does Shiba Inu actually have any advantages over rbif? and what does rbif have that Shib doesn't?

  1. You’re comparing two totally different tokens which have different road maps, products, and use cases. The only relative comparison to be made is community support and potential for growth scenarios. One could fairly easily argue that SHIB has already jumped the shark as they say. In order for SHIB to continue to grow it’s evident it will need to find ways to shrink or burn its supply. As a whole it is quickly losing its luster even amongst its holders. Meanwhile RBIF is just getting started, organically without much hype or fanfare. Working on product and platforms spelled out in the road map. Growth through execution not hype or a pump and dump. The opportunity for substantial growth, IMO is far far greater with RBIF especially at these levels. SHIB has a holder base for sure but future growth is definitely limited unless they can figure out a burn mechanism in their ecosystem that can help their supply issue.

  2. Exactly 💯 SHIB achieved meteoric success but never had a plan for what to do next. They have now scrambled to create their own ecosystem that many of their own holders don’t even understand, to convince the army to stay with the project. They struggle to find any plan for sustained growth. RBIF team however is always thinking about what comes next. It is not just about eventually listing on Coinbase or Binance and mooning, but rather what comes after that. And after that? These are questions the devs are already thinking about and will allow RBIF to surpass the growth of even SHIB in the long term 🔥🔥

  3. Shib was good to me but I agree. I got into it over a year ago though. Still hold some, and bone and leash. But I agree 100%

  4. Shiba is already a success story, it’s done, finished…what do they want replace Bitcoin or ETH? LOL

  5. I don’t think we can compare the 2 … let’s not forget that shib’s main success/pump was mostly because of Elon musk tweet but the project never had a long term utility

  6. I don’t know why people keep comparing shib with another token. If you want to hype or shill a new token like rbif, don’t compare it with another token like shib. Just focus on rbif. Otherwise, you’re just inviting discord.

  7. ... does Shiba Inu actually have any advantages over rbif? Umm yeah - SHIB has a heap of money and holders. and what does rbif have that Shib doesn't? ... RBIF has the benefit of hindsight.

  8. I hold a good bag of both and I’m still bullish on shiba. Once shinbarium is released (their layer 2) we will see what happens. We haven’t seen the results of being part of a restaurant or what shibaverse game is going to be like. I have the rumors of the stable coin shi but only on here. Sounds like it will be a good place to sell your shiba to once you are ready to spend it…such as at a restaurant or in a game. I wouldn’t underestimate this token or any of them yet. The Who crypto market is down and as it goes up the people that have sold…any of the coins/tokens will be fomo-Ing back into all of them. The people that have held or even bought more now will be the ones rewarded. Just my two cents.

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