Where do you think most people would go in a SHTF situation?

  1. I have to agree, as most people won't have any prep work done, or have even thought of the future. You're going to see the majority of people with a "Wait, what just happened? HOW?!" attitude... they won't bug-in, they'll just be where they are and probably stay there regardless of it being the right or wrong decision.

  2. I'd say 90% or more of people would stay put. It would take days, if not weeks, for them to realize help isn't coming. Most people naturally assume help is around the corner. Plus, home feels safe. The idea that millions of Americans would pack their bags and head for the wilderness is a total fever dream. 99% of people don't know what is safe to eat if it isn't on a grocery shelf. They don't have the knowledge, skills or tools necessary to survive in the wilderness for any length of time.

  3. I agree but 10% is no small number. This would be chaos outside with looters, marauders and people who we waiting for the perfect opportunity to live out their sick fantasies of rape, title true and murder. This is partly why people would stay in their homes

  4. While I think that's true deer, elk, and bison populations will be decimated across the US so even the people that are more skilled will have trouble.

  5. If there is an infrastructure collapses, the population will likely return close to what the land can sustain. Modern cities are only possible because of electricity. Remove that, and there's scarce resources for the number of people.

  6. Lol. They can try and go to rural areas. But the land owners I know will more than likely stack bodies. In the off chance they like you, they will definitely work you like a rented mule in exchange for food & a tent.

  7. I don't know about cities going the way of the dinosaur. Rome in antiquity had around a million people in it. I think initially the city will depopulate for the most part but I'd argue they will rebound.

  8. When we lived in Colorado, we did a little informal poll. 95% of the people we spoke to said they’d head to the mountains and “live off the land”. I did not find that in the least bit surprising. I believe the die off would be huge. Only people that have experience living long term in that environment would be successful, and there isn’t a lot of people that have that experience in modern times

  9. Your poll reminds me of Sam Sheridan's book "The Disaster Diaries" which mentioned that he surveyed a lot of people in Los Angeles about their plan if a major disaster hit the city. People kept telling him they planned to go to the marina and steal a boat to escape, ignoring the fact that thousands of other people would be trying to do the same thing (including the boats' owners, of course), and many of these people had no experience with boats.

  10. I agree with your evaluation. I also think that most urban people will remain in place. I've a lot of experience in regard to "live off the land", but at 75 years old, it's no longer practical. As to the concept of having a place to "bug out to", the trip to your bug out location could well be your roughest part. I also agree with you that the majority of the people in an urban setting will expect the government to take care of them "from cradle to grave".

  11. I live in a Rural area. So depending on the stink level of the proverbial shit, I’d say everyone in my local area would hunker down.

  12. Since corona my house price has doubled and i'm still getting regular phone calls asking me to sell because of long waiting lists. So it seems when things go bad people will flock to rural areas within 1/2 to an hour of major services (hospitals, large supermarkets, etc), 2-3 hours from a major city, enough land to grow food yet remain manageable, tank water, subtropical climate, off grid potential but with all the mod cons and work/business opportunities.

  13. I’m from Colorado, the land of mass shootings, and wish, more than anything, that we called them “shooty marauding rampages”! As in, “we’re used to school shooty marauding rampages”

  14. I live in rural Scotland. We have solar panels on the roof so enough energy to keep the well stocked freezers going. We have a river and a loch within walking distance if the water stopped. If we did run out of food could probably get a deer or goat as there are wild ones here. Rabbit and bird too. I mean might take a few goes with the bow. Catapult for rabbit and birds- pheasant are particularly stupid and there’s lots here. Cook em up with some dandelion leaves. I’m thinking local farmers would have animals still if the supply chain dies so could barter for some pork or beef or mutton. Milk too. If infrastructure ends suddenly lots of local farmers would have surplus. I’m a nurse so probably could trade my skills for food.

  15. Stock up on your inhalers if you need them. Myself I am asthmatic and I am in control of it luckily I have spent the past three years making myself less reliant on my meds to the point where I don't need them any more and it's very rare that I ever use my emergency blue inhaler I think 1 time this past 12 months. Just try and cutdown and do a lot of aerobic exercise.

  16. Unless my house is being shelled, I am staying there. I have good relationships with my neighbours, I am near a river and plenty of gardeners to share with.

  17. Rural redneck mountain dweller here. Coming up here to pillage from us ignorant rednecks would be a drastic mistake on their part. We are all ready and prepped and most have insane amounts of weapons and ammo and most being veterans we know how to secure perimeters, set ambushes and protect what we got.

  18. Personally in sudden collapse with few existential dangers. E.g. let’s go with your virus, but after the initial infection it died off, so the main problem is just fewer people who know how to run society. I’d like to homestead somewhere near the Great Lakes. Realistically I’d plan on seasonal migration, perhaps March-October on the Great Lakes, November-Feb somewhere warmer. Perhaps I’d try to get a River route going. Of course as time goes on I’d like to get a year round set up built out.

  19. Live in MN and have done numerous boundary waters trips. Brother friends and I think about occupying a lodge or cabin and setting up from there. Interesting to have a portaging community set around between lakes and lodges lol

  20. Depends on the situation, political violence i want up in the mountains simply because if people don't like me/want me dead. I want to make it as hard to reach me as possible. Virus, well I bugged in during corona. So long as you can stay away from people who would transmit the disease home is as safe as anywhere else.

  21. Depends on the societal collapse. But let's go with your virus. The first round of the black death is probably a good indicator. Anyone that can leaves heavily populated areas due to infection. The decameron was structured as short stories told by a group of rich youths who left Florence to escape the plague. Those who can't/won't leave, a vast majority die. The country side fairs better initially, less population density. But they eventually succumb as well.flagellates could also be in the orgy group depening on ones kink.

  22. I will go/stay home - I live on a forested mountain (although I intend to move further out to better acreage more suitable for growing food).

  23. We will ride it out in our house. Nobody will be cooperative. We are super rural though and hard to find and our current house was built where it is directly for that purpose.

  24. I think people 'think' they are going to go rough it in the woods. They don't know what's in those woods, my parents woods on their place is teeming with snakes. Copperhead, Water Mossicans, Wild hogs, a Panther from time to time and Bob Cats.

  25. This is a really difficult question for me. I mean, where would I go? Realistically, I would want to stay at home. I have shelter, I have some solar, I don't have a lot of food preps but I'm not gonna starve for a while that's for sure.

  26. Just hitting the woods is a bad idea. I’ve hunted, fished and lived on a farm my entire life game isn’t as prevalent as it was 40 years ago when I first started hunting. I’d say most people will be begging, stealing or worse in a bad event if they have no plans made. No way in hell would I leave my place. I’ve prepared to stay here, my location is good and I have others who will be here if it’s gets bad. Everything I’m reading seams to point to food shortages very soon. If your not raising animals, growing and storing food and have a good plan to protect what you have your already screwed when it goes downhill.

  27. I don't think most people are going to make it out of their cities alive after the first 72 hours. Once people realize the world they knew is gone, they will panic.

  28. And one of the difficult things to consider is what is the collapse situation, and what’s the breaking point or point in time where one would think “yup, everything’s done and I can reasonably just disappear without the constraints my normal life had”

  29. Absolutely! We’re very well stocked and well armed for defense at home. We’ll only bug out to the family farm in the country when we’re forced to do so but still have enough of our stockpile to ensure we benefit the family rather than becoming a burden.

  30. I would ride it out at home, I have all my supplies and I live by the ocean for food, ir would take a lot for me to abandon my shelter and supplies.

  31. I may be an exception, not the rule, noting that some folk in USA, Canada and Australia have access to lots of land, but I moved from one country to another and placed myself in a civilised but rural location with easy access to an abundance of food. That's my 2 cents.

  32. I worry that it looks like those apocalyptic movies where there are military checkpoints set up and when you finally get to it all the people are gone. So, for that reason, I'm staying home.

  33. Lol I'm in Phoenix Arizona. That's one of the last places I want to be with no power in the hottest 6 months of the year.

  34. Civilisations normally fall from climate change. It is likely that there will be a mass migration from the Global South to northern areas. I know I'll be running to Russia when temperatures surpass 50°C every other day as I'm living in South Asia. People will stay put & die of extreme weather and others will run.

  35. Well, apparently they would horde toilet paper and bottled water. If the power grid didn't go down, they would spend most of their time on Facebook complaining about the gubmint trying to steal their freedumbs instead of taking common-sense precautions to prevent disease transmission. I doubt that the vast majority of city dwellers would suddenly run for the hills. The hills don't have vast warehouses full of toilet paper and lots of food-delivery services.

  36. You ask a great question. Have you guys ever read JG Ballard? Would the suburbanites turn on each other? This could go a few different ways

  37. They'll flood out of the cities to go...somewhere else. Those will a destination might make it to wherever they're going, the rest will just be desperate for somewhere safe.

  38. If half the population died by some super virus - then another 25% would eventual die due to collapse of functioning food and medical systems.

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