Is it worth it? Should I start prepping?

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  1. It’s worth it. Nuclear isn’t the only threat. And we have been on the verge of WW3 since WW2. Prepping is to survive MOST situations. Of course if your city gets hit by a nuke you will most likely die but that is one out of 1000 scenarios. Look at Ukraine, no nukes but people are having to survive in basements for a month now. Prepping saved those people.

  2. Oh, and yes people will think you are weird. They will also be the first ones beating at your door when shtf. I wouldn’t tell anyone. Prep for you and your family and don’t say a word.

  3. Prepping, like self defense, is not merely a rational calculation of what is likely to happen and your odds of survival; it is a choice of whether you are going to face whatever comes with tenacity and dignity or with abject surrender

  4. It is quite unclear whether we would be able to survive a nuclear attack. Lots of variables that are unclear. Direct radiation will be done in a few weeks at most. Just need to not kick up dust after that. Nuclear winter may or may not happen and if it does to what extent is unclear.

  5. Yeah my prepping had mostly been to have extra around while prices continue to rise and/or we get told to stay home again.

  6. Of course it’s worth it. Prepping isn’t just “world will end so I will go Into a 20 foot underground shelter with 10 years of food for 5 people”

  7. So do I, but that's just a first impression. WW3 is probably not on the horizon. Nuclear war is even less likely.

  8. IF there was nuclear stuff, you’re a lot less likely to be evaporated or irradiated, and much more likely to be dealing with massive panick buying and supply chain issues. So consider if you’d rather stock up now, or later/do without

  9. Take a Take a deep breath. We live in interesting times certainly and there is certainly reason for concern. But rather than just passively waiting to die in place, maybe put a couple of common sense preps in place. You will feel like a jerk if your waiting to die from nuclear war and you lose your residence to a home fire because you didn't have a fire extinguisher. Some shelf stable food, extra water, a flashlight or two, first aid/trauma kit (accompanied by the proper training) etc etc are never a bad idea.

  10. Your not surviving ww3 and that’s true for most humans if that many nukes go off. Don’t waist your time prepping for shit you won’t survive, prep for the scenarios you can survive, like food shortages, inflation, economic hardships.

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