Guerilla Prepping (prepping without property)

  1. Trespassing on someone else's land even after SHTF sounds like a good way to get shot. It may look like the land is abandoned or only owned by an investor that never goes there... but it might be an integral part of the property owner's own bug-out plan. Or the same land that you thought looked attractive might also look attractive to another dozen people and they all want it for themselves.

  2. The Johnny Appleseed prep strategy seems like it could be worth while if you are basically just throwing out seed bombs and maybe encouraging edible local plants to grow in abundance.

  3. I think this is an interesting line of thought. Back when I got my real estate license, when the word for fire was guhhhh, we learned that many people did what you're suggesting. But they did it with houses.

  4. squatting rights are dependant on location. Here is 7 year and all you have to do is maintain it to some level. And its not full scale gardening. Mostly just getting a few things growing to lessen logistical burden when relocating.

  5. Unfortunately this is correct. I don’t like social stuff very much, but it is pretty clear that big groups that divide tasks and watch out for each other are going to survive much longer than the lone wolf. The lone wolf can’t protect himself AND do the day to day tasks that it would take to stay warm and fed at the same time.

  6. You genuinely believe that living in an apartment complex would be a good idea? If so, I'm curious what advice you have for someone regarding water collection? Growing food? Defense? Seriously? How does someone with a 10x5 balcony grow food?

  7. With this " great reset" coming that's not even conspiratorial anymore I'm wondering if guerilla garding and living on my own property is my only choice. Apparently everyone will be kicked out of rural areas or that $ 300 a year property tax becomes $ 3000000 . I will just stay , at least it's mine while setting it up.

  8. correct i feel like that pretty much common knowledge at this point but packing baby cows from an apartment to a bug out place isnt going to happen. Unfortunately, rabbit is probably the easiest, cleanest and smallest source of real meat that someone in that position can carry.

  9. I think if you do this you'll have to be extremely careful when you go to use it, and that you'll be better off trying to create many food forests dotted across a radius you can easily access on foot or by bike. Learn as much as you can about plants that passersby wouldn't recognize as being edible (easier than you'd think, tbh. I was once stopped from eating a wild strawberry by a lady who exclaimed "you don't know what kind of berry that is!" And wild strawberries look exactly like domestic ones, just smaller 🤣) and plant those in as many areas as you can. That way if one area becomes occupied, you'll have other choices.

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