The Supreme Court Wants to End the Separation of Church and State

  1. The Founders wanted the government itself to be secular, and not controlled by any specific faith or creed, Christian or otherwise.

  2. Republicans want us fighting about things that were already settled because it stops us from making making progress on the things that matter to most people - universal health care, fully funded SSN, infrastructure, affordable higher ed, etc.

  3. I mean seeing how the English monarchy and the Church or England did their things back then, wasn't too hard to foresee.

  4. Those stupid founding fathers. Maybe they should have enshrined the separation of church and state in the Constitution some where. It's so important maybe it should have been in the first amendment.

  5. To the extent this country was founded by Christians, it was Christians fleeing persecution by other Christians. Puritans, Quakers, Catholics, Baptists, none of whom trusted each other. That's why the Establishment Clause exists. Alito's vision is terrifying.

  6. You'd think that the best way to convince one of the Republicans or other hard-right activists calling for the end of Separation of Church and State would be to point out that if that happened tomorrow, if an official Federal Church of the United States was established, the head of it would be President Biden.

  7. It's so hard to imagine that these 5 people have the power to basically erase our form of government, make the country a Christian autocracy and spoil the promise of democracy for literally billions.

  8. Who are liars and demonstrably lied under oath and should all be impeached. Even if it doesn’t remove them from office, it would show that Democrats aren’t afraid to fight against lies and fascism and lawlessness.

  9. America will not survive a theocracy if forced and pushed on the public the likely hood of mass civil disobedience or outright secession and civil war will be extremely high.

  10. The irony about Christians supporting that jackass coach who prays on the field is that Jesus warned people against being like him:

  11. It’s amazing in this day and age that anyone is deluded into religion, especially after being given access to all the world’s information all at once.

  12. "Originalist" is a radical way of viewing the constitution. Why the fuck should we interpret things the same way as they did 250 years ago when slavery was legal, women were essentially property and the only people who got to vote were rich white men.

  13. Don't underestimate how bad the Dobbs decision is, this 'test' that Alito refers to, which was never a test before, is insane. In his majority opinion, he mentions that no one could give him evidence that abortion was widely available at the amendment's ratification - except that was never a standard and shouldn't be one now. According to that logic, if there wasn't a constitutional amendment for it women couldn't vote and black people would still be slaves. It is an insane standard that assumes that laws in whatever century were valid on their faces.

  14. "Justice Amy Coney Barrett has written that “[Catholic judges] are obliged . . . . to adhere to their church’s teaching on moral matters,” and gave a commencement address to Notre Dame law graduates advising that a “legal career is but a means to an end, and . . . . that end is building the kingdom of God."

  15. Do Catholics think they'll be at the top in an evangelical theocracy? That's pretty naive, they'll be considered heretics with the rest of us.

  16. So on top of being an insane zealot, she is too stupid to understand that's exactly not how you're supposed to conduct matters within the law. Cool.

  17. Poseidon commands it! Get on your knees and worship the God of water who deigns to keep you alive!

  18. End the filibuster and expand the SC by 4 more justices. Moderate justices who believe in how America was founded as a secular nation

  19. Fuck moderates. Put 4 radicals on there to match their 5. An even third for each part of the spectrum seems fair. Where is fucking Thurgood Marshall when you need him.

  20. Heck 4 is low, go 6 or 8 more at least, make it hard as hell to get a consensus for any radical adjendas to push, left or right, force term limits, and make a maximum age to which they can serve. That should make it a bit harder for a small group to ever get influence enough to push any radical stuff not acceptable to the masses.

  21. The first ones are the gays and transgender, but the very close second is Jewish people. We should all be ready to defend our neighbors with appropriate violence, no matter what group they belong to.

  22. You mean ACB, weird culty parachurch member, might not be on the up-and-up about her intentions for maintaining a division between religion and politics? Now I've heard it all.

  23. I just finished a book called the power worshipers inside the dangerous rise of religious nationalism i highly recommend the book. It really shows how the religious right has Gained so much power in government over the last 20 years. It outlines how they use Bible studies to influence the leaders in the house and the senate and every state house.Gutting the separation of church and state is one of the main goals. They want a federal government that works on behalf of the church. This is much bigger than a few judges on the Supreme court and goes beyond just the United States. They want a Christian nationalist world order.

  24. I'm 45. I've watched this country turn into something I don't recognize, don't want to be associated with, and am frankly disgusted with.

  25. I want these Justices impeached. We desperately need a Democratic super majority. My constitutional rights are being attacked by this court. I have the right to the FREEDOM FROM RELIGION. I have the right to the autonomy of my own body. I have the right to privacy and the sanctity of my home. By 'I' I mean every single one of us as individuals.

  26. The justices are liars and demonstrably lied under oath and should all be impeached. Even if it doesn’t remove them from office, it would show that Democrats aren’t afraid to fight against lies and fascism and lawlessness.

  27. "The illegitimate Supreme Court looks to dissolve the Constitution: Media hides the war Republicans are waging on the United States"

  28. The problem with ignoring the Supreme Court is that it just puts all the power into the states hands.

  29. I can’t wait for the catholics on the Supreme Court to empower the nutty evangelicals that don’t think catholics are real christians.

  30. I think you’re missing the point of the elimination of church and state. If SCOTUS did this, what makes you think churches would be taxed?

  31. I think the term “to hell” would have a legal connotation at that point. So we could literally just take every dollar they bring in until they are verifiably in hell.

  32. Ah just like the founding father wanted. It was so important they made it the first amendment. Oh wait….

  33. Not enough is made of the alarming commentary Alito and Thomas appended to the Kim Davis case where they explicitly praise “sincerely held religious beliefs” as a value that should be honored vs. bro called bigots for being against gay marriage rights. “Sincerely held religious beliefs” were what the Founders were worried about

  34. Hundred years too late. A lot of the settlers where Christian extremists who were exiled from England for being too religious

  35. Public punishment for sins. Re-education camps against lgbt, leftism. Christian iconography in public schools and offices. Banning secularism and any media or art which doesn’t conform to Christianity.

  36. Eh whatever it takes for me to run away to Canada claiming political asylum. Being an Atheist liberal Democrat doesn't leave me feeling too safe in the New America.

  37. One of the justices literally advocates for fighting against secularism. So being unacceptable in secular democracy is clearly not important at all.

  38. Oh, well that’s not good, I don’t know if I could every be stupid enough to get on board with the church.

  39. We need to do something if the supreme court goes against our will again or its back to the middle ages with christian rule

  40. Let me guess, after they dismantle the separation of church and state, Trump will be divinely elected president of the United States indefinitely.

  41. When we went to 9 justices, there were 9 circuit courts. Now there are 13 circuit courts. And with the radical zealots on the court now, there's never been a better time to balance the court. Bring in 4 sane justices, nominated and confirmed by a party that actually wins the popular vote. Do it now!

  42. In response to this from the SCOTUS, may I remind everyone in this sub the holy scripture of the Declaration of Independence:

  43. Exactly this. With 30% of the country essentially being non religious (doubled from just 15 years ago), this kind of ruling would create a tsunami of backlash. It would also create more atheists or non religious people in the process.

  44. 3 of these judges were appointed by a former President who just had his house raided by the FBI. In any other timeline this would be huge news.

  45. Religion is a cancer. Religious people will never be true humanists, because to them this life is just a test, a trial period to impress your chosen deity. They don't give a fuck about anything outside of their religious bubble.

  46. The courts were stacked. Rs did incredible damage as soon as they got power in 2016. They forbade any judge appointments til Obama retired, then rushed thru as many unqualified evangelicals as they could rubbersramp

  47. The weird thing is tRump could care less about religion. I have never seen him attend any church services, doesn’t know which side of the Bible is up and could not quote a single item from the Bible.

  48. If we officially bring religion into politics, things are going to get nasty real fast. Christians don’t even get along with other Christians

  49. Yup. This is exactly what Russia would want to have happen. To tear up the fabric of our constitution piece by sacred piece.

  50. And who are liars and demonstrably lied under oath and should all be impeached. Even if it doesn’t remove them from office, it would show that Democrats aren’t afraid to fight against lies and fascism and lawlessness.

  51. I have worked in the law for over 30 years. I LOVE the law. I love the entire system but I've been severely jaded. I have zero respect for these conservative hacks posing as judges on our highest Honorable Court! I'm shaken and for me, that's saying something. I regard them now no more than the shit stuck on the bottom of a shoe.

  52. So I can start slaughtering goats before the school football games right? My gods must also be appeased and they demand a sacrifice if we're to win this year

  53. When christo-facist conservatives tell you who they are, believe them. They already took away a right for women’s health care. They’re not going to stop there. We’re most definitely a back sliding democracy. Sad times ahead.

  54. This country was founded - FOUGHT AND ESTABLISHED - on two things: taxation and separation. These fuckers need to be dealt with.

  55. Fuck that. I already have to be governed by grifters, pedophiles, rapists, and morons. I'm not going to be governed in the name of some mythological being someone made up thousands of years ago because they didn't understand how things work yet.

  56. Ah yes. One of the fundamental principles of the Constitution. You know, the thing they point to every time they want to repeal our rights.

  57. Yeah, that would require a constitutional amendment. And which church and state laws? Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, Singh, Church of Satan?

  58. I joked the last few month in the comments and said "Welcome to Gilead!", but come on guys. They don't even want to hide it anymore. The Handmaids Tale is the goal they want to achieve.

  59. Just like they lied to congress about legal precedent so too is the idea of Constitutional originalist. I am not surprised. Impeachment is the way.

  60. Nope …this should never happen !!! These two entities must be kept separate at any costs . Religion has no business being mixed with the day to day functions of government. In fact religion belongs in your churches and in your homes , government is there to protect and to also help with the day to day functioning of our laws . You want religion then go to church and do whatever it s you do ….keep the two entities away from each other , we do not need these two together to forcibly run our day to day

  61. This is great! I go to the church of the great pumpkin! I can’t wait until his wisdom is taught to 1st graders and we fill the pumpkin patches with his followers on Halloween.

  62. Was on the fence about whether to raise my family as religious or athiest, but now im leaning more towards the satanic temple. Good job SCOTUS u set a whole generation up

  63. I was mad about Roe v Wade, but I think we can possibly get some legislation passed to protect women going forward... but this... swinging the doors open to theocracy is something I will not tolerate.

  64. I'd prefer that everyone else just apply to be a church. Like the Family Research Council. If we're all churches then we either no one pays taxes or we tax the churches.

  65. Luckily we live in a society where large financial entities never successfully avoid taxes using every conceivable tax loophole.

  66. And please wait on the US becoming a theocracy in two… one. In aside note how long do you think it will be until Sharia law gets implemented into portions of our country just because the GOP have foresight issues?

  67. This is so dangerous and SCOTUS is about to create one of the biggest civil wars known to mankind. Because they are involving religion which is more organized than mafia crime syndicate.

  68. It's so dumb. For so many reasons. Not the least of which is that this has been tried and failed horribly throughout human history. FFS

  69. Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

  70. This is the true way Christianity was spread throughout history. It was never through the power of its message, but rather the power of its oppression.

  71. There is no god. There is only a myth that is used by power hungry narcissists to manipulate and control people. Why is it that only those who have something to gain and hear god?

  72. This is why I hate religion and have been against anyone who tries to push their beliefs on others. Organized religion is the bane of society, with many trying to make laws and rules based on their “faith” that not everyone subscribes to. I’m so glad church attendance has been going down and down over the years. People are finally seeing it for what it is: a group that shuns others who are different than or believe differently than they do. I have no problem with anyone who worships, who believes in whatever deity they want to, but I also don’t have a problem with anyone who is gay, trans, bisexual, has an abortion, uses contraception, etc. I do have a problem with people and entities that want to push their beliefs on others unsolicited. Live and let live, just don’t push your beliefs on me. If churches and religious organizations want to get political, then they should have to pay taxes like the rest of us Schmoes.

  73. I feel like this is the beginning of Handmaid's Tale. I'm surgically sterilized, so I'll either end up a Martha or hung on the wall.

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