Former Browns fan looking for a new team after the Watson trade

  1. Anyone is welcome to Raider Nation my friend. As an outsider you may see the raiders as having the bad boy image but frankly the raiders organization has only stood up for what's right when the rest of the world was wrong. First Latino coach, first black coach, first women executive and now the first black woman president are all attributed to the raiders. Either way, welcome friend and I'm sure no one here blames you for jumping ship from deshaun Watson! Haha

  2. I listen to locked on Raiders everyday anyway mainly because I think Q is the best guy on that network by far. Thanks for letting me know those historical facts about them, that’s really cool they were the first team for all those things!

  3. I'd also recommend the classic NFL Films. The music, the voice, the slow motion. They were more like a WW2 documentary than a sports show. Like

  4. You must be angry by at Least one of these comments. Followed by a five minute tangent why it was complete bullshit.

  5. Think we should steer clear of including who we need to hate as raiders fans because that list is just far too long.

  6. As a former Browns fan, I’m used to the heart attacks now. Just sit and wait for them to pass at this point.

  7. If your dad is a Raiders fan then you’re just becoming the fan you were always meant to be. Welcome home brother RN4L ☠️

  8. Glad someone said it. First part of OP's post came off like you'd need to compromise your morals to be a member of the Nation. Quite the opposite. Thank you for stating some of the most important facts involving our organization.

  9. Going back to #2, make sure to say RAIDER Nation, and not RAIDERS Nation like Triple H did when he did a tour of Allegiant Stadium, before holding a Summerslam event there last year.

  10. One of our legendary players was HOF WR Freddie Biletnikoff. Freddie's daughter Tracey was tragically murdered by her boyfriend. That hit Raider Nation hard. From that day forward there is no franchise in all of sports that has been more opposed to domestic violence than the Raiders.

  11. If Carr retired and Watson was available, we’d pull Kyle Boller out of retirement. Guaranteed. Raiders want no part of that shit.

  12. Cop that Derek Carr jersey can't go wrong. Vintage old school throwbacks are ,🔥 I personally wasn't alive to watch em play but I own a Howie long, bo Jackson (Mitchell and Ness)

  13. Carr is hands down one of my favorite QBs already. His toughness and also just being a really good dude. I have a real fondness for a lot of players for that 2014 draft actually. I was on the bus to DC on my 8th grade trip and all the teachers had this radio out and listening to the draft. Something about players from that year make me think of that trip and that time in my life and it’s nice. Gonna get that jersey for sure.

  14. I was (still am) a Seahawk fan for the first 42 years of my life. Then the raiders moved to where I live. So Raider Nation I joined. It’s been hella fun.

  15. As a bonus I’ll also say the Raiders were my team on Madden 25 because Pryor, McFadden and Jacoby Ford with the Panthers playbook and all those options and QB Wrap? Or four verts and throwing it to a wide open Ford? Yeah that was deadly

  16. Get ready to have a lot of prejudiced comments toward you. Get ready for the refs to try and screw your team, unless they have bets that the Raiders win. They'll let the Raiders win on bad calls sometimes too, just people can say ' oh look the Raiders won because of the referees."They only do those bogus calls in our favor when the win doesn't matter or they know the Raiders will not win the Super Bowl. It is extremely tough being a Raiders fan.

  17. Sounds like you were lost for awhile, you were gone, didn’t know where you were, and next thing you knew you were a Browns fan. But now, you’ve found your way home, the place you should’ve always been. Welcome back, your loyalty will be tested at times, but now is as good of a time has any to be here. After many bleak years, not as bleak has the Browns had, but bleak nonetheless; things are really, genuinely looking up. Maybe you can be the good luck charm that sees us winning a super bowl this year. Either way, welcome home.

  18. This is like a gang, once you're in, you're in for life. Here's your welcome shank 🔪. Remember: Fuck the Chiefs, fuck the Broncos, and fuck the Chargers

  19. Hmmm….I hadn’t really thought of it that way, maybe you’re right. I had a list of teams I was considering after I made my decision and I posted in all those Reddit’s (this being the last one). Not really looking for “good job for switching”. Really just wanted to get a feel for fanbases and get some questions answered by fans themselves. You make some valid points tho.

  20. Welcome, we don’t put up with predators and abusers here so you don’t have to worry about some piece of shit coming and ruining the integrity of the franchise.

  21. Welcome my guy. Totally understand how you are feeling and wanting to make the switch. You picked a team with a lot of cool history. Hopefully we can get to the next level and become a top team in the league.

  22. For podcasts I'd recommend Locked on Raiders, we also have our own radio station called Raider Nation radio. For YouTube Tape Don't Lie is an amazing film breakdown channel. As Jack Baker would say "Welcome to the family son!"

  23. Growing up a Raiders fan in the 2000s I've always had a soft spot for the browns. I mean no disrespect but we know about dysfunctional organization lol Welcome to the dark side tho

  24. Drink what you want eat what you want on game day and be ready to argue every other day on why you love the Raiders,learn the facts watch the old games and fuck the BRONCOS!!!

  25. Well, Bo Jackson is the one. Might need his jersey. I think that is about all you really need to know. Oh, and start watching and listening to the Autumn wind video everyday. Should be good after a few days of that action

  26. NFL Films have a playlist about the top 10 Raiders of all time and while the list is very questionable, it gives you an insight on what the Raiders want to be and were. Also definitely watch the A Football Life about Al Davis as well as the 30 for 30 Al Davis vs NFL

  27. Definitely watch Al Davis vs The NFL 30 for 30. Really tells the story of the Super Bowl Era and how pivotal Al Davis was to making the NFL what it is today. Also can’t go wrong getting a nice Woodson 24 in black and silver.

  28. I know other people have already said it but I just want to reiterate that the raiders thuggish reputation is really a carryover from the early days of the new NFL (post merger). Obviously the team has had it's share of legal trouble, but they're not what their reputation suggests. Deshaun Watson would have absolutely no place on this team, and if you're team trading for and signing him disgusts you enough to leave them, you'll be more than welcome here in the Raider Nation

  29. From one max to another, good to have you. Idk if you’re a twitter guy, but I made a list of our best beat writers, it’s how I stay up to date on the team and what not. You can find it here:

  30. That 2014 draft for raiders was beast! Mack, Carr, Jackson, Ellis etc. Carr a real humble ass dude I don't think I've ever seen him angry besides that devasting game where colts made him miss the playoffs. Just thinking about that day sucks we was playing like Superbowl contenders .

  31. Honestly I respect the hell out of anyone who stuck by them through 0-16 but jumped ship because of Watson. Welcome home.

  32. A father raises his son to be his own man. So he lets it slide when his son picks a different team...because he knows. He knows he did a good job, and in the end his son will finally become a man. Just takes some patience. When a child is born a Raider, he will always come home. Just takes patience.

  33. Seeing as there’s over a hundred comments already, I’ll make mine short and sweet. Welcome to Raider Nation! Also, I was an Oakland guy, so I don’t have much in Vegas info, but I would recommend buying an Adams jersey, or watching past seasons and picking a favorite player (mine is Carr). Welcome to the Silver and Black!

  34. Know the greats. “Once a raider always a raider” key motto. watch americas game just know the history of the raiders. Get to know who al davis was. Your interest and passion will only increase

  35. Welcome to Raider Nation! You’ll fit right in, Raider fans along with Browns fans have dealt with shit for a long time, but we might actually be out of it finally and building some consistency, you’re coming on board at a perfect time!

  36. doesn’t sound weird at all dude, Fvck deshaun, and the Browns organization is trash for even thinking it was a good idea to pick him up…

  37. I’m not sure what your morals are, but I’m not sure how we would go against your morals. Historically are team has always stood for inclusion (outside of what Gruden did of course).

  38. Bro I would change my fandom to niners( my fiancés team ) if the raiders did the same thing. I don’t blame you at all for bailing. Welcome to the one and only Nation!

  39. Best Raider channels I’d recommend are Raider Films on YouTube and the official Raiders YouTube channel on YouTube. Raider Films does legit no-nonsense analysis from a fan perspective. Wish he had better thumbnails is all lol. The normal raiders YouTube has well produced, solid content too imo.

  40. Locked on Raider Podcast. I've been listening for years and that's all I listen to now! Follow Q the host and you will be up to date with all things Raiders!

  41. All are welcome but if u leave raider nation for another team even your browns fan friends will look down on you as a frontrunner. We are the greatest fan base in football in it for the greatest team in football. Research Al Davis, John Madden, Tom Flores, ken stabler, art shell, Ben Davidson, Jim Otto, old man Willie, bo, Marcus Allen, Dave Casper, and cliff branch... There are so many more... This franchise has seen everything over the years. 3 things that matter; loyalty to the shield, a commitment to excellence, and above all, just win baby. RN4L

  42. You'll be accepted as a Raiders fan but if you're jumping ship on a franchise cause things have not been going the way you want then the Raiders might not be where you wanna land. Win, lose, or tie, Raiders till I die.

  43. That will be awesome for you and your Dad. My Dad doesn't watch American Football (I'm Australian), but we very much bond over our love for our local Rugby League team. Always awesome to watch the games with my Dad and then discuss the game and the teams future etc. I'm sure your Dad will be stoked that you've come to the dark side.

  44. Welcome to the family Max. Bleacher report is nice if you wanna talk and associate more with the community. Oh one more thing, the longer the “A” in the Raiders chant the better. RRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIIIDEEERRRSSSSSS

  45. Welcome you made a good choice on moral grounds; we are currently getting smeared by The NFL cuz they want our owner to sell the team or be forced out but he’s handling it in stride. We are the first team in minority and female hires in multiple categories and we don’t tolerate domestic or child abusers on the team. Now you know part of why we hate the NFL there is a laundry list of other reason you will come to love!

  46. Funny because I came here as a former Texans fan when he was still in the team. His shit and that fan base was the reason I left.

  47. Welcome to the one and only Nation. But once you're in, there ain't no jumping ship. Only way out is in a silver and black casket.

  48. Welcome, just in time for our Super Bowl run. Be sure to get some Raider gear and wear it often soon so it doesn't look too "crisp" during the playoffs.

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