Cost of eggs

  1. Do you give them your kitchen scraps and let them forage? We do that with our quail and it makes a difference.

  2. I thought I had spent way too much building our coop and then the covered fence around it. I justified the expense to myself because:

  3. They've already doubled the past year but no one notices cause "it's only a few bucks". 100% increase is losing all the way around no matter the price. We are set to get chickens and are really only waiting for hest to ease up since we waited too long.

  4. Eggs by me have over quadrupled in price. They were around $0.60 a dozen and are now over $3 a dozen. This is within the last few months. It fucking hurts.

  5. I just bought 100 pounds of food for my 11 chickens. This is year 3 for their fancy new shed. Hopefully I'll be able to start breaking even.

  6. I have 11 chickens too. I always thought it was an odd number lol. That’s thanks to a coon though. He got his in the end.

  7. My local Aldi's had them at 49 cents a dozen until recently. They are now $2.39 a dozen. I wish I lived somewhere with land that allowed chickens.

  8. If you have a yard, then I would suggest researching how to change the local law to allow chickens. Since there's been a big movement to allow urban chickens, there are resources online about how to approach your local government with supporting evidence to show that allowing chickens is going to be fine.

  9. Some places that don’t allow chickens allow quail. Don’t quote me, but I believe it has something to do with chickens being livestock and quail being considered pets.

  10. box of eggs for me cost like 4 to 6 at walmart till 4 or 5 months ago then it shot up to 11 to 15 and if its gonna double AGAIN im just gonna stop eating eggs fuck that.

  11. I keep seeing people say to buy eggs in bulk to save money, where can I get them in bulk, and ALSO: How do I store them? I'm pretty limited on freezer space (just a side by side fridge and freezer)

  12. Perhaps a local farmer may have a deal? Ask them to leave the eggs unwashed (if you’re in the US) and they last quite awhile outside of the fridge. Otherwise the other poster’s suggestion to water glass eggs typically means they’ll last for a year, sometimes longer.

  13. On top of inflation and supply chain issues, since February 10% of US poultry flocks have been culled due to avian influenza

  14. I bought a #10 can of long term (10 years) freeze dried whole egg power (6 dozen eggs) for $29 in Spring 2020. I thought that was pricey then. However I might actually break even with the cost of fresh eggs soon. The cost of the same #10 can of egg powder is now is $90.

  15. Have you tasted them yet? I too bought several cans but wondering how the taste. I don’t want to open a #10 can until I actually need them but curious. The powder peanut butter and honey was surprisingly good if you mix it correctly

  16. Other than general inflation, which is raising prices along the supply chain, why would the price of eggs suddenly increase? And why as extreme as 100%? There would have to be either a drastic cut in supply or a massive increase in demand, neither of which seem likely. Unless you know something we don't, I doubt there's going to be a run on eggs this week.

  17. seems to be limited to the US. In germany the price for 10 eggs is about 2,50 euro at the source and about 3 euros in the super market.

  18. My wife works for the 2nd largest egg producer in the country and said if it does, it's not on the production end of things.

  19. Pretty glad I don’t need to worry about that, we get over three dozen a day, and they taste a whole lot better than store bought any day

  20. I live in the sticks. The guy that runs the taco hut has fresh eggs for sale from his chickens. REALLY free range, 3 bucks a dozen. I don't like meat much so eat a lot of eggs.... getting pricey.

  21. I get 5 eggs a day but organic pellet feed has jumped to about $45 a bag. Which lasts about a month. I guess it still cheaper than the store and the freshness you can’t beat

  22. Any reason why it's Monday when prices go up? Is it merely just the beginning of the week? Or is it related to the date itself? Just curious.

  23. I'm thinking of going back to egg substitutes for baking. Obviously won't work for an actual omelette, but for pancakes, quick breads, etc., a "flax seed egg" or one from chia seeds is cheaper for now. Ground flax seeds are as cheap as $3.50 a pound, and that's the equivalent of 70 eggs.

  24. I would recommend looking around for local farmers selling eggs. My dad still has his available at $2 per dozen and they're really big nice eggs. The same with the Amish farms nearby. Plus the Amish always have a great variety of cheap vegetables and baked goods. I'm in PA so very lucky in this regard, but even if you don't have Amish near you, your local farmers are good people to get to know and start trading with. Plus obviously raising your own chickens, gardening, and learning about foraging will be of great use in hard times.

  25. Canned chick peas. Use the chick peas to make hummus etc. and reserve the liquid. 3T of the liquid = 1 egg in baking.

  26. The president of the US does not control the entire globe and you have to be living under a damn rock if you think the same shit isn't going on everywhere else. Put anyone else in charge and still prices would be surging.

  27. This subreddit is just my friend said (insert thing to be panicked about) and then nothing ever happens. You didnt even say where you live generally and why it would double. I thought this sub would be real suggestions. Its just angry preppers trying to constantly scare each other to prep more.

  28. "Nothing ever happens." How on earth did you miss the entire pandemic? In 2020 I was literally able to trade yeast and flour for free joints because people couldn't come by those things in the grocery store.

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