May 15, 2022 - What did you do this week to prepare? (Weekly Discussion)

  1. Did a pantry audit, pulled up all of the stuff passing its date soon so we can eat it, and finally made a list of long-storage things to see how many days' worth of food we have.

  2. Don't forget to make a will and have a medical power of attorney. You can find documents for the medical power of attorney for your state for free. There are also some free basic wills, too. I have had two friends die with no wills. An entire mess I would not wish on anyone.

  3. Hi do you have suggestions on where to donate excess items you don’t need? Just local pantries or are their other ideas?

  4. I'm adding security film to ALL my windows. I had installed it on only the windows that might be affected by a hurricane, but after seeing what shock waves have done to windows in Ukraine, I decided every window needed security film.

  5. Got a #10 can of FD strawberries on good sale. Took some shooting lessons just to see and learn about gun safety and operation (but I don't own one).

  6. Check out Rural King or Range USA if they’re near you. Pretty good prices for firearms and Range USA focuses on new/non-traditional gun owners.

  7. Where did you get the strawberries? I’m looking for non-LDS places to get canned stuff (nothing against the LDS, they just don’t have much for people in Canada to order.)

  8. Stocked up on fruit pouches for the kids (Kroger was doing a “Buy $40, get $10 off” deal on select childcare products). One year shelf life, tastes pretty good, full serving of fruits/veggies.

  9. Bought more masks, ordered dried peas and lentils from our local mill (in part because I want the lentils and in part because I want to support the mill and be on the mill’s client list if SHTF like in 2020 when they were the only place to get flour in my area), bought dog food. Looks like hurricane-force winds might be headed our way on Wednesday so I need to check the greenhouse anchors and make sure we have enough candles on hand.

  10. Played with the bebe Chicky's get them used to your hands so you can gather eggs without your arm being a nom nom when eggs start

  11. -Stocked up my freezer with bulk cheese and with bulk frozen chicken that I separated into baggies. Should last me a good while.

  12. I'm tending to my rented plot garden with the three sisters corn, squash, beans. I'm trying to increase yield from last year. I'm trying the mound thing this year so wish me luck. I've got some tomatoes, potatoes too. So far the bastard rabbits have been deterred. I have some space left. Dunno what else I could plant now. I'm debating getting some chives. I hear they spread like wildfire.

  13. Invested in a solid pair of tactical boots, carried out an audit of bags and pantry (and re-stocked the latter with 2 weeks of water/staples), wife took shooting lessons.

  14. I gave all three freezers a tidy up and identified what needs to be used next. Bought a second hand soup recipe book so made three batches of different soups for the freezer using discount vegetables from our local store. Practised cooking with powdered milk. Made a list of legumes and odd dried goods I want to add to the store. Potted-on all the tomatoes and brassicas for the vegetable garden. And lastly researched rocket stoves as one may be useful to have

  15. Bought 2 - 100 watt solar panels from Harbor Freight along with a charge controller. New to solar power and learning by the seat of my pants.

  16. All the insulators up on the new electric fence, gates in progress; wires up this week if the weather holds. (We've had a cold, wet spring which has driven carnivorous wildlife down from the mountains to the farming areas.)

  17. What kind of LGD? I have Sarplaninacs - love them to death, but they are not trainable. Their guarding instinct goes back for 2000 years. They do what they want.

  18. I organized my cabinets to make it easier to find things If I’m sick or not feeling well or if I’m injured rather than just throwing things in the cubboard

  19. Took an exam that will allow me to obtain a professional license to further my career, and passed!!!! Also finally got my vegetables outside, we’ll see if I can develop a green thumb.

  20. +24 cans vegetables +26L water stored +200 tea lights +20 candle sticks +10 canned meat +10 canned fruits +2 bags powdered milk

  21. Planted the summer crops: pumpkins, black eyed peas, squash, corn, and limas. Harvested the beans, kale, and onions. Got to can a lot of beans tomorrow and ready the onions for curing.

  22. Finally added emergency Mountain House buckets to long term food preps. They’d been sold out/unavailable for ages so I pulled the trigger as soon as they were stocked.

  23. This was corn and pasta week - I have to eat gluten free and am worried about corn shortages impacting gluten free pasta, so ordered enough to have pasta weekly for about 3-6 months depending on who eats. Experimenting with freezing corn tortillas - how easy are they to separate when frozen. Got two very large packages. Bought another 12 pack of canned corn.

  24. Researching electrical contractors in my area to install a switch over plug to allow me to plug in solar generator to power fridge and freezer during a power outage.

  25. Not too much, I ended up ordering a black hawke medical roll, i’m working on gathering med supplies/ medicines to throw together first aid/ trauma kits for my vehicles and house.

  26. Practiced shooting my recurve and compound bows. But I do that three times a week all year. Going to get out my eco zoom bio mass rocket stove later and cook dinner on it for practice. I also had no running water for 10 hours one day so I practiced doing things by hand with my water preps.

  27. Check your arrows for cracks. Google "arrow through hand" for what happend with a cracked arrow. Carbon and fibreglass are the worst aluminum is prob the best.

  28. Hi how do you "test drive" an hdd? And what if something happens to it in the process, is it still covered by warranty?

  29. organized my seeds and decided to learn about seed saving, seed gathering, everything about seeds. found this awesome podcast. “encyclopedia botanica” with Hilary dahl.

  30. I've really been thinking about a sandpoint well. My last water bill was $200 and I haven't even started watering my garden yet.

  31. Dehydrated and Powdered some spinach I did earlier this week. Bought 50lbs of flour on Tues. pulled some instant muffin and pasta mixes from the freezer that I put in last weekend. Put away six cans of pulled pork and replaced some cans we’ve used recently. Put some new labels on my five gallon buckets.

  32. Tomato seedlings are in the ground and squash and zucchini are planted. Bought a rain barrel to install. Saved extra cash by buying parts to repair my dishwasher instead of buying a new one or paying a repair person and dropped it into my emergency fund.

  33. Bought 4 more sets of canning jars and extra lids. Bought 6 more pots, potting soil, 2 small fruit trees, 2 fruit bushes, and about 30 packets of seeds. Boy is gardening expensive lol.

  34. Finally got some Mylar bags and packed some stuff up properly. Staying on top of my inventory excel doc. Filled some 5 gal water jugs I had sitting around empty like a newb. Went to the shooting range for the first time in years and brought my SO so she remembers how to use them. (She’s a natural shot but needs practice with the operation and safety) Did a good cleaning and oiling to keep everything good to go. Practicing more pantry meals from scratch made from things I have stored. Made a great dal all with pantry stuff. Except the naan i didn’t make from scratch but I looked up how and if I had the right ingredients at least. Booked a dental cleaning as it’s been too long

  35. Audited and reorganized my pantry, got a couple more food items, and wrote out a list budgeting what few food items I'll get each week in the coming three months. I have enough for us to live off of scantily for 9 months, I'm hoping to fill that out a bit more before the end of the summer when I expect things to rapidly deteriorate where I am.

  36. Got my peppers, tomatoes, potatoes, and green beans planted out. This weekend is going to be the squash. Need to run cords on the trellis I just put up. Found two rain barrels in the trash so now I've got three with four 55gal drums for overflow. I need to pick up a transfer pump and new washers for all the barrels.

  37. I prepared my garden, I recently tore down an old playhouse to make room for my expanded chicken coop. Bought a few more freeze dried meals, bout 150 rounds of ammunition. And I've been helping some of my friends get started with basic preps.

  38. Got the tomato plants, greens, and beans in the ground. I start my plants from saved seed and usually go a little overboard on quantity so I delivered extra tomato plants to the community garden, three coworkers, and six friends. The way I see it, it gives my community the opportunity to build up some food-growing skills while there’s less on the line. Plus they get free tomatoes which could be a small help if food prices continue to rise.

  39. Back to the range to hone the skills. (Like most weekends) Respooled 3 fishing rods and took inventory The great ammo count. Take inventory replace if needed. Stocked up on some more non perishables Then back to work!

  40. Planted more spuds, bought more canned wheat, test drove my new cheap-o grain mill, ordered a real one (a GrainMaker Model No. 99), got more Mylar bags and OAs, started some pole beans and sunflowers. Continued learning about food storage, growing more and better food, looked into better home security systems. Got another 6-pack of 3.5 gal food grade buckets with lids, ordered a case of unscented baby wipes for personal sanitation and quick cleaning.

  41. Dehydrated some apples that miraculously made it into storage for once. (Game night got canceled, otherwise they’d normally be on the table as a snack). About 4.5 lbs apples dehydrated down to fill one quart size mason jar snugly. Also dehydrated some frozen veggies to free up space in the freezer. Couple small bags for into a pint jar. Got Mylar bags and o2 absorbers for the first time and stored some rice and beans in them. Sure hope I did it right lol.

  42. Picked up a few more canisters that power my small camping stove, a few more bottles of meths for the trangia, and a life-straw. The garden is starting to look promising, but pigeons have eaten all my pea-shoots, so I have been practising with the air-rifle and a small metal pigeon-shaped target and compiling recipes for pigeon. Let's hope the day never comes, eh?

  43. Didn’t do too much, there’s a lot of hectic things happening in my life. Just added things to my pantry from food salvage stores and also dehydrated enchilada sauce that I made too much of this week!! It turned out pretty well actually. For more of a financial freedom prep I set up a few payment plans for medical bills that I have after having surgery earlier this year. My credit score has shot up in the past few months and hopefully I will be able to be approved by a mortgage lender for a condo that isn’t too far of a drive for work. I’m sick of living in the city though. Main problem is that I’m still considered young so therefore my credit “age” is “poor”. Lame. Oh well!! Yay lol

  44. Local dollar store had a sale on cans of condensed tomato soup, 4 for $1, so stocked up on a good bit of those. Got a couple #10 cans of pork and beans and went through my storage room to inventory/reorganize what we have so we can add to what we need, which in our case is fruits. We have plenty of veggies, a decent amount of canned meats and plenty of the dry goods but hardly any fruits. Additionally we harvested our first squash and cucumbers from our garden!

  45. I found a local farmer who sells meat and ordered a nice supply of beef. We plan on getting a 1/4 beef this fall to stock up for the winter . We also planted some seeds , and re/ evaluated our budget and savings .

  46. Did an audit and reorganized )My house is 625 square feet, stuff is squirreled away in odd places). Learned 2 new forage plants from my yard. Bought aldi's canned goods (6 cases), I don't have a lot of canned stuff, mostly dry. Dehydrated 20 pounds of carrots and 3 pounds peppers.

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