Are firearms part of your prepping?

  1. At the end of the day, any form of personal protection is a good investment. Be it knife, bow, pepper spray or tazor. Whatever you can afford and legally obtain.

  2. Stop. Do not think of your knives as self defense tools. In a pinch are they better than nothing? Idk maybe. But they're not self defense tools. Self defense tools allow you to keep and maintain distance from the threat. The only way to use a knife is to close distance with a threat. They're a purely offensive weapon and the only way they work to maintain distance is if your attacker is scared of it.

  3. I would say if you can apply for a hunting license and purchase a hunting rifle or bow and arrows, traps and such do so. same with fishing. All those items can be for protection and food acquisition. Just make sure you practice with them. I believe a lot of countries have shooting clubs as well. Might be hard to get in one but an option qith heavy regulations involved.

  4. Obtaining a hunting license is a very long and very costly procedure here. My friend chose the crossbow because funnily you do not need any license for that even though it is a lethal weapon. Meanwhile for a non-lethal pepper spray gun you do need one, although it's a much simpler procedure than obtaining a hungting license.

  5. For your specific situation, you're in an area where it's hard to get. It's not going to get easier. It's probably going to just get harder (especially if things deteriorate, because the first thing governments like to do in deteriorating situations is disarm the law abiding). So if you decide, "Hey, they've started rioting in the streets, I better get a gun", you're not going to be able to. So if you're thinking that things are deteriorating and you might need a gun, you'd probably be wiser to slide it up higher in your priority list if you can.

  6. 100% this. If you walked into a gun store during early COVID they were packed when I went. A smaller store you literally were shoulder to shoulder with people. Larger stores were better but still take 30+ minutes to even talk to a clerk, and several hours to purchase if you knew exactly what you wanted, it was in stock, and you had a spotless background check without and false positives for similar names.

  7. couldn’t agree more, if it’s hard now, it’s gonna be fucked if things get crazy. Definitely get it done sooner than later if you feel it’s a necessity to your prep (which I do myself, but am in US so a lot easier)

  8. There's an old saying, I don't remember which culture it came from, but it goes like this: It's better to be a warrior in a garden, than a gardener in war.

  9. I'm in USA guns are part of my prepping because they are part of our culture. Probably best to have some way to defend yourself, though.

  10. Are air rifles / pellet guns available where you live? While not as consistently lethal as a firearm, they're usually quieter and may function as an effective deterrent against the types of people you mention. They tend to be less strictly regulated as well, and can serve effectively as hunting tools for small game like squirrels and rabbits.

  11. OP, you need to start with looking up firearms laws for your particular country and learning how to get started. Europe is generally more restrictive than the U.S., but most Euro nations have some pathway to private firearms ownership. You'll need to reveal your nationality and citizenship status in this thread if you want to find others from your nation willing to help, or you'll need to do the research yourself.

  12. I try not to over think it too much but My wants are towards a reliable pistol and rifle and about 2000 rounds of ammo per each. If you need more than that you're probably dead. Beyond that though it starts turning into a fantasy, if you start trying to play war games you're more likely to be a casualty than anything else without training.

  13. While firearms are a part of my prepping (I live in the States) they are not my most important part. In fact they are not even in the top five. I am not saying they are unimportant, but probability says I am far more likely to need water, fuel, shelter, food, and medical supplies before I need to shoot something.

  14. The best thing someone can do to be more prepared for the bad times that are here and by all metrics will be getting significantly worse is to move away from the problem. It isn't a good thing for a particular country to make it nearly impossible for it's lawful citizens to simply have effective means of self preservation, let alone the legal framework to support self defense in "good times". How much of a priority that would be for you is something you need to determine, for me I'd move.

  15. Not Austrian, and the first firearm I bought was in AT. EU gun laws are really cool if you are willing to read them and navigate through the loopholes

  16. The next coming year will get worse. Prep for blackouts and more f.e.m.a. camps introduced into major regions when the next major events happen (ie. pandemics or power loss due to storms from haarp and the weather modification tech).

  17. That’s a shorter wait time than legally purchasing a suppressor, short barreled rifle, or a machine gun in the United States. I have been waiting a year for approval on two suppressors.

  18. My wife has been completely and reasonably against having a gun in the house. We have a 13 year old autistic kid with suicidal ideation. Now, it would be super easy to keep him away from the gun. Don’t tell him it is in the house so he can’t fixate on it and keep it secured in a safe. He lacks curiosity about what is the house and our bedroom. Unlike, me at that age. I was into everything, parents had no secrets. But, things are bad enough in the States for her to say, if things get worse. I’m researching handguns. If you can, get one. Get TRAINED thoroughly. You don’t want to shoot a loved one or an innocent person. It would haunt you for the rest of your life. Even shooting someone who was threatening you would haunt you. Only fools and madmen are excited to shoot someone. Training is key because you want to be able to use it without thinking, safely. I was raised with hunting rifles and shotguns in the living with the ammo in the rack. I fired a 22 at age five and was taught then how to hold it, basic precautions. Up and away from you, down and away from you, never put your finger until you are ready to shoot, look behind what you are aiming for so you don’t shoot someone you didn’t notice, never bring a loaded gun into the house. I live in a state that has removed the training requirement for concealed carry. The things these idiots do is astounding. They receive less training than I got at five. My dad did that so we would take the guns seriously and not shoot someone. One time l, messing around at age 12 my brother and I took the shotguns, checked like three times that they were unloaded and pretend shot each other. We did it maybe twice before both of us were so uncomfortable we stopped and agreed to never do that again. Training works. If you have kids in the house they need training too. With the exception of a kid with suicidal ideation. That gun needs to be locked up right and they need to not know it is there. A small kid shot his brother the other day, on accident. So many kids in my city have shot their relatives, it isn’t even a surprise anymore. That didn’t use to happen, very rare. Few times a year. I think about the kid that shot and killed his dad from time to time. I don’t think you could ever “get over” that. How do you even work towards a normal life? Also, if you have suicidal ideation (ever) don’t get one. Defeats the purpose of keeping you safe. Too easy in a moment of depression to use it on yourself. Guns are serious shit. The NRA used to be an organization promoting responsible gun ownership, training, and fixed on hunting. Now, they just want money and power. They are hurting our second amendment rights by pushing guns into the hands of untrained people and resisting responsible gun ownership. I hate them. I love guns and I hate what they are doing.

  19. I live in Scotland. Handguns are completely banned since our school shooting in 1996. We haven’t had a school shooting since so I am in agreement with the ban. There are people in gun clubs but I’m pretty sure the guns get kept there. I think you have to be a farmer or ghillie or have a big estate to be eligible for a shotgun. I don’t think joe bloggs can get a gun.

  20. They are a small part of my preps. I'm assuming I might need to hunt or defend myself at some point. Firearms would be a last resort for both situations, though. I also have animal traps, bb guns, bows, pepper spray, and other self defense items. I know a few people that have actually killed people. From what they described to me, I don't ever want to be in a position where I have to kill someone for whatever reason. I make myself and my property harder to take than the next person.

  21. I was taking about the hero fetish in the US and said something I regret to this day and flinch when I think about it. I told a Vietnam vet that these people were stupid. They don’t realize the toll it would take on them to kill. That they would think of it at night when they were going to sleep for their rest of their lives. His eyes, man, his eyes.

  22. I'm in the USA and guns are not part of my prepping currently. However I have had training and practice with them.

  23. Most of Europe has gone a long way in neutering its population in that regard. The U.S. is on the brink of doing the same.

  24. Yes. 6 of them. 2 9mm pistols, 1 5.56 semiauto, 1 12 gauge pump, 1 30.06 bolt action, 1 .22 semiauto. Lots of ammo. I figure that covers most bases, though I wouldn't mind a .410 or 20 gauge. Maybe an over/under 410/.22, that would be a handy little gun.

  25. Like a bow because that’s legal right? An a recurve bow would definitely do some damage versus a band a marauders with bats. They’d think twice with their buddy on the ground porcupined.

  26. Sure but why engage marauders armed with clubs, machetes, etc in melee combat. I mean you are putting yourself at serious risk. It would be so much easier to just shoot one of them, the rest will flee

  27. No, I think I’m the lone unarmed pepper in the US. Both my partner and I have training in firearms, but there are numerous reasons we have chosen not to have them in our home.

  28. Check your local laws. For example: here in the Netherlands Air rifles are legal. All of them and they get pretty powerful. Bows are also legal to an extent. I'm still new to prepping so I'm taking it easy and focus on more important stuff at the moment.

  29. Depends on what you’re prepping for. I have firearms, ammo and training in my prep. Crime in my city impacted that decision.

  30. Consider any weapon that allows you to maintain distance from your attacker and control the space in between. The crossbow sounds like your best option. Melee weapons (knives, bats etc.) are better than nothing, but by the time they are useful it may be too late.

  31. For me, knowledge and skill of operation are part of what I work on. But I’m working with moderation in mind. I don’t need a full armory. But having a side arm for self defense and a hunting rifle seem pretty common sense. Hunting where I live is a big part of the culture. So I make sure I maintain the requisite skills to effectively hunt

  32. I'm from the Czech republic, guns are priority for me already have pistol, shotgun,AR(Vz.58) and definitely not stoping. Guns and tactical gear is for me like 70% of my budget, i have other family members that cannot defend them selves so that's my duty and also what are my preps good if someone can just take them from me

  33. It should be. Depending on legality in your area (or your level of risk aversion), I would at minimum get a relatively inexpensive 22lr rifle/carbine. A decent 22lr can be a very useful tool to take game for food or even defend yourself in a pinch.

  34. Well, sort of. Firearms are just a part of my life that dovetails nicely into prepping, same as keeping a deep pantry or having a first aid kit. I don't really "budget" specifically for prepping, I just do what I've always done and people call it "prepping".

  35. Nope! History of severe depression here, I should not have access to firearms, especially at the same time that my life is likely to be going down the shitter and I might not have access to my meds.

  36. No. If you are concerned about some hypothetical future threat, don't get a gun now. Go to the shooting range and learn how to use one well. But don't get one until the risk is imminent. Guns are a hazard (and an expensive one, at that).

  37. I agree with 85% of this post, get one before risk is imminent. I definitely second going to the range before buying a gun. You want to be comfortable and proficient with the weapon, you also want to ensure safe gun handling practices and explain to those who are close to you safe practices and procedures. Just make sure to lock your ammo and fire arm up separately too if you have young children or other people who lose as a risk to themselves or others

  38. I've hunted my entire life so I have guns for that. I also have guns for fun. All could be considered a prep but I've had them my entire life, before I started prepping.

  39. I try to bite my tongue with this sub and the roleplaying, but this sub needs to take guns more seriously if we're gonna throw around SHTF language like its not a fan fic. Remember when this sub shit its pants for exactly a week about personal fitness? Yea, real life sucks and takes work. Get a gun, learn to use it, and train to use it. Its a mean world and people on a good day will gladly kill you, then take your things, in peacetime. People dgaf about your hard work, your dreams, and your family, except to maybe gratify whatever needs they want. If you have a sweet stockpile with redundant blah blah and backup this and that, you know what you'll get if you think you can barter with your crops?

  40. Breakins happen, muggings happen, crazy ex boyfriends happen, junkies and crazy people exist. You may need a gun tomorrow let alone a time when the cops stop coming.

  41. If things get to where you are using your prep, you just need enough weaponry to get a better one. Not to be morbid, but you’ll be taking it off a person who is likely no longer alive by your hands or someone else’s.

  42. Firearms are not part of my preps. If it came to the point where I needed a firearm to protect myself or my preps, I'd rather just be dead.

  43. Pretty sure most situations where your preps would make a huge difference then guns will be needed to protect those preps. If you only prep for extremely small stuff that’s fine, but assuming that just because you’re in a safe country now that you’ll be in one the rest of your life is a bit naive. Just look at how many countries to this day as a citizen it would make a huge difference to be able to have a gun and protect your land.

  44. Personally answering any questions about what we have in our homes is a big no no. Fair warning. Do NOT give info away freely

  45. I'd say fire arms are more recreational hobby thing for me. Like I don't buy fire arms for particular shtf scenarios. I'll buy guns for plinking, shooting deer, ducks, pigs or just rule of cool because I like the way they look.

  46. In your case, a strong slingshot can be just as lethal a a firearm with a well placed shot. Grab a good wrist rocket and some .357 ball bearings. I have this in one of my kits and have taken rabbits at 20 yards. Also with a little modification you can sling an arrow with it at a decent distance. But i Also live in the US and a firearm is almost always close to hand.

  47. My 'Survival Rifle' is a Gamo .177 pellet rifle. Perfectly legal in most places, can be ordered on Amazon, no requirement to register with gov't, lethal to most small game within 50 meters, ammo lasts literally forever and I can buy 1000 rounds for US$10 and carry them in my pocket. Looks enough like a 'real' rifle to be a visual deterrent to most malcontents.

  48. For most of history before firearms the weapon of choice was a polearm, for individuals, groups and full armies. They are easy enough to learn the basics and can easily beat swords, axes and daggers. Polearms (spear, pike, halberd) can be DIY fabricated easily enough if your handy, or reproduction LARP or HEMA ones can be bought and sharpened. Just a thought.

  49. What country do you live in? You'd be surprised how easy it is to get a firearm. Even I'm a restrictive country.

  50. Guns are absolutely important because deer and other animals like to eat your food from the garden. So yes. Being able to kill animals is important to survival.

  51. I’m in the US and firearms where a priority for me well before prepping was. Some euro countries make it very difficult to get a firearm while others aren’t as difficult from my understanding of it. I would highly suggest figuring out a way to obtain one because the saying “ there’s the have and then there’s the have nots “ is a very real thing when shtf.

  52. Yes part of my prepping are firearms. If I was in your situation I would go for a hunting rifle. It can be used for self defense or hunting for food. Do you have access to a bow? Those are also good for both.

  53. Cross bows are like you weapon with a silencer without close combat with a knife. Rubber bullets will stop a person n hurt them to where you could get the upper hand. Have knifes in spots incase you need it in any room at any time too n keep something on you idk dude good luck

  54. Well everybody else pretty much answered the question. But my thoughts are having some way to protect yourself IS important and whatever you are able to get is better than having nothing at all. Think primitive weapons, traps etc. Improvise. Just remember your thinking defense, escape and evasion.

  55. Yes, firearms and weapons are a big part of my prepping and training. Being in the USA, and Texas in particular, legally acquiring weapons isn't a problem but I understand you might have difficulties where you're at. Still, you can arm yourself somewhat. I'd look at baseball or cricket bats, manchettes, knives, bows and crossbows, tear gas or mace, air guns - really anything you can get your hands on. A good sword wouldn't hurt. Firearms would be best, though, so if there are legal methods to acquiring them you should get started there. Good luck!

  56. My personal thoughts are: I have the means and rights to hunt for food and the means to protect should I be attacked/invaded. I'm not a 10,000 .223 and x10 ARs kind of guy. I focus on personal survival not fighting a militia!

  57. No. Alternatives to firearms are, though. I lost my 2nd Amendment rights, decades ago and do not have the money to buy them back.

  58. Cross bow is ok. A cross bow is silent. You may also use it for hunting. You won’t make noise with a crossbow and draw attention to yourself. Do your research. Plumbers here use pvc glue . If you do it right you can make Nepalm bombs.

  59. Any kind of deadly weapon can be used in a SHTF scenario. The real key, is the person using it. A person with the right mindset can protect themselves with a simple crowbar much better than someone cosplaying rambo.

  60. I think having at least some form of self protection is necessary. I know laws can be restricting and for all the flaws of America, at least I can own guns to protect my family if it comes to that.

  61. Just get a gun. I know it's hard, I live in one of the hardest us states to get one, took me 18 months. But just do it. If anything were to happen and you don't have a gun, you just spent years of your life stockpiling and prepping for your neighbors family who has a gun.

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