name. I think it goes for around $99. Good luck!

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