How would you prepare if another civil war broke out in US?

  1. I prefer NOT to prep for a specific scenario. From my perspective, there are only two options: 1 stay in a prepared location: 2 bug-out to a prepared location. Being mobile all of the time is not an option for me. As I see it, all scenarios require the same basic preparations.

  2. Yeah I sense that folks that can pick out the signals before a civil war occurs would be able to bug out to a different country before SHTF and that's probably one of the best things to do.

  3. I don't think a full-scale civil war, with two separately organized armies fighting for control of the government, is likely to happen.

  4. Im not fighting for either side. As long as well all feel that way, it would be hard for a real civil war. Far right and far left can go fight in national forests.

  5. Is this question going to be asked by a different person every single day? The mods need to put this into a thread or something, it's all so repetitive.

  6. I'm considering making a stickied, temporary mega thread since this is a daily discussion it seems. If people are supportive of that, I'll go about creating that mega thread later as long as it stays civil.

  7. For real. It’s never gonna happen. Not only are Americans too fat and unhealthy, but they’re too far in debt to take off and fight for anything. Besides, republicans NEVER do anything involving protesting

  8. You won't see a civil war along the lines of the 1860's. What you may see is a rise in domestic terrorist threats and a rather lame attempt at an insurgency.

  9. The way I see it, based on historical information, any non-localized natural disaster/civil unrest/supply chain breakdown WILL bring the rest of the horsemen along with it.

  10. It’s the same answer for any major long term grid down event. Grow your own food, have solar or wind to make your own electricity, store fuel, be able to keep warm during the winter, have a tight group of friends and family.

  11. Prepare for martial law. Those in cities would likely be restricted from leaving their house during specific hours. Those in production based rural areas like farms and factories, would likely be under armed escort that may look like forced labor. Those in the in between regions, boring suburbia, will likely have the least restrictions but I imagine gas and food will be rationed.

  12. Ahhh yes martial law is a real possibility in this scenario. Bugging in for an extended period is the most likely scenario to prep for.

  13. Everything you need for any other disaster, probably some hazmat suits and stuff. lots of guns, ammo, specific no-no chemical mixtures that should not be mentioned but can be made with stuff from Home Depot, probably want to fuse a faraday cage into the frame of your car just to be safe.

  14. I don't think a civil war will go down like most think. You probably wouldn't even realize it was a civil war

  15. If you haven't noticed yet we are currently in a civil war. Not the kind with bullets and bombs but information and disinformation. Patriots against globalist. And it's going to get worse before it gets better so I prep.

  16. The first season of the podcast "It Could Happen Here" covers this kinda and got me into prepping. It's like others said, small pockets of militias staking their own little claim, not two large forces. I could see it happening but it's unlikely.

  17. Civil war in the US (I believe) would be localized to urban areas or geographical areas where there are apposing political beliefs. There won’t be battle lines drawn, or large armies meeting to fight. It will look much like the riots of 2020 and 2021 but on much larger scales including urban firefights.

  18. Wasn't she in a podcast recently? Probably Hidden Brain? (That's the one I listen most often). Wish I could remember.

  19. Read up on the Yugoslavian conflict and the war in Balkans. That is how it would play out in modern times. You wouldn't have Confederate and union troops lining up like in 1861. Get involved in your local communities and with your neighbors.

  20. The Balkans had ethnic/cultural groups that were grouped together, creating natural fronts. The US doesn't have that, we're a much greater diaspora racially, culturally, and politically.

  21. fucked up shit is my family and I fled the Balkans due to the civil war all to possibly prep for another wtf.

  22. The US is too big for an all out civil war. I suspect the main battle lines would be around DC with both sides bussing volunteer fighters to the front lines. For the rest of us, other that shortages of stuff, and an increased police presence, it will be business as normal

  23. I live at the ass end of nowhere in a very defensible place that few people even know about with plentiful food and water,big unfriendly dogs and several little known escape routes.

  24. I'm going with the consensus of isolated pockets. A full civil war would mean the armed forces would be fighting itself. I just don't see that kind of splint and an up rising I see equally unlikely. Armed civilians vs the us military seems more like a cartoon from the new yorker than a likely event.

  25. I dont know man. Actually civil wars are more chaotic to civilians than an army vs an army. With armys at least emergency law the army has the ultimate power and artillery over any civilian / looter/ gang / armed ill people, etc.

  26. From things I've read and watched, should that actually happen they figure it would largely be in the cities and turn into a war of attrition. I tend to agree with that. Would be a long and stressful time and if you're not able to relocate to another country (which is still risky) best thing would be to exit the cities where most of the fighting would take place.

  27. Food, guns, body armor, fuel, and basic supplies - our supply chain is already on fritz - things would get bad - Walmart would be empty.

  28. There are way too many factors to consider. Two of the biggest ones would be the geographical size of the country itself as well as it’s population. Even with all of the advancements of the modern U.S. military, at best it would still be long, drawn out, costly, and would otherwise collapse most of the already unstable areas of the world currently reliant on a U.S. presence to even exist let alone function.

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