Pleasantly surprised to see a dignified outdoor toilet installed downtown

  1. Wtf. What sort of capitalist distopia do we live in where we can't even design and produce a proper toilet stall?? These are basic concepts people.

  2. They installed it a couple weeks ago but just opened it recently. There’s a huge 2 inch gap where you can conveniently lock eyes with someone sitting on the toilet. Hope they make some modifications soon!

  3. It’s honestly impressive how few feces are on our sidewalks given the homeless population we have. They deserve a dignified toilet

  4. Maybe you don't know where it's done? They don't go on the heavily used walkways but if you look in hidden corners around buildings you will see it

  5. There are better options out there. Some public toilets in San Francisco are on a timer to open after a certain amount of time and auto clean.

  6. They autoclean after every use, and have an attendant to make sure people are using it properly and waiting their turn. They were a real lifesaver for me when I visited earlier this summer!

  7. A brave Indigenous spirit warrior said as much last week. They’d apparently pop a squat together in a trench and talk battle strategy. At least, that’s what he said on Reservation Dogs.

  8. Glad to see these popping up. However, I am no where near brave enough to peek into the one down at skid row on park... Stank folks, drug use, secks stuffs... I can only imagine...

  9. Used it once definitely gross but I honestly expected it to be worse like needles and trash everywhere

  10. Although I am thankful that downtown is picking up on the lack of restrooms and actually doing something about it, I’m pretty sure this is the only bathroom available in all of downtown these days. won’t be long before it’s a cesspool sadly..

  11. Why the hell is this built without any consideration of privacy? What is the benefit of such a shitty design? We can’t build this with a normal door and walls because why? I am from the us - grew up with the gappy, inadequate restroom stalls of public buildings. But after traveling around, no, I would not use this. It’s bizarre that structures like this are considered adequate as toilets. I can just imagine the horror and disgust of a European tourist seeing this, thinking Americans are total savages.

  12. Sometimes that's intentional so that it's not a safety issue and it's easier to clean. It's not supposed to be a "dignified" experience.

  13. Portland has long relied on the kindness of local businesses to take care of the bathroom needs if travelers. Most of us in the old port have closed our restrooms to the public since Covid and don’t have the staff or desire to provide bathrooms for all visitors. Portland currently has no plans to put in permanent restrooms despite its desire to draw tourists. There are currently plans for two more of these stupid things by the end of the summer. Portland Downtown has been advocating for bathroom funding for a long time.

  14. Disgusting !!! Is all I can say Having open human sewage 35’ from outdoor diners and flys bringing diseases around the restaurant scene

  15. Unless you want to petition local businesses to change their toilets from customer use only to public use I’m not certain what other solution there is. Though I would love to see an honest to god public toilet installed, with running water and a sink.

  16. oh no think of the tourists!!! they'll have to cope with there being shit inside a toilet instead of on the street!!!

  17. I was in Boston seeing Rodger Waters and that standard issue porta potty was bomb and well maintained...I was grateful

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