FBI investigating 'unprecedented' number of threats against bureau in wake of Mar-a-Lago search

  1. We all know from January 6th that these people are fucking idiots. They all identify themselves in the most conspicuous ways like blasting it all over social media on their personal accounts and screenshooting texts, emails, etc and bragging how they’re a true patriot fighting to “make America great again”. Most likely these people making the serious death threats are the some MAGA folks who just missed out on January 6th.

  2. Trump released the individual names of the FBI officials who collected the classified documents from Mar-a-Lago after the Trump supporting lunatic got himself killed firing shots at the FBI. These names are now circulating right wing social media, putting their lives and the lives of their families at risk. Trump’s actions should be viewed as

  3. I hope anyone threatening federal agents ends up a felon in prison. Could you imagine a good amount of Republicans losing the right to vote?

  4. Shouldn’t the names have been redacted from Trumps copy beforehand? Genuinely asking, as I don’t understand how these documents work, but feel the US Gov should have redacted beforehand?

  5. I just can't see the scenario where implicitly calling for the deaths of these FBI agents gets him in trouble. He was more explicit about hanging VP Pence and he had no consequences.

  6. Ok, that is crazy. Like how can such a large group of people think it's ok to threaten US government officials, let alone threating FBI agents and their families? It's pretty clear the FBI, law enforcement and the government have been letting the right-wing fringe off the hook for to long if they don't think there is punishment for this kind of thing.

  7. These are the same people who are against gun laws because they think they can take on a “tyrannical government” with just their guns.

  8. Has everyone forgotten all the FBI agents in the NY field office who supported Trump and wanted to investigate Hillary?

  9. Back the blue indeed. How quickly it becomes defund the fbi when it’s their messy messiah committing actual crimes and being investigated before an election.

  10. They were "backing the blue" while at the same time killing police and threatening them during Jan 6 insurrection. They don't care

  11. I would say hopefully now that everyone knows it is because Trump violated the Espionage Act and broke federal law they would realize he is a traitor who again has tried to sell out the US, but that's probably asking too much.

  12. I sometimes wonder what Trump would have to do to lose his cult. I’m hard pressed to come up with anything that they wouldn’t make an excuse for or flip around. When you live in an alternate reality everything is a conspiracy and all the evidence is fake or planted.

  13. Sadly enough, they will die attempting violence for that weasel because he gave them an identity to cling to. It really is pathetic.

  14. You should begin to realize, it's not about Trump, the man. Just like how they gobbled up "let's go Brandon" for what it secretly-but-openly represents, they really behind him for the same exact reason. Unashamed racism, bigotry, xenophobia, transphobia, pride in ignorance, climate denial, hatred, "the American dream". Trump is an abstract to them, and that's why they'll never accept his transgressions. They never cared to begin with

  15. The GOP wants to destroy the government and want to fragment the country because this is what Putin wants. I don’t understand how people don’t get this. Republican Congressmen went to kiss Putins ring on July 4th. There’s no excuse for that other than they are all compromised.

  16. Scary thing is most conservatives still think he did nothing wrong. Stay away from that subreddit if you value your sanity

  17. That's asking way too much. There will be more terrorist idiots who die a traitors death in the name of trump.

  18. The only reason he would retain those documents would be to use them some how, wouldn’t be shocked if he used them to profit financially, or curry favor from his buddies in Russian or North Korea. But there is no innocent thing he could have done with documents dealing nuclear weapons or other countries military or defenses.

  19. Steve Bannon is trying to connect FBI agents to CPS child trafficking conspiracies by mentioning there is a child protection department in the FBI. I have a friend who is actually one of those agents, he busts producers and distributors of child abuse and rape imagery. Bannon is an evil piece of garbage.

  20. Your friend could probably catch a bunch of pedos by simply investigating everyone who does that sort of projection.

  21. I haven’t been able to find it in awhile but when trump first had bannon in his circle I read an interview where bannon stated his goal was to tear down democracy and start over with the right people in charge. It was in one of those fascist magazines or something.

  22. Him getting supporters by claiming to be "anti-elite" will always baffle. He was born to a rich father and lived his entire adult life on 5th Ave in New York City in a tower with his name on it in big gold letters. For decades his entire brand was being an elite caricature.

  23. His most rabid followers will worship him until they die because he spoke to them. A group (non-college educated rural whites) that no politicians have really paid much attention to for decades. These people have watched their manufacturing jobs leave for foreign soil, they’ve seen locally owned businesses dry up, hospitals close, they are left behind by the world and the internet has shown them just how true that is. Their lives are distilled down to their church/community, their resentment and their hate.

  24. The last part is because his followers don’t understand what deregulating and tax cuts do. They think, “government sucks and I work for a company. If that company does better, I’ll do better”, but don’t realize that those actions benefit ownership and not them. If anything, it can make things worse for them because deregulating can make working more dangerous

  25. They’re doing it because there is no repercussions. They need to find those people and put them in jail.

  26. In 1924,Hitler and his fellow filth were arrested for high treason, and he was sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison. Instead, he served 8 months, and was released to form an even stronger nazi party. The moral here is that these half measures against fascist right wing lunatics don't work. If our justice department had a clue, these jan 6 insurrectionists (including their ring leader) would be sentenced to life. Anything less than 20-30 years isn't going to do anything but fan the flames of their insanity.

  27. Absolutely. Jesus Christ. Self proclaimed patriots who say they care about America. What is happening?? These people need to be arrested. They are dangerous.

  28. The nut who attacked the FBI was a 1/6 rioter. Its going to keep happening if they keep getting away with it, same with their cult leader.

  29. Time to start tracing some IP addresses and knocking on doors. Most of these folks are not tech savvy.

  30. Imagine being willing to throw your life away in support of a failed businessman/game show host/traitor to his country.

  31. It's not the "America" part that they hate. It's the "United States" they hate, because they are the modern day soldiers for the Confederated States, and they are continuing to fight the Civil War to this day.

  32. Just like everything in their lives. They love something when it benefits them or their views. The moment that it contradicts them, they hate it.

  33. My question is: these people aren’t going to change or disappear. The people being manipulated, the manipulators, the bad actors, the insecure, the irrational, the hateful.

  34. Get rid of Fox “News” for starters, since for whatever reason their anchors had direct access to Trump while he was president and is fueling the rights anger more and more everyday.

  35. Domestic terrorists self reporting to the FBI. 2022-2023 is going to be the years of the great domestic terrorist roundup.

  36. And do we see Trump publicly denouncing violence? Asking his followers to tone down their threats?

  37. I was listening to MSNBC on the radio this morning. They were covering right wing propaganda in media and they played a clip of some host on Fox News literally screaming at the top of their lungs about how this is so unfair to Trump. That was irritating for 3 seconds. I don’t know how people can tolerate that channel 24/7.

  38. It’s the self-delusion that is absolutely baffling. They’re literally handing the FBI all of the evidence they’d need on tiktok… and with all of the groups archiving that shit nowadays, it’s not like deleting it is going to make a difference.

  39. For decades the FBI ignored and downplayed the rise of white supremacist in the US. Now they're finding out how real the threat is

  40. Hopefully the FBI realizes now the difference in threat level from the left and the right. FBI ignores so much far right violence for 20+ years and this is the inevitable result.

  41. No. They'll get some shiny new laws out of this and they'll immediately use them to bust some socialist food pantry or something like that.

  42. The FBI installed Trump as president when they torpedoed Hilary with days left in the election. They have a lot to answer for.

  43. I know I can’t be alone in this when I say that I am really fucking sick of being publicly threatened by these inbred mutant fucking piglets, also known as the ‘22 republican party. So how’s about the anti-freedom, anti-women, anti-lgbtq, anti-minority, anti-democracy, anti-law and order, anti-military, anti-clean air and water, pro-guns for Jesus crowd just collectively go and eat a gigantic bag of dicks?

  44. What I find funny is that the FBI/DOJ were perfectly willing to let this whole thing go down in secret. The FBI didn't come in with guns and even let Trump watch the search. They just wanted the documents and because he was president gave him all the time to turn in the documents and showed him respect. It was Trump who started yelling about a raid and riling people up. These days there is no controlling the crazies once you get them amped up with lies and disinformation. I am no big supporter of the FBI but people who support him close their eyes to this man's selfishness because they are selfish.

  45. Don’t worry, they all used DuckDuckGo, so these terrorists believe they are completely untraceable.

  46. I bet the FBI probably regrets ignoring all those far right extremist groups for the last several years. They could’ve prevented this by literally just doing their job.

  47. They are full of right wingers in the FBI. That's why they never acted on it. Police system has a right-wing bias.

  48. Start at CPAC. They openly declared themselves a terrorist organization. CPAC is the organization encouraging people to make terroristic threats.

  49. Looks like the hillbillies and rednecks coming out of the woods to protect their city slicker candidate from NYC. What a time line! Imagine dying on that hill.

  50. What a brilliant side-effect to this: a segment of the truly dangerously demented folks around us are just gonna willingly expose themselves. Who better to ferret them out than the FBI? They are kinda built for that. (I am not minimizing the danger here, and I hope all the agents stay safe.)

  51. Would be kind of hilarious if this turned out to be a country wide sting operation to out the Maga radicals. What better organization than the FBI to point these idiots at and get them to threaten?

  52. I am shocked and chagrined, you are telling me that some of these folks cant handle the truth..... clutch my pearls. They dont really like police unless its fits their specific situation, "dont kneel because you are disrespecting the people who have and do serve"... but fuck overrunning a building and chanting for the death of people you have been told to not like, and fuck the people searching the "beautiful home" of MY president. Everyone is against us, everyone is "deep state" even the people MY president put into their positions, the election was stolen.

  53. Sad that so many people lack critical thinking skills, blind-fully following a crooked real estate thug, not to mention choosing to die or go to prison for him while he sits in his version of a castle. Blows the mind.

  54. The same group that said on election night they would "just go about their normal day" if trump lost and not cry about it like Hillary supporters.

  55. I still think a civil war is highly unlikely, though fanatical lone-wolves pulling off acts of domestic terrorism are cause for great concern.

  56. That’s what Garland is known for… read up on his work after the Oklahoma City bombing. He don’t play and anyone in his sights is likely going down. McConnell made a grave error, in retrospect, not seating him on the Court.

  57. Don't get me wrong, Fox News and right wing outlets deserve all the blame they can get, but don't overlook the biased way local news outlets are covering this story. I just watched our local news in Western NY and they give the impression Obama did this too and the FBI overreacted. They need to be called out.

  58. If you are convicted of violent threats against the FBI, does that mean you lose the right to vote? Cause, that would be awesome.

  59. Hm... Yes. This is what happens when a country allows neo-Nazis to run free spreading dangerous propaganda. But it's not like anyone warned you about this... wait a minute...

  60. Back the blue! We love our law enforcement! Trump stonewalls law enforcement for months then his home gets raided under a lawful warrant Fuck the police! Get rid of the FBI!

  61. Arrest every single one of those people if you can find them. Fuck those trump loyalists. They are dangerous people who will become domestic terrorists in time

  62. The fact that Trump preemptively released the Search Warrant with the names of the FBI Agents Un-redacted to all of his bloodthirsty supporters goes to show. Mind you, that these are the same supporters who murdered two Capitol officers & tried to gun-down an FBI building in Cincinnati the other day. Smh

  63. Imagine threatening the fbi and thinking they will just forgive and forget. This will be the next jan 6th situation where people will be getting collected for YEARS over this one incident.

  64. THE FBI DOES NOT STOP. The fact that these dimwits didn't learn anything from J6 is hilarious to me. They're all going to be investigated, and although they might forget and think they're safe, the FBI is a machine that keeps running non-stop and won't stop until everyone is held accountable. And now the FBI has a massive list of people to keep an eye on. Good luck, assholes!

  65. Instead of attacking the FBI all patriots should be calling Drumph the traitor to America that he is. He admitted he had highly sensitive material by saying “Obama did it too”. Traitor Trump.

  66. Empty the prisons of low level cannabis and drug violators to make room for the real problem, these domestic terrorist. M.A.G.A (My Ass Got Arrested)

  67. are people really threatening the organization responsible for investigating domestic terrorist threats?

  68. Fox News, oann, etc. Are terrorist organizations whose goal is to intimidate people responsible for future actions against the republican party by encouraging violence against people trying to hold them to account now.

  69. Add them all to a terrorism watch list and prosecute them to the full extent. Every one of them is a ticking time bomb.

  70. Hey, we TRIED to warn you FBI that these Trump supporters were becoming radicalized and you just dragged your feet on it because it was something you thought only us liberals would have to deal with.

  71. Well the only redeeming part about the Patriot Act and our addiction to social media is that all of these people are easily found and put on lists. They aren't smart enough for good OpSec.

  72. Arrest all these self-identifying domestic terrorists. Every one of them. Let them cool their jets awaiting prosecution til this blows over. Otherwise people are going to die.

  73. Ya know... maybe not threaten an organization whose entire work force is specialized on investigating threats.

  74. Sure makes it a lot easier to find domestic terrorists when they reach out and report themselves to the agency that investigates them.

  75. A lot of trump supporters are waking up about now with a hangover, realizing they did a really really stupid thing.

  76. With Russia having money problems (and thus not able to funnel as much money to republican campaigns), higher covid deaths for Republicans, and now threatening federal agents, I'm super curious to see the midterm results.

  77. Conservatives are the most fragile and paranoid people in the US. Need to just accept there’s nothing they can do and that’s for the best

  78. What do we need to do to stop FOX news. I keep going back to this over and over as they spread their propaganda. How do we pressure our cable companies to get rid of them? At what point are they also accountable for helping spread propaganda?

  79. The republicans are literally calling for attacks on our law enforcement now. You can not make this up.

  80. Ahahaha, so let me get this straight. People who are supporting someone who is accused of and possibly looking to be charged with treason basically are willingly CONTACTING the FBI to THREATEN them directly? They are making their own terrorist watch list FOR the FBI and directly providing evidence? Thank god we have the worlds dumbest terrorists in the USA. What a delight.

  81. That's fine. The FBI budget can just go to finding and locking up all of these nutbars, get them off the street. It's nice of them to call up and announce themselves as terrorist, way more convenient than waiting for them to kill people.

  82. How dumb do you have to be to threaten a federal law enforcement agency that has ALL THE TOOLS IN THE WORLD to track down your IP address/phone number/photos etc?

  83. This is what happens when you let Russian trolls and bots get a president elected, and then plaster all of your social media including Reddit with bullshit. I understand free speech but that doesn’t include an army of fake bullshit accounts spreading disinformation.

  84. Literally every idiot making a threat is entering into the FBI's files. The FBI will probably need more funding to deal with the threat, so congress will allocate more funds to the FBI. The problem with the FBI is that it's not a very democratic. We don't get to vote on its leaders. Just like the CIA, NSA, etc. Im concerned with these institutions having an enormous amount of power.

  85. I really feel like we are getting close to some type of uprising and I hope the insurrectionists get their ass handed to them

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