Let’s go, we might hit a 5 soon

  1. I commented earlier today on somebody’s post on the Shiba army about how I have investments in both projects and we can learn from each other benefit and WHAMO we are getting busy today 🥳

  2. I'm being nosey here ... when you say break even, are you talking about your investment in RBIF only or your dip into into crypto overall?

  3. I think people need to have some more realistic expectations.. the days of becoming millionaires from Crypto are becoming MUCH MUCH harder and I feel like this community wont even be happy with a 10x return. Do people agree with me or not? Obviously we would all love to be millionaires but we cant expect that, we know we will grow and making 10-50x returns is still very very very impressive.. pls share thoughts

  4. I wonder what people consider set for life? For me I'd need a minimum of 12 million after taxes to consider retiring. Unfortunately right now I'd need 4 zeroes for that to happen 3 zeroes only gets me single digit millions. Lol what a problem to have. I don't doubt 3 zeroes but 4 is quite a stretch unless the supply is largely largely reduced

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