Opinion | Liz Cheney’s demise was set in motion by her father

  1. Cool. The whole family deserves to be ostracized from polite society and shipped off to some desert island without fresh water. Her father is a war criminal, and she supported a regular criminal until it became too much for her tiny conscience to bare.

  2. Yep. Her and Kizinger are doing this because Trump and his bafoons started saying the quiet parts out loud and they both made the calculated decision that it was not worth it anymore. I appreciate what they are doing with the Jan 6 stuff, but when this is all said and done and hopefully the traitors are behind bars they need to apologize to every America for assisting in letting it start and then fade into oblivion never to be heard from again on the political sphere.

  3. She essentially gave up the seat and didn't really try to campaign for it. She stayed in Washington DC nearly the entire campaign. She hasn't spent most of the money she raised. She didn't hold any meet and greets due to "security concerns". It was leaked that she didn't really care much for the state and most of her home screens on phones,computers,etc were of her home in Virginia. She lost because she didn' even try to retain her seat in congress.

  4. The ONLY reason they are so vehemently against Trump is because he ruined THEIR plans of an authoritarian takeover of the US. The Cheneys are no friend to democracy and all this is just revenge for disrupting their dystopian plans.

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