Former RNC head slams Texas' Ted Cruz for CPAC speech: 'Just sit the hell down, please. Stop it.'

  1. That former head of the RNC is Michael Steele who has been considered a RINO for almost two decades now, the Republicans and Cruz will continue to ignore him while us Left wingers will continue to erroneously think he's a barometer for the Republican party while Steele is on MSNBC, CNN, Maher, and whatever other political show that'll let him on. Steele is not a barometer of the Republican party, they left him behind a long while ago during their consistent push further Right.

  2. I don't see him as a barometer of the Rs. I see him as an illustration of how far right they've lurched in a relatively short time.

  3. What kind of shitty parents does a child have to have to turn into a piece of filth like Cruz?

  4. He had no choice in being born in Canada, and wasn’t raised here. He did choose cancun when things were tough at his real home. So if you want to send him anywhere, make it where he chooses to go. Not where his mother unfortunately shat him out.

  5. The most harm one can do to Ted’s political career is to ignore him completely. He likes any reaction, positive or negative.

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