I know some people are gonna complain I am comparing again.. but Shiba Inu started just under two years ago.. and it started with 10 zeros. alot of people are saying it will reach Shiba Inu price on 10 years.. isn't it reasonable to think that rbif will reach that price alot quicker?

  1. Well the only reason i cant see it being shiba’s price is because of the coins in circulation. You have to remember that only 1 quadrillion shiba coins were minted and 40% were burned off. We had 100 quadrillion minted with around 41.7% of the supply burned off so far. So yes it is not fair to compare the two when looking at the price. Can we lose 3-4 zeroes? Yes, and I believe that. In doing so we would also reach a multi billion dollar market cap making us worth the same and if not more valuable then shib. Overall, its ok to compare them in certain aspects but when looking at shiba and robo the price per each will always differ because of total supply.

  2. Ok I understand thanks for the explanation. I hope it loses 4 zeros.. I will be happy with that. But 10 years? I don't think it will take that long will it?

  3. I know a fair amount about Shib bc I’ve been in it for about 14 Months. People are getting upset because the devs have promised a few things that have not come out in the timeframe the devs and the creator had said. Get rich quick people are impatient. If they want to move on to to “the next moon shot” that fine, they will get sick of that token too and move on from that never make any money. Shib has a great ecosystem and it’s own network coming out so the future is bright. The way you win is buy and hold. If you sell you lose, period. Same goes for ROBO.

  4. Market Cap is what its all about. Regardless of utility, etc etc I believe we can achieve a 300M MC. at current circulating supply that is $0.000000005

  5. If you haven’t seen the “Robolaunchpad” and “Robowallet” plan I highly recommend you join the official telegram chat. The devs are very active there. These projects are now the main focus for RBIF going forward, from my understanding RBIF will be the utility for these projects, so the amount of auto burn to the dead wallet would expand substantially (imo hence reason for extremely large supply). I could imagine with this plan reaching and surpassing 7 zero range quickly. I haven’t seen projects like this before (especially Robowallet) so we are in unprecedented territory and if successful this is a game changer for Crypto transactions.

  6. It's a lot more reasonable to think it will never reach that price at all. It's more likely it's fate is similar to the thousands of other dogtokens that will slowly trend to zero.

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