What are the chances this thing sniffs where Shib is now? .00003.

  1. I think when this war ends stocks and crypto are gonna go through the roof. Coming out of the pandemic… just need to get inflation under control.

  2. I know that “parabolic” is a term that gets tossed around a lot, and I’m def not one of the hype kids… but… this project ticks a lot of the boxes that the hype kids would be keeping a look out for. Early entry point, room to drop zeroes, a slight amount of buzz. So I do think it’s possible for this to really gain momentum when marketing gets going. Fomo is a strange and unruly beast. It’ll be tough but I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that we get within touching distance of where shib is now, in the next 12-18 months. Few of us here are the get rich quick types, but we definitely need them on board to see this take off quicker than two years.

  3. perfect i agree completely however we wont be getting near SHIB thats just ridiculous but even dropping 3-4 zeros is very very very good..

  4. The holder number for Shib is misleading… most holders stake their pot so those come out of the overall holder number.

  5. Losing 3 zeros seems pretty achievable from here. Anything beyond that would require some serious utilities. 3 Zeroes already sounds incredible though and I believe RBIF can do it.

  6. I don't mean this as FUD but I'm not expecting that to happen- that's incredibly rare and most likely won't be duplicated very often. But that doesn't mean we can't keep growing!

  7. The shiba thing is not something anyone should expect to see again for a long time, if ever (apecoin doesn't count for obvious reasons).

  8. Not FUD but chances are slim unless burn machanism gets really aggressive. Shib has about 500+ Trillion (or .5 Quadrillion) tokens of supply whereas roboinu has about 59+ Quadrillion. Huge difference in terms of supply.

  9. Maybe in like 10 years if the world isn’t destroyed by then and we’re still alive & the economy improves lol. I know that to reach shib market cap we would need to hit six 0’s.

  10. 4 zeroes is not just possible, but likely. This isn’t a get rich and flip project, it will take time, patience and support.

  11. Haha, yeah - fat chance! I'll be happy as hell when our dog gets enough steam up to blast through the next zero ceiling.

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