Reds in Green : Official new Third Kit Gallery

  1. Unpopular opinion :I quite like them. It's clean. Obnoxious choice of color but it's clean. Imagine this with Chevrolet logo.

  2. He’s prolly more upset that they told him his quads wouldn’t be the focal point of the kit shot.

  3. If that’s the reason to pick this color then it’s a waste. Our players are quite talented, they can go invisible in red too.

  4. One of those jerseys that could be worn to the mall without looking like someone who only owns football jerseys.

  5. I really like it as well but I don't like the badge change we have had over the last few years with that big black background. It always stands out too much and disproportionate to the rest of the shirt.

  6. I have yet to see a jersey that most people don’t hate when it come out. They almost always change their mind when it’s seen on field. Rather have loud colours than bland gray kits.

  7. Same. I feel like I'm seeing something completely different to everyone else. It's the first time they've gone near green in the outfield kits since the Glazer takeover so that's at least refreshing. And, I'm forever scarred by the cursed grey kit - at least they'll be able to pick each other out in these ones. IIRC Chelsea used kit colours (and perhaps still do) for these reasons - also they were one of the first for dazzling yellow/green keeper kits to put off any strikers.

  8. We can’t sign any decent players or play decent football but here’s a shiny new kit modelled by a bunch of crap footballers

  9. The amount of green (because of the background) with the fisheye lens makes me feel like I got into bed way too drunk and the room is now spinning... Jerseys not bad though!

  10. Actually like our shirts this season. Haven't bought one in years and do not want to give the club my money. anyone have any recommendations for dhgate or similar? Are the shirts exact replicas or just similar?

  11. Ive bought my last 2 from dhgate and theyve been great. Cant tell them from the legit shirts and much cheaper. Just buy 2 sizes bigger than usual. My last official shirt is an L, my new home shirt is XXL. Ive put on a few pounds but not that much haha

  12. Studies have been done and concluded that red is the optimal colour. Keepers should be as visibly as possible, violently possibly even. Is it going to win you the league, no but every all points matter

  13. This is a terrible kit. Holy shit. I mean the guys over at Arsenal are miles ahead in terms of the style of there shirts. This is straight up garbage.

  14. Eh I always thought Arsenal’s were “clean” but boring and lacking personality. This green kit is crap I mostly like our kits, I really like our home and away kits this season.

  15. I feel like it's always a strange choice to choose a background the same/a similar colour like this because you can't really get a full sense of how it actually looks.

  16. thought only goal keeper's had long sleeves, I guess he's the keeper as well as covering the rest of the lazy sod's, one man team. its a slippery slope to the championship.

  17. The only explanation I can come up with for this is that the Glazers have decided to cash in on the green and gold sentiment.

  18. Is it green or yellow? I adore those mid 90’s Dortmund kits with the Continental sponsorship that’s what I thought of when I saw Sancho in it?

  19. Anyone know if these are in most sports shop from today? Wanna try and purchase 1 before tomorrow’s game.

  20. Home and Away kits have full "corporate approval" feel about them. 3rd kit the designers are actually allowed to let their hair down.

  21. Will probably be used in those crazy snowy weather Europa league games in Eastern Europe. You got shine against the white background,

  22. I swear another team in the Prem is doing this exact color for one of their kits. This is the best third kit idea Adidas could come up with? It’s like no effort was made.

  23. This is possibly one of my favourite ever united kits. I'm a bit bias though because one of my favourite colours..

  24. If someone gives money to Glazers for this abomination then I seriously believe they are trying to sabotage the clu b

  25. There is no buzz for this season plus all the glazers out movement and I bet their sales will be shite. Plus the kit itself kinda sucks

  26. These green kits look nice. I was thinking it could be problematic on the pitch as the players might blend in more. But they like to hide anyway so it will help them out in this regard too

  27. End of year sale - definitely getting the white one and maybe the red. Definitely not this green one.

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