Are reflections long term or short term?

  1. This is exactly the reason why there's a 10% sell tax, to "turn off people from dumping their whole bags". Even some other tokens have 13% sell tax.

  2. i think they will stay. I don't know how that works with the big CEX. I'm a little disappointed with the sheer greed in your post. should I actually be able to cash out 1000000, I will be happy to give the reflections to all new investors! The state taxes annoy me a lot more.

  3. I'll admit it's greedy, but aren't we all here for the money? State tax are already a turn off, hence I'm concerned about the extra 10%.

  4. I think that's a fair question, but, remember, anytime someone sells, you gain more RBIF through the same reflection method, except it's a tax that benefits you!

  5. You have to nett an 11% increase in tokens to be able to at least offset the sales tax in the event you decide to cash out. For early adopters I don't even think that's possible unless you have a sizeable position. For those who are thinking of joining later, it will be an extremely deterring factor because basically have to outperform 10% to even break even

  6. Surely if we are listed in a central exchange then you aren’t selling but moving your coins to the exchanges wallet.

  7. The general consensus is once the token is listed on a central exchange - the current tax issue being discussed here will not exist.

  8. I don’t care about the 10% sales tax as it’s there for a good reason. I’m more concerned about the disgraceful capital gains tax here in the U.K.

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