these 2 are roommates, what's parked outside the house

  1. A sun bleached blue Ford Festiva (the inside is literally a pile of trash and a driver seat with walmart seat cover) and a rusted Mitsubishi Galant with anime stickers in the windows.

  2. On the lawn you’ve got two S10s (one sort of working and one for parts), a Camaro body that came with the house, and Chevy Cavalier with a flat tire. The driveway has a Pontiac Bonneville that needs a transmission that his buddy is going to trade for an XBox and another S10 that is hiding the Pontiac because his mom reported it stolen. As soon as she cools down it will be fine.

  3. A battered MK4 Jetta TDI with a cheap exhaust, and a shitty Ford Focus wagon that’s had a CEL on since the Obama administration.

  4. Nah... Just a 97' Dodge ram 1500 in peeling black with plastidipped badges and RAM logo tail light covers. Maybe a couple of shitty old Calvin decals with the Ford logo and Chevy bowtie.

  5. The guy with the beard has a Tan 2003 GMC Envoy with completely rusted rocker panels, faded paint on the roof and hood with holes in every seat, has 230k on the ODO and starts up the second time, every time.

  6. Covered wagon with two Japanese motorcycles on either side. Honestly, it’s works better than it has any right to, but they’ve rigged the steering and the bikes lean in the corners… you’ll reach the west and find new land, yet.

  7. 1997 Saturn SL2 (fully loaded) in forests green, and 3rd gen (bubble) Taurus, say like 1998, in maroon. Who drives what, you tell me.

  8. first guy - buick le sabre inherited from his grandparents. car was last washed who knows how many years ago and the rip on the old leather seat was "repaired" with duct tape because it closely matches the gray interior

  9. 2011 Subaru Forester or a 1998 Subaru Outback wagon with psychedelic t shirts covering the driver seats and a vape on the dashboard no doubt

  10. probably one of the non-sedan ford taurus variants, and it smells like spoiled milk and old magic cards when you open the door, and pot when you sit down

  11. 1997 Mercury Sable wagon, no less than three mismatched body panels, base color is definitely a faded tan, 230k miles on it. Maybe an '02 beater Celica as well if it hasn't been sold for more weed or to pay bills

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