How do you open up to locals as a refugee?

  1. Have as much of your own supplies as possible. Imagine if some random dude comes in with only the clothes on his back and no experience. His presence is actively detrimental to the group, regardless of how nice everyone may want to be. Now imagine he comes in with a backpack full of camping gear, medical supplies, survival books, and whatever food will fit. It may not be enough to survive long term, but a group will see this person as a potential asset. To those who show dedication and preparation, open hands will be shown. Show that you've done your homework and are ready and able to work with everyone.

  2. Bring a skill that nobody has or in high demand. Like being a doctor, nurse, biologist. Or maybe be able to manufacture a very high quality whiskey. But remember skills like a gardener, hunter, fishing, will be in low demand because most people already know this.

  3. You'd be surprised how many people have no idea where to start with gardening! I think that will still be a marketable skill, at least at first.

  4. Social lubricants help especially when coupled with a lowered language barrier, tobacco and alcohol immediately come to mind for helping navigate social situations after all who doesn't bond and hang out without something to grease the wheels? Especially on a refugee type situation where you and the other party may need to blow off some steam in constructive ways.

  5. Only way I can see it is to have a skill they need. Otherwise you're just another snake oil salesman/carpetbagger/hobo.

  6. Assuming you mean as an actual refugee, the local refugee assistance group (Red Cross or whatever happens to be there) will most likely have a program to help you get integrated. That might include one-to-one guidance so you can meet people your guide knows. Other than that, if you can meet people from your country who are already settled there (eg. at church or community centre), that's helpful. Beyond that, language classes and from there go how you normally do - get involved in hobbies or whatever. Or yeah, the local pub.

  7. If you have your bug out site picked out, the best thing you could do is go there now and get a feel for the place. Do as much reconnaissance as possible, and to quote Eugene from The Walking Dead, be a cross between Santa Claus and a Guardian Angel. A.k.a. come bearing gifts, and provide actual solutions to problems people are having.

  8. I lived 30 yrs in a pop 350 town, a wide spot in the road. You'll be tolerated if you keep shit to yourself, are respectful and support the locals. But, specially w/no kinfolk in the hood, never really accepted.

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