My 9 week old Golden Retriever pup... he's getting better

  1. Congrats! All great tips here and sounds like a ton of progress for 9 weeks. Our golden is now a year and a half and things get so much easier, so keep it up.

  2. Thanks! Sometimes i can’t wait for him to get out of the puppy stage, but every few days i realise he is getting bigger and he’s getting harder to pick up. So i’m trying to cherish the time i have with him being this small because he will get big where i can’t pick him up and give him those pup hugs.

  3. How many enforced naps are you doing, for how long, and how much time between them? I’ve tried 1 hour up/2 hours down, but it never seems to work out that way. (Like, she’ll be asleep for an hour then scream bloody murder to be let out, and if we don’t she’ll pee in her crate, even though she peed right before going in.)

  4. So i always make sure he has a wee/empties his bladder before putting him in the crate each time, and for every hour/hour and a half he is awake i’m putting him in the crate and the time varies to be honest. But this is my routine with him which is working:

  5. Aw congrats on getting your furbaby! They are such hard work but worth all of the effort. It sounds like you have nailed the crate training with your pup choosing to go into the crate on his own now, that’s brilliant

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