Trump accuses FBI of stealing his ‘three’ passports in Mar-a-Lago search

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  1. § 51.7 Passport property of the U.S. Government. (a) A passport at all times remains the property of the United States and must be returned to the U.S. Government upon demand.

  2. This. A number of state department officials weighing in across a bunch of different news outlets: the assumption is these included (1) black cover diplomat (1) maroon / brown government official and (1) blue cover us citizen tourist passport. One of these was expired (per Donald) - going to guess that was the tourist one since individuals are responsible for keeping them valid (as opposed to the other two, which would have office staff maintaining). Point of fact - Donald Trump is a former diplomat and government official, so black and maroon would be INVALID for travel. All TFG can travel with now is the blue tourist passport like the rest of us. Not up to him. Government property.

  3. Before the election he told voters he'd probably have to leave the country if he lost. He's gonna flee 100%.

  4. Nah he's making so much money from those weird rallies. People in other countries don't wanna hear him ramble about nonsense.

  5. And his followers will send him money to overthrow another government, so he can take back what is his....but he will never come back.

  6. I hope so. Nothing would make him look so guilty, and guarantee an end to his political and business life, quite like fleeing the country after committing treason.

  7. “Wow! In the raid by the FBI of Mar-a-Lago, they stole my three passports (one expired), along with everything else,” he said. “This is an assault on a political opponent at a level never seen before in our Country. Third World!”

  8. I don't understand this. Even if my passport isn't expired, they punch holes in it an make it invalid when I get a new one because I ran out of pages. Why would he have 2 passports if he isn't a dual citizen? Wouldn't a diplomatic or official passport expire once the term is up?

  9. The same crowd that chanted ‘lock her up’ is now very worried about due process and what’s proper government actions or not. Also that the FBI isn’t doing their job right when they don’t go after hunters laptop, but also aren’t doing their job when they DO go after someone else who DID break the law.

  10. “Third world” refers to countries that were not part of nato or the Warsaw Pact. Now I’d understand how a millennial or zoomer would use this as a misnomer but not a late 70 yo

  11. This Fall! Tuesdays on FOX: "Trump and I" where the 45th President moves in with Edward Snowden; hilarity ensues. Clip: "Donny, you ate my sandwich!" "No, I didn't, it was Antifa." Clip: (Trump pees on Edward's bed) Clip: "Eddy! Take me to Chipotle!"

  12. Trump should apply for a new passport. It takes 2 minutes to fill out the form and pay for an expedited passport. If he was to show an itinerary to travel to Canada in the next two weeks he can go straight to an office and try to get it done. It would be great to see what happens. Would they deny it and would they give him a reason that its been denied.

  13. I'm not holding my breath but a little bit of hope is starting to creep in that this shitbag will finally be held accountable for his decades of crimes.

  14. The dream doesn't end there. His enablers and synchophants undoubtedly share real criminal and moral culpability.

  15. What if his arrest is underway? I bet it could take weeks when it happens. No way they pick him up at home. No way he wears handcuffs. This will be a gentleman’s arrest.

  16. Funny enough, US Citizens don't own their own passports. It's a government document that essentially acts as "the US Government vouching for your identity and citizenship" while abroad. You are the bearer of the document, but you don't own it. Passports are property of the US Government and, as such, can be seized at any time. Says so right there on the passport and you have to agree to that when you sign for it.

  17. Learned this recently, but "all of a sudden" is the correct phrase. Not sure if 'the' is grammatically incorrect, but the phrase/saying uses 'a'.

  18. I know it looks really stupid (because it is), but it’s how he has to communicate with his base. These folks look to Trump to tell them how they should respond to world events. By summing up the expected emotion in one word, he can set the stage for the tone of the rest of his message. Rest of the message being what the event is and then some sort of boast.

  19. "I have decided to volunteer for the glorious denazification campaign of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. Strap me to a missile and fire me at Kharkov, I am ready."

  20. My wild guess: He might have thought he had a super secret safe the FBI didn't know how to find but was afraid to have anybody check on it until today. It's what was in that safe that truly scares Trump right now. It's not just the documents in the pool house.

  21. He simply uses his Russian passport. /s The warrant did not specify that passports needed to be seized and they were not on the receipts, so this (if true) is just the administrative overhead of having to seize so much in so little time. It is likely that at least the personal US passport will be returned unless there is something else the press is not reporting.

  22. Someone else pointed out in another thread... The safe reference may have been a down-low warning to other people who knew what was in the safe.

  23. One was a diplomatic passport issued as president for diplomatic travels as service to the US. He was supposed to surrender it at the end of his term. Another was just a regular passport and the third was expired. According to a conversation I just saw on CNN with someone who would know

  24. Trump really is not a trustworthy source, so this might not even be true, unless we hear confirmation from non-Trumpworld sources that yes it really was taken - it might just be something to rile up his base. But if it IS true I highly approve. He is a ridiculously flagrant criminal who has committed so many crimes against our country and once held a high position, so of course he is a major flight risk.

  25. Passports was not on the DOJ receipt of taken records, so I have a hard time believing it, unless his passports were stuffed in with classified documents and they didn't notice until later, but that would be a weird place to store a password.

  26. Also strange that someone like Trump, who travels all over, wouldn't keep a passport on him, or at least wherever he's staying

  27. Wouldn’t want to forget the classified docs when getting on a flight to Russia. It’s like if I don’t want to forget my grocery list, I put it with my keys. He’s a genius after all.

  28. They can’t steal something that doesn’t belong to him. Passports are the property of the US Government and they will for sure take it if he likely committed crimes.

  29. This idiot probably didn't even know they confiscated them until he had the thought "maybe it's time to go to another safer country for the T-man" and went looking for them.

  30. I took a minute and translated Trump to English. It's not quite right but it is as close as I could come to translating his word salad to comprehendible language. .

  31. So this means he won't be able to leave the country until they give them back right? That's going to make pulling the whole "rich guy move" of just flying away to another country with no extradition policy with the US awfully difficult.

  32. It says on every US passport that it is the property of the government. The government can take it whenever they want.

  33. Well, you're a flight risk. I'm sure Russia will let you in without a passport. Also why you got 3 passports? Nice "disguise", John Barron.

  34. I'm convinced someone has been slipping drugs into his coca cola to make him less crazy and he is still this crazy anyway.

  35. Again. They can't steal anything when they give you a receipt and your lawyers SIGN OFF ON IT. Like you Agreed to it!

  36. I love how no one is talking about him having 3 passports. THREE! You’re only supposed to have one, unless you have dual citizenship (which I’m pretty sure he doesn’t)

  37. Listening to reports over the last few days, is this not just about the clearest case possible for prosecutors?

  38. "They also seized my fake mustache collection, 1945 limited edition record Deutsche Grammophon guide to Argentinian Spanish record, a suitcase filled with cash in multiple currencies, and my favorite pee tapes! LAME!"

  39. Some political cartoonist needs to draw Trump trying to climb over the fence to Mexico, caught hanging upside-down by barbed-wire, maybe too fat to fit between the slats of the section he built.

  40. We’re talking about passports now? Instead of, I don’t know, stolen top secret government documents that jeopardize our national security? Don’t fall for it. Get this nonsense off the first page.

  41. I mean, there are only two options. Either he's lying just to play the persecuted conservative card. Or if he's telling the truth, that means that they have definite evidence that a crime was committed AND that Trump is a flight risk.

  42. As much as I would like to believe this, the source is DJT himself, and he's less than reputable. Is it likely? Probably. But they weren't itemized on the search warrant unless they were part of the documents or included elsewhere.

  43. So Donald Trump, John Barron, and David Dennison got their passports seized. I hope John Miller can still make his flight to Sochi.

  44. of course a crook like D. Trump would call it stealing. The actual term is that they were confiscated, not stolen.

  45. I had the thought a couple of days ago that Trump's passport should be held due to flight risk. The FBI apparently had the same thought.

  46. He hasn’t announced he’s running therefore he’s not an opponent he’s just stupid pain in the ass. The fbi doesn’t steal they seize. Lock this POS up already.

  47. Trump might have tens of millions of morons hanging off his every word but I have a twitter account and all three of my passports.

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