'We have guns too': Trump supporters flood TikTok with threats of civil war

  1. I like that one guy, literally sitting in his recliner, weighing about 275 lbs and saying "it's go time, motherfuckers, let's do this", lol.

  2. It's the same energy you see from people getting boozed and watching UFC when they say "Bro, that stuffed never work on me. When I fight, I just see red and bodies hit the floor."

  3. They are so dumb that if you look closely at the Let’s Go Brandon stuff there is almost always a little “FJB” somewhere in the design. I like to think that’s because most of them get confused and forget the original joke and wonder who that Brandon guy they like is again. The little FJB is like their hate touchstone.

  4. “Never believe that anti-Semites are completely unaware of the absurdity of their replies. They know that their remarks are frivolous, open to challenge. But they are amusing themselves, for it is their adversary who is obliged to use words responsibly, since he believes in words. The anti-Semites have the right to play. They even like to play with discourse for, by giving ridiculous reasons, they discredit the seriousness of their interlocutors. They delight in acting in bad faith, since they seek not to persuade by sound argument but to intimidate and disconcert. If you press them too closely, they will abruptly fall silent, loftily indicating by some phrase that the time for argument is past.”

  5. Here in Canada the fringe right fly flags that say "Fit in or fuck off." They don't see the irony that they are the minority and they are not fitting in.

  6. Hence why they want a civil war. They want to leave and take their states with them to their new theocratic dystopia.

  7. These are the same people who will apologize profusely, claim ignorance, and cry like babies when they go to court.

  8. I'd imagine plenty of people have been reporting accounts and posts. I would if I had tiktok. I can't stand the damn thing though lol

  9. Considering since the search warrant was executed they were actually dumb enough to start threatening the FBI directly..I'd say yea they have their attention this time

  10. One of the videos is a guy bragging that he is on multiple watch lists, so if I had to guess, I would say most of these people are known to law enforcement

  11. Also, be prepared for all your fellow cult members to immediately disown you and call you an fbi plant or call you antifa once you do the thing they are all telling you that you must do to “save America”.

  12. Bubba is not going to go fight in a cornfield when his double wide has air conditioning, and a Hungry Man is in the microwave.

  13. Good move to announce plans for civil war on social media! They'll surely document all their planning on Facebook because law enforcement would never think to monitor any of that. Success is guaranteed!

  14. During the arrests that have indisputable proof of their intent to commit crimes from their internet posts and videos, with tears in their eyes professing a combination of ignorance and regret like many before them: "I was defending freedom, I didn't know!"

  15. If they're on a watch list, does that mean that the average citizen can come find where these fascists live?

  16. I remember there were many folks online in the wake of J6 that were able to identify a lot of insurrectionists for tips to the FBI because it was all so well documented online. No way this could be anything like that....

  17. And it’s not like china and Russia aren’t all over tik Tok just filling hard drives full of priceless info about how to divide our country further

  18. Oklahoma had someone running for a political office (can't remember which one) who said he would shoot liberals if it wasn't illegal.

  19. Why do conservatives always say "Look at..." "Look at Biden, look at what Congress is saying, look at what is happening in this country..."

  20. That’s how tucker Carlson speaks. He tells people to “look at what Hillary did with her emails” or whatever, and asks very leading questions to give people the illusion that they’re coming to conclusions themselves. They’re just mimicking that delivery style imo.

  21. They have their own shorthand that's been drilled into them by their media. They start with demonizing a person, then attribute things to them. It becomes a meme.

  22. It’s “Look at…” when they want to deflect and “What about…” when they actually have an example, and it’s usually a nothing burger.

  23. It’s called “whataboutism” and “deflection”. It’s what most people grow out of by the age of 12. But some idiots still use childish logic.

  24. This whataboutism is not a Conservative trait so much as ignorance, more common among those who are uneducated and believe conspiracy stories.

  25. I had a Lowes employee tell me america is a communist country now. Then he got super heated when i asked him to define communism. He eventually stammered "its when the government has guns in the street, like china"

  26. Well there was already one person who died based on trumps election lies. They are still holding her up as a martyr. I'm surprised they aren't holding the numb nuts from Cincinnati as a martyr.

  27. He made them feel so good about their uninformed racism, and they got to pretend it was all patriotic and Jesus-ey to boot.

  28. In their minds they will be taking on hippy vegans, outrageously camp gay guys, transvestites in full drag and weedy leftist bookworms.

  29. That’s the thing. They don’t know what Civil War means. They would be taking on the USA. Military that no nation would dare start a war with. But yeah, Jim Bob and Cletus will come out on top with their AR-15s and tactical gear that will just make them an easier target for the drones to pick out.

  30. If 2020 and 2021 has told us anything, all that high tech weaponry doesn't mean a hell of a lot when the country is so vast and uncontrollable. I fear we are going to see spurts of violence and guerilla warfare in pockets all over the country, not direct clashes with the military.

  31. Imagine having so much hatred for another party, that not only are you willing to turn a blind eye to trump committing treason and espionage, but willing to risk your own freedom and life to protect a con man.

  32. When conservatives talk about “fighting for our freedoms,” I didn’t think they were referring to fighting in exchange OF their freedoms. Baffling times! Domestic terrorists!

  33. Profound lack of empathy for starters. Extreme tribalism a close second. We’re still a bunch of scared primates deep down. Some people never move beyond that and spend their days throwing shit.

  34. Years of brainwashing. These are cult members watching their cult leader be treated like a criminal (for the very good reason that he is a criminal)

  35. Fear of the unknown. The world is complicated and that scares them. They want it to be simple, and there are many people who are happy to convince them that it is, and give them an enemy to blame everything on. They believe the Democrats are evil, and so trust nothing they say, and they believe Trump is a saint who wants to take care of the real problem, so believe everything he says and will excuse anything he does.

  36. Because they come from long lines of aggressively stupid, incurious, poorly educated, small-minded people. It bothers me how after every statement they gaze off camera as if to reflect on their own words. It’s like watching rusty gears trying to turn as they prepare for what to say next. The problem with people like this is they’ve had very little exposure to the real world outside of their bubble. Like dogs barking in the backyard with no concept of what’s beyond the fence.

  37. Imagine throwing your life away for some orange, dipshit/wannabe tough guy who has no idea who you are and would rather spit on you than shake your hand. There is so much in this world to love for. So much good that can be done. So many discoveries and innovations left to be made. And these people choose to die kicking and screaming for a man that stares directly into an eclipse. A rapist. A bigot. A misogynist. An imbecile. Truly baffling that anymore be would even follow him, let alone give their life for him.

  38. I’m tired of this crap. They have no grievance. They know they can’t win legitimately and so they start with the “civil war” bullshit. I’m tired of hearing about them and their idiot pig god traitor. They have no reason to be pissed. They lost an election fair and square and he committed a felony. He is going to face consequences and they are going to talk and tall and do nothing. They are cowards and bullies. I’m tired of how much time and effort has been put into the worst American of all time. They were stupid enough to believe a word he says, so they might be stupid enough to think violence is a good idea, and they’re wrong. They will lose and lose badly. They are outnumbered by millions of much, much smarter people and we actually have a reason to be pissed other than not getting our way. I’m tired of hearing about these blithering idiots thinking that piece of garbage is worth anyone’s life. They were wrong. They’re stupid. They’ve been stupid their whole lives and this is why you don’t put stupid people in charge. No one living in reality is surprised trunp stole state secrets. That’s probably one of the main reasons he ran. When you look at that guy’s life and ignore the failure and lies and cowardice and bullying and see anything at all to admire, you’re a weak minded idiot who probably has trouble remembering to breathe. These morons should go back to what they do well, which is belching their own name and tazing themselves in the balls. Fuck trunp and fuck anyone who voted for him. Every single one of them is a traitor in my eyes and I will never have respect for a single one of those idiots. If I had a business, being a trunp supporter would be legitimate cause to not hire someone. These people need to be mocked and stigmatized and reminded that they’re stupid. Fuck maga! We were right and they were wrong

  39. That was an epic comment, it felt good to read, and every part of it is accurate. I got so annoyed seeing Huffington Post's headline today about what MAGA is saying about the FBI raid. THAT DOESN'T MATTER, IT ISN'T HEADLINE NEWS. The headline is that this motherfucker could have traded secrets that might one day get people killed. Fucking stop reporting on their tweets and their spin bullshit. It is so exhausting to have crazy thrown in your face everyday when you just want to be informed about what's happening in the world. My mistake to go to "huffpo" in the first place, I know, but JFC.

  40. Someone on Twitter said "I don’t want to hear about the “radical left” from people who want to start a Civil War when they don’t get their way."

  41. “radical left”, “antifa”, “pedophiles/groomers” are dehumanizing labels meant to justify incarcerating in concentration camps or just kill. thats the end game.

  42. I live in Vermont. Liberal awesome land. Significantly low gun crime, laxest gun laws in the entire nation. Practically the entire state is armed.

  43. Their fantasy: Open-field battle between parties where their $1800 civilian arms and weekend LARPing show their skills.

  44. I can't wait until another one of these assholes starts their own "civil war" only to find out that, when they die in a hail of bullets, they'll get labeled ANTIFA or a "crisis actor" and be immediately forgotten. lmao

  45. The instant they received a visit from anyone with actual authority, they would empty their bladders and collapse into a defensive shame-puddle just like every other "bold on the internet" Trump supporter before them.

  46. That is not always the case. Probably 1 in 10 of these people are deadly threats. We saw that just yesterday with the armed attack on FBI.

  47. Please do not try to compare this to mental illness. This is straight up facsim in the form of domestic terrorism.

  48. You mean like frosted donuts? Because, like, those are doing the job to them, but it's gonna take time.

  49. This kind of behavior is so normalized it will probably only raise the eyebrows of a few. A lawfully processed search warrant was served at their leaders house and they want to kill employees of the FBI for doing their job, its nonsense, especially coming from the "back the blue" party. Are Republicans pro-life so they have more people to execute later?

  50. I have 2insta friends that are Avid trump supporters and don’t know each other . However these two Trump fans post the exact same meme on many occasions. It’s almost like they’re all bots. Living breathing bots.

  51. This. Trump, Fox, and other Republicans have been playing their base like a fiddle. Civil War is not in America’s best interest. But it certainly is for our adversaries…

  52. When Russia talks about retaliating against the US, this is it. Putin is hoping for civil unrest and violence within our borders to break our national will and resolve. This is the endgame of a decades long psyop.

  53. There’s been plenty of opportunity to turn around for them. The truth has been revealed multiple times. They just don’t want to hear it because they’re saying what they really want. So fuck ‘em.

  54. So weird that these people will pick up arms for Donald trump but didn’t enlist to pick up arms for the country they love so much.

  55. My county is 70% republican. I have 12 years of US Army infantry experience. If they want to start a civil war here, I know they'll get me, but I'd be honored to defend my country again and take out a few domestic terrorists.

  56. These Trump 2Aer’s are doing more to increase public desire for severe gun control reform than any liberal or democrat ever could have. So thanks guys!!!

  57. They are so delusional! Other countries know the power of our military, yet these weekend warriors think they can take them on in a civil war. They are domestic terrorists and will be treated as such! Get the popcorn and watch as more cult members go to jail

  58. While in the military, I was tasked with firing some very lethal weapons. As a civilian, I do not nor have I ever owned a firearm. These people that walk around with guns and are constantly whining about their Second Amendment rights disgust me. Now they want to talk about civil war. I think they are all just a bunch of scared little kids inside and need the sense of security that carrying a gun provides.

  59. They need to carry multiple firearms into a Starbucks, we all can see what a bunch of cowards they are.

  60. “For the rest of you, who are SHEEP!”- dude willing to go to civil war on behalf of lifetime grifter that doesn’t give a shit about him

  61. Everyone want to shoot stuff. You never hear about these fucking people being like “let’s get together and organize a soup drive to support people less fortunate than ourselves”, it is always “I got a gun and I don’t want the government to help or do anything for anyone who isn’t me or looks like me and if they want to try to help other citizens then they have to go through me and my gun”.

  62. Funny how those so afraid of tyranny while clutching their guns tend to be the ones who invoke or side with it.

  63. Jokes on them, left has guns too. And the government apparently. Enjoy your bunkers in a cornfield with nobody to fight because nobody gives a fuck about you.

  64. I can explain: The GOP are terrorist traitors to the flag here to end Constitutional elections for hostile foreign nations. It's a treason thing.

  65. These ppl all fit the same bill, white, acts victimized, wears a ‘Murica baseball cap, normal speaking voice is yelling, etc. The one thing that stands out the most is that they are all DRAMA QUEENS. You can tell they’ve rehearsed their monologue before making a video. They practice their hat flicking, cigarette puffs, pregnant pauses, googly eye glares, struts, and so on. It’s comedy gold.

  66. Holy fuck these people are deranged. So the IRS hires some people and those people are the ones who are going to come to take your guns away? I can't imagine how mentally void you have to be to make that jump.

  67. I love hearing these guys blab about this stuff. Me a military service member who swore an oath to fight enemies foreign and domestic. “We have guns too” cool story said the drone strike and Infantry battalion. I think it’s so stupid to justify we have guns to stand up to the government when the government firepower is 100 tiers about any civilian weapon.

  68. Pardon me if I am wrong, but...in this day and age, if you want to start a civil war, don't you need things like...air cover, army or marine regiments, generals, naval assets, a military command structure, logistics and supply-chain management...that sort of thing?

  69. The IRS doesn’t show up or call or email, they send physical letters. If for some reason you catch an audit you and the IRS schedule a time to meet. These people have no idea how anything works, at all.

  70. I recently had a conversation with a very proud guy. He told me when the time comes 400 local very proud individuals would go and stand tall and proud on the front lines. I replied with nice knowing ya, he subsequently lost it on me. When I had the chance to reply I said the second amendment is merely a pacifier ( since you can only have guns v tanks and bombs ) and all you can do is shoot peas at tanks and the second line will be up before they finish their first smoke

  71. Critical thinking is at its lowest point ever in the US. And I live around people that are like this. Hell my female coworker supports Trump as hard as anyone and besides that she's quite rational. I just don't get it with these people...my own father is a Trump support for christ sake! Like this shit is encroaching from all sides it feels like sometimes. I hope to god, Jobe, whatever the fuck is out there if anything, that I can die of natural causes instead of being done in by a Trump supporter at some point.

  72. We, those of us who deplore guns, are well aware that you have guns and celebrate that fact publicly and often. However we are less sure that you know which end to hold in order to use the weapon correctly.

  73. Wasn't there a video on Reddit in the last couple of years where the local MAGott Militia were having some sort of street fighting exercise and one of them got shot in the back with "friendly fire" and they were all running around shrieking "Medic" and "Bubba is down" stuff into their Radio Shack walkie talkies?

  74. The Battle at McDonald's on the corner of 5th and Main, and the Battle at the Strip Mall Vape Shop will be remembered for days to come.

  75. Sad to say but I wouldn't be surprised to see somekind of O.K. city style attack in the next week or two... The F.B.I. really has their hands full right now

  76. It honestly cracks me up that people truly believe their AR-15, rocket launcher, grenade collection, etc. can possibly stop the military complex of America. The thing that our taxes seem to fund more than anything else. Trust me. If the government was to view you as a threat, there’s no stopping them, for better or worse. These ignorant POS will be in a rude awakening if they even try to attempt an uprising. This country has gone insane.

  77. And this is EXACTLY why they don’t want red flag laws. All of these fucks should be flagged immediately and have their guns taken. They are mentally ill.

  78. Why do people do this? If you own guns, Don’t go advertising it on social media. That’s like registering your guns with the government, which is something these people are vehemently against.

  79. Good. The more they posted. The most authority can locate and arrest them. And also ban them forever from owing a gun.

  80. I honestly don’t even know what they think they’re going to war over. What is their goal? What is they want that they don’t currently have? And how does it relate to the Mar-a-Lago raid? What line did that cross?

  81. What's with the IRS references? Which nut are they getting this from? The IRS is buying up all the ammunition? The IRS is going to come after them and already declared civil war? The IRS? Is this because of Trump and his tax problems?

  82. Isn’t this what mass shooters do? These people are publicly declaring intent to kill, not a crime? At least lose their guns?

  83. You fuckin idiot wanna be tough guys. Don’t you realize every word you electronically send is recorded, sorted,filed,and flagged. Expect a visitor from the law to come wake you up at 4:00am to take you to prison for trying to start or be a contributor to an insurrection? Please you ass hats, keep on talking. There’re enough prisons to hold you all.

  84. Yes - good, good little boys and girls. Identify yourself to the authorities that you are most likely about to commit domestic terrorists acts.

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