the prices of rbif keep bouncing all across 4 and right below 5... it keeps dancing.. when will it go over 5...

  1. Well, I couldn't wait anymore.....I went ahead and added to the bag at a nice dip. We'll see what happens after this ride stops making me sea

  2. Has something to do with market makers and liquidity. Vy and tommy have both clarified it and said it should be done within a couple of hours. Hopefully this clarifies things. Also price should go back to starting price.

  3. Everyone moaning about price going up and down and when will it go over this and why does it go down, it's crypto! Up and down and up and down is the way it goes, the dev team are doing so much for this great token that the future seems very bright, once you have a bag we other big or small don't look at it for a while, Rome wasn't built in a night and great things come to those who wait

  4. I know this is what crypto does.. the swing is bigger than I thought it would... It goes from all the way down to low 4... To just below 5.. the swing is bigger than I thought .. I was never trying to say that it should stay consistent.. so calm down everyone, I am not that much of a newbie to crypto so don't hit me too hard.. .

  5. No one can predict anything when investing in markets or crypto. If you could, you would already be a billionaire. Just hold and plan to do so in the long term.

  6. We need alot of more members… cuz we have devs selling … for the future and we have whales who bought on the first day… making profits all day!

  7. Stop being assholes.. like I said in my other reply the swing is larger than I thought. I know crypto goes up and down all the time. Gee jump at every chance to react and be an asshole...

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