Do It Yourself

  1. Honestly. Learned so much about keeping my car going, if I ever end up buying a house it will be what I use for any repair unlikely to electrocute me

  2. I’ve been watching this long video of a guy who lived in what I’m guessing is the Alaska wilderness building a log cabin by hand the way people would have in the 1800s. Super fascinating and chill to watch

  3. People used to get house kits from the Sears catalog, then they built it themselves with help from friends, family. Many of those houses still are in good shape today

  4. I learned a lot when I volunteered at habitat for humanity! Drywall, mudding, painting opened my eyes a lot and let me not be afraid to repair things behind the walls in my own place since I now know how to repair those walls.

  5. Same goes for 'upgrading' items. I was at a concert with my SO the other week and as we go through security, we were asked to empty our pockets/bags into a tray before heading through a metal detector. I pulled out my phone, wallet, and keys and the security staff noticed I had an iPhone SE (original) and commented on how small it was and asked why I didn't upgrade.

  6. Question, I’ve got the SE 2020, but was sad to upgrade from the SE1- had to because it stopped getting security updates which I’m required to keep up on for work. How do you get around that? Did you root it or are you just raw-dogging the internet?

  7. I get this a lot. I have an iPhone 7 only because my SE died completely a while back. My phone does what I need it to, why buy another one?

  8. Also to add to this -- don't always trust the motivations of the individuals assessing your computer for repair. Particularly if you've taken it to a retail store like a Staples or a Best Buy repair bench.

  9. Can confirm. Used to sell cell phones. I would always try and sell people new phones rather than getting them repaired. Literally was forced to sell the shitty warranty. If i didnt sell enough warranties in a month i got no commission at all. Sales targets are fucking dogshit for everyone involved.

  10. In relation to this, check some of the nonprofits that might be lurking in your town or city. We have one that has dedicated “fix it yourself” evenings where you can bring in your broken device and volunteers will help you with it (including tools like repair kits and soldering irons).

  11. I work In computer repair. You wouldn’t believe how easy half the crap I do in a day is. I still don’t trust the average person with it. Most of the components are plug and play. Take pictures of everything every step of the way when dealing with any cables that you might have to reroute. Be. Careful. They hide screws everywhere. If it has any value to it take it to a professional you trust(hard to find, I know).

  12. Oh, shit dude. Yezzirrr. I've done so many car repairs myself and saved so much money from doing so. I've got a handful of hand tools and a couple drills if I absolutely need the extra torque or torque back to spec.

  13. Interesting. When I suggested the superglue fix to the repair guy in this exact same scenario he said I must never do that! LOL Silly me. He just wanted to sell me a new computer. And I did get a new one, but not from him. FWIW I finally bit the bullet and paid too much for a MacBook Air. But it has last 5 times longer than any other laptop I've ever had (and still going) so it was worth it in the long run.

  14. That’s actually kinda hard to diy, she could get her A+ certification and make some side money fixing computers. Although there isn’t too much money in it anymore. But it’s a good cert and skill to have.

  15. Youtube tutorials have saved me sooo much money and kept my computers in good repair for years. I haven't had to buy a new one in a decade until launching my business this year.

  16. I’m always trying to tell people about this. I fixed my car and a smart tv bc I watched a couple of YouTube tutorials before shelling out a bunch of cash.

  17. We have done this with computers and laptops as well... We have some laptops that have gone through 3 kids, but need new disk drive or more memory and a new install...

  18. My shitass family keeps on pressuring me into buying a new computer every time I tell them about whatever issue I'm trouble shooting on mine. I can either spend 2000 or 3000 that I don't have to spare on a new computer of the same capability. Or I can blow a couple 100 bucks on a new power supply, or a new mother board and still have a functional computer.

  19. This happened to me years ago with my first laptop, an Apple IBook G3. Some weird problem where a particular part would eventually fall out of place. The fix? Electrical taping a quarter and 2 pennies inside to push it back into place. A perfect 27 cent repair!

  20. Just going to add to this, there's a lot of Operating Systems that can breathe new life into old compete. Raspberry pi desktop and other ultra light Linux distros are made and designed to reduce waste and provide more computers for lower income access.

  21. has guides to repair a lot of devices. They also sell tools and parts like batteries so you can get more life out of stuff

  22. I've done so much stuff myself from basic car repairs all the way to replacing an engine, plumbing/electrical work, and now insulation, replacing all our shitty windows, and installing A/C. I can't even begin to count how much money I've saved, and I'm at the point where I've accumulated enough tools that I rarely have to go buy something to finish a job.

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