Customers who say "God loves you" or "Have a blessed day"

  1. I get a lot of “have a blessed day”. I’m not into that, but they’re being nice/sincere. I’ll just respond thank you; you as well.

  2. I can't stand either phrase. I know people are trying to be nice with it but it just sounds like sarcasm to me. 'thanks and have a good day' is generally my go to.

  3. Christian gal here- I hate it too. Unless you are interacting with people you explicitly know are ok with this kind of speech then you DON'T USE IT.

  4. That might be worse than having to nod along to the "the government is watching us through our cell phone camera" types.

  5. My standard holiday response is to reply with the opposite of what they say. “Happy Holidays!” gets a “Merry Christmas!” and vice versa.

  6. We get Bible pamphlets instead of tips sometimes. That pisses me off. Like wtf am I gonna do with this? Is this really gonna help me pay my rent? Nah

  7. The worst pamphlets are the ones folded to look like a $20 bill but when opened says some bullshit like "Salvation is worth more than money". To pull the rug out from someone like that is beyond dickish.

  8. I hate pamphlet people. It drives me bananas. They leave them everywhere and then I need to go through and throw them away. That was one of the things I hated most about retail.

  9. Considering that most Christians in my area are Islamophobic, red-state Trump loving folk, try "By Allah's grace" or "May Allah bless you". It'll either piss them off entirely or they'll be too embarrassed to say anything and give you an anonymous complaint later 😂😂

  10. I’m Muslim, albeit a really snarky one and not visibly religious, so if I’m in a mood about it, I’ll respond with, “Inshallah, As-salaamu aleikum, Sister (or Brother, or Sibling)” Translation: “God-willing, peace be with you.” If they’re going to bring religion into my workplace, I have no problem jumping into that arena with them. They usually get really, really quiet and awkward after that. Even though I am a person of faith, I get incredibly annoyed when customers come in trying to push religion into a retail transaction.

  11. I’ve had people give me scripture and such before, it’s absolutely annoying, like why the heck do I want this trash? If I was Christian I still wouldn’t need it because I’d have my own.

  12. bUt dOn'T yOu wAnT tO bE sAvEd? Those types don't understand the idea of keeping religion private, they really believe they're on a holy crusade. They're like the Borg, non-believers must be assimilated.

  13. I just say "thank you" ... I assume they mean it in a good way so I just try to take it as such. I don't expect people to know my beliefs and so long as they're not trying to convert me on the spot I just view it as someone trying to be nice.

  14. I am pagan. My response is always, "Thank you. Have a great day". When it comes down to it, they feel they are being nice and "sharing the love" of their God. And I'm totally good with the good vibes, even if I don't believe in it

  15. Yes, that's how I see it. At least they're not yelling at me "Why isn't this dress $10.99 WHEN IT WAS ON THE SALE RACK??!"

  16. As an atheist myself, I feel your discomfort, but usually such things are well meant and habitual, having been ingrained into them early.

  17. I get people making a comment about how my name is a palindrome then they’ll say about how my name is a lovely biblical name.

  18. Okay I have to admit I'd comment on that but more out of curiosity. Like how did you come about that name etc. Unique names fascinate me. I have to admit the black community comes up with some of the coolest names I've ever seen and I'm always curious about correct pronounciation and origin of names particularly since mine is very bland and I've always hated it.

  19. had a customer tell me and my coworker “i’m so sorry y’all gotta wear them masks, vote trump 2020, god bless” when both of us were wearing the masks whether or not the boss demanded it. we just looked at each other and rolled our eyes. both of us are atheist.

  20. When people say this to me I usually just say thank you. It’s so uncomfortable to me, but I don’t want to be rude and say I don’t believe in god so I just say thank you to get them out of there lol

  21. you don't have to say anything back. i've heard of atheists getting mad or making it known they're offended by it and that's just... not it. they're compliments. just say thank you or nod and smile, 'same to you' or 'you too' is perfectly fine

  22. I never heard anyone use the first one outside of old folks from my church. I'm Christian and I would find it awkward in this situation. I'd probably just say "You too".

  23. I live in the Bible belt and unfortunately it gets worse than this. Customers sometimes go as far as asking their cashier if they've accepted Jesus as their savior, or handing out religious pamphlets to employees. I really don't mind being told "have a blessed day" because usually they're just being nice and don't take it any further. But actually trying to preach at/push your religion on some random retail employee is going too far.

  24. "God loves you" if nothing else, makes my brain think they're implying "nobody but God loves you" because it's weird to single out 1 entity. What, don't you love me? Fucking speak for yourself and stop acting like you're prosthletizing. Now that'll be $14.99 ma'am.

  25. I'm an atheist, live in a big, pretty liberal city, and wear a pretty noticeable pentacle which I never put in my shirt unless I'm interacting with a dog. No one has yet God Blessed me..

  26. I would just say "Thanks, have a good day" or something like that. I wouldn't take it that seriously - I don't think they actually expect to have a theological discussion at the register. They probably just think it's a nice thing to say. It's probably more common in certain parts of the country.

  27. It sounds like your customers like you! Seriously, those are compliments. You must have been nice or patient, etc., and they just really appreciated you.

  28. I tell my favorite customers "have the day you deserve! Which is a shitty 1!" 🤣🤣 im not religious but I live in a south ga town so the majority is & I get these a lot, I just roll with it & say thanks because they mean well for the most part.

  29. I dont mind them saying this to me, it's when they start asking what's your religion and when you say you don't want to tell them, they make it sound like you just insulted them by refusing to tell what's your religion.

  30. Just wait until you get handed religious pamphlets that says "God loves you." I wish I was joking. This is in a grocery store.

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