FBI Report: Armed Citizens DO Stop Active Shooters

  1. So people seem to think that all cops are trained like SWAT teams but they aren’t. The average cop gets basic firearms training and half can barely shoot well enough to pass their exams. The majority of police in this country NEVER end up firing their weapon on duty.

  2. At least we can all agree we need to defund the police. So much wasted money for some man children to play dress up soldier.

  3. A true hero. No one cares about the NRA. Of course an antigunner like yourself wouldn’t know that, or maybe you do and just don’t want to disrupt the propaganda machine.

  4. So more good guys with guns = less gun deaths? How come proportionally we have the most mass shootings in the developed world? We have more guns per capita in the hands of good guys than any other country in the world.

  5. Adding "in the developed world" always comes across to me as "statistics show we're dead last so long as we discard all the countries that come in even worse than us."

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