The mistreatment of young male celebrities doesn't get discussed enough

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  2. It was his baby voice. I was a teen during that time and he really was hated - people would call him gay just cause of his voice and cringe music (which were lowkey bops lol).

  3. "Let's be very honest about something. The quickest way for any work of art, fiction, or other pop culture ephemera to cease being taken seriously is for the broader culture to intuit that it was made for or enjoyable by women, especially teenage girls. This is not up for debate, we're not adding a feminist argument here, all you need to do is live in the culture and look around a little, and you already know this is a fact." — Bob Chipman discussing the backlash to Titanic

  4. I know it was most likely traumatic but I wish Justin would speak about how was it as a child in music industry full of pedos and weirdos. There is so much we don’t know and will never know

  5. there were so many adult celebrities who talked about how they were attracted to him and it was so weird to me

  6. Exactly !! And poor Corey Feldman is treated like a joke. I know he doesn’t often go about it the most productive way but he’s been speaking out about it for years

  7. Dont forget how much hate he got during his debut. I remember being in HS at the time and every guy would call him gay (remember this was a different time). He wasn't respected until mid-2010s in my opinion..

  8. Yes I wish men would out these people too not just the women. Hollywood needs be be dismantled and rebuilt from the basement up too

  9. Justin Bieber has some major character flaws in his adulthood but how he was treated by adults in the 2010s was absolutely disgusting and heartbreaking. Even at 26 I could care less about teens for the most part but the obsession and hate fully grown adults had for a teenage boy is beyond me.

  10. People literally made memes and jokes about being violent towards him. All because teenage girls liked him and anything teenage girls like is despised.

  11. Justin has character flaws because of how he was treated both before and after finding fame. His parents never paid much attention to him before he started making them money, then he was brutalized in the public eye as an impressionable child.

  12. People are cruel. You can see the same cruelty some very grown up adults possess for him and his wife for no good reason.

  13. Don’t forget a father and son literally tried to kidnap him and ca***ate him or some shit. How can stuff like that NOT cause issues into your adult life? I’m so happy he got himself back on track.

  14. The obsession is/was probably just as harmful as the hate like remember that year teen girls were craving his name or initials into their arms and legs. I couldn’t imagine having to carry that burden. I loved the Backstreet Boys growing up but I just brought stickers lol

  15. Taylor Lautner getting objectified and called a sex symbol at freaking 16 was absolutely nasty! Same for so many of the young actors in the Harry Potter franchise... It's honestly just not ok and you are absolutely correct that people don't address it enough.

  16. I worked with a doctor that graduated from Harvard (she let everyone know), and she was obsessed with Twilight. She was team Taylor and was like, when he pulled off his sweatshirt… I was like, yeah… he’s 17. Mind you, she was in her 50’s.

  17. They put them on a pedestal and tell them they’re the best then tear them down until there’s nothing left, huh?

  18. The “Beyond The Blinds” podcast had a recent episode about Zac Efron where they discussed this in a thoughtful way. They basically said that incredibly handsome boys/young men in Hollywood are frequently taken advantage of and objectified as much as their female counterparts – but because there’s more cultural stigma around a man calling out sexual assault or abuse due to it being seen as “emasculating,” they may be victims of that abuse for years and years. It was really sad, and I think Justin, Shawn and Zac are probably just three out of many, many more who’ve had to deal with this.

  19. Zac has an interview in a mens health magazine where he talks very candidly about eating disorders and what it feels like to be constantly objectified. And the interviewer chooses to fawn over his looks IN THE SAME ARTICLE.

  20. The years since #metoo have seen a lot of male models come forward with experiences of assault and abuse by e.g. photographers (the biggest name being Bruce Weber, also discussed in the recent Abercrombie & Fitch doc) and fashion designers (like Alexander Wang, who is stubbornly pushing back against his cancellation). But because most of those models are unknown or not very big names it never makes headlines, and maybe because fashion is more ‘gay-coded’ there’s even less sympathy?

  21. If you really imagine it was a man doing that to a teenage girl it feels soooo unfair that they didn’t care enough when this happened

  22. The way people were tweeting and talking about underage Justin Bieber and Jayden Smith (among other young men) was so disgusting. So many young stars and starlets are so grossly mistreated by the media and by weirdos on the internet. It's odd that it's so normalized

  23. Diane Keaton is a big fan of Justin Bieber. He was 21 when they met but they way she fawned over him was gross. Like if a 69 year old man acted that way with a 21 year old woman…yikes.

  24. justin went through a lot. he received so much hate and just weird sexual comments as well. then when he started acting out, he was made to be the villian. i feel bad for him.

  25. Young male celebrities get raped all the time in Hollywood, been going for decades. No one is able to stop the endless ring of pedophilia.

  26. Also Lil Wayne as a teen went through a lot with a nasty man like BirdMan as his mentor. He forced a woman to perform oral sex on Wayne when he was 11 (so it was Rape)

  27. Yep, and it was front of adult music executives too. So disgusting and predatory. There are a lot of similar rumors and allegations about birdman that he had an affinity for young boys and would have them

  28. Children should be protected. They're vulnerable due to their lack of legal protections and naivete. We, culturally as a whole, all of us together, are really letting children down.

  29. I've really softened on the Biebs. I was in my mid 20s when he got famous and thought he was just a little shit but now as an old woman I can see that he was probably a normal teenage kid reacting to decidedly abnormal circumstances. People would hate me also if all my teenage tantrums and weird phases had been documented.

  30. I’m so glad we’re going to be free of Corden soon. Then I can go back to ignoring his movies instead of grudgingly watching his show because one of my faves is on.

  31. I mean, Harry Styles had a “relationship” with a 31 year old woman when he was 17 and afterwards the woman acted like she was the injured party because people called her a predator.

  32. Some people called her a predator and rightly pointed out the inappropriateness of the relationship, but there’s also a large part of society that assumes that young men generally want this and congratulate them for “bagging” a hot older woman. You saw this a lot when male student-teacher relationships were revealed. Thankfully this attitude seems to be changing, but it’s still pretty common for people to think that young men can’t be mentally harmed by this kind of thing.

  33. I can’t find it now, but I remember seeing an interview of Coba Starship in which the interviewer (an adult woman) was asking them about their dating history, if they were virgins, etc, and when they told her they were 17 she was like “it’s legal in New York!”

  34. Since when have young females in Hollywood not being sexualised, Britney, Christina, Jessica Simpson especially got questions about virginity and whether they had Breast implants, they were teenagers dressed in micro minis and bras on magazine covers, music videos. Taylor Swift had a radio dude out his hand up her skirt whilst getting a photo with her. Many many interviewers, other celebs have expressed their inappropriate and predatory thoughts about minors in Hollywood regardless of their gender.

  35. : ( I don’t really like him because he kinda became a d bag… but now I thought about… that could have been stress response. Damn… celebrity life is rough

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  38. How does that perv still have a job and hope he doesn’t have access to children. There were a lot of women doing this too. I’ll find the video. It’s gross.

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