Where is everyone?

  1. Still here. Not selling just hasn't been much activity going on so not much to talk about other than to FUD which I personally don't want to do. Still have confidence!

  2. I'm still here! I guess I'm just waiting to see if the market will tank some more so I can load up on more RBIF. Other than that, I'm just chillin' in the TG chat 😁

  3. I’m here just laughing at all the noobs who are questioning where we are going. Like the ENTIRE world isn’t going through turmoil in their markets right now.

  4. Everyone is losing their a$$ all over the board…stocks, cyrpto, a lot of people in prep mode because the writing is on the wall. It is what it is. 💯 Everyone has to do what’s best for them. That might mean taking cash now..getting out and coming back in later. You won’t miss out if you time it right. Just look around. Fear not folks.

  5. I’m still here! I still have faith but this project is frustrating me. Im down a lot & this organic growth is moving entirely too slow. I’ve been looking at other new projects to get into. Taking a few of my trillions somewhere else!

  6. Meanwhile I am trying to figure out how to get more money into it now!! (I'd be down as well but I've bought a little here and there over the last few months so I'm evenish)

  7. If I may inquire, what do you consider too slow? You feel like a new project in the crypto space should have consistent week over week upward growth?

  8. I think a lot of people need to stop thinking that money is going to 100x over night. Chances are most people have been here for 5 months max. That’s not a long time at all. Put your money somewhere else and you’re going to get the same results.. it’s going to go down. Sit back be patient and go live your life. If it’s really bothering you chances are you can’t afford to invest and you should probably not have your money in here.

  9. If you are looking for a pump and dump RBIF may not be for you. The developers actually delivers and they are here for the long run.

  10. Anyone into MINE Token? What's the go there? And before anyone gets their tits in a tangle - there's FA else being talked about in here. So - anyone had a look at MINE? Is it real?

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