What could the Mar-a-Largo search mean for Trump legally?

  1. Trump really wants to release it, but it's under audit from the IRS which means he can't. Maybe in two weeks. /s

  2. Early rumors are that the warrant was for a pencil rubbing of the impression Kim Kardashians butt left in her chair while visiting the oval office

  3. He is already fundraising off of the raid. I wish that was a joke. He is so gross. Like, how do people worship him? He is the guy at the family reunion that no one let's their kids go near.

  4. We know he kept some classified documents in an unlocked storage room and didn't care about protecting them and returned most of them. We know that he specifically kept a small subset of documents in his personal safe. That directly suggests value.

  5. Oh that would be SO delicious. Selling national secrets to Putin, and hopefully recorded in a way that only his sickest cult members could explain away as conspiracy.

  6. Legally, it means in order to get this search warrant the FBI had to go to a judge, convince the judge that a crime had been committed, convince the judge that there was evidence of that crime at Mar-a-lago, convince the judge that if they didn’t seize it without prior request there was a good chance the evidence would be moved or destroyed, and convince the judge that there was some urgency to the need.

  7. Well he's already started riling up ya'll-qaeda to take up arms in his defense. They're already frothing at the mouth to kill their fellow countrymen.

  8. My best guess at this point is that he kept kompromat in that safe as a way to keep the rats mouths shut. Only now stuff is unraveling all around him, and the J6th commission has Jones' cell phone logs (and what a treasure trove THAT is going to be!) and suddenly the value of silence looks a a lot less worthwhile. More bricks out of the wall, more panes of broken glass in the house, dominoes lining up for the fall.....if the DOJ is allowed to do their jobs.

  9. I just want them to say what the search was for before people go over board thinking this was a political attack. Fingers crossed it is Epstein’s list. The Q Anon people will lose their minds.

  10. Ivanka turned on him after the Donald had Ivana killed for telling Ivanka she should cut a deal to avoid charges.

  11. I've been giving this some thought, and I have a hard time believing Garland and other top people at DOJ confiscated documents at Mar-A-Lago over a records/improper removal of documents case.

  12. I really hope trump lashes out at desantis for not shielding him from this (even though I'm sure he couldn't) and he loses supporters

  13. Man two years is a long time. There would be plenty of opportunities for other candidates to read the room and see where to hit DeSantis to weaken him.

  14. I think it’s something bigger then people think right now. Russia? Or could the RINO’s be setting him up so he can’t run in 24. Bonus for making it look like political revenge from the Dems. And making Trump a martyr for them to use without consequence.

  15. I'm of the belief he knew it was coming. I expect he will announce for '24 in the next few days, using this raid to garner support. Trump isn't stupid

  16. Hear me out, what we see as evidence may not be sufficient from a legal standpoint to nail him on any one his crimes. And since he is a former President, the evidence has to be solid with an air tight case.

  17. You’ve got no idea what they have and neither does anyone here. We can make an educated guess based on how difficult it would be to get that search warrant, but aside from that, none of us really know. Stay tuned…..I’m bringing popcorn ;)

  18. Has there been any progress in finding out who in the Justice Department approved the operation?

  19. As of January 18, 2018, 135 women had accused Nassar of sexual assault while he worked for USA Gymnastics and Michigan State University. During the following week, the number rose to 150. The FBI has still yet to prosecute Nassar but but are going after Trump for some papers in a box?

  20. Sure, fuck Nassar, but since we're changing the subject (I'm sure your motives are pure) how many women have accused Trump of sexual assault?

  21. That might be one of the most valid and also disgusting whataboutisms I’ve ever encountered. Using the sexual assault of others to deflect from another federal investigation of the former President? That’s some cold shit

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